Yarrow – used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes

Цветы тысячелистника

Nature has created hundreds and even thousands of plants, each of which has unique healing properties. If you know them and use them wisely, you can minimize the use of chemical medicines. Familiar herb yarrow also has special useful properties. People just call it “gruel” and used mainly to strengthen the hair and washings. But the spectrum of its use is much wider, as is often recommended even by representatives of traditional medicine. Today we offer you to talk about yarrow – useful properties and contraindications, composition, and the list of diseases for which it is applied.


Букет тысячелистника

Curative abilities of yarrow herb are determined by its constituent substances.

  • Of the alkaloids contained ahillein and stahidrina. The first substance increases blood clotting, which gives the plant a styptic quality.
  • The essential oil is of special value. It combines all the qualities of the plant. In different periods of vegetation, its concentration varies and reaches a maximum during flowering.
  • Amino acids – essential nutrients for vascular health, purity and youthfulness of the skin.
  • Flavonoids.
  • Carotene. Grass yarrow contains it in large quantity. By doing the body, it is converted to vitamin A. It is necessary to preserve the accuracy of vision and the regeneration of injuries, strengthen the epithelial tissues.
  • Organic acids.
  • Among the tannins stand out coumarins and tannins. Tannins have antibacterial qualities, reduce inflammation, and coumarins – unique healing properties to combat cancerous tumors.
  • Also this herb contains a large number of vitamins C and K. the First known to strengthen immunity, improve the body’s defenses. The second increases blood clotting, makes the capillaries stronger. In combination with achilleion hemostatic properties are enhanced, allowing you to use yarrow to stop bleeding of a different nature, uterine, nasal, pulmonary.
  • Another important element is silicon. It provides healing properties, and quickly relieves inflammation.

This is not a complete list of substances contained in this treatment the grass. In addition they discovered a variety of trace elements, polysaccharides, choline, bitterness and more.

Useful properties

Куст тысячелистника

Most often in folk and traditional medicine, yarrow is used in complex treatment of various external and internal bleeding. Often grass is used in gynecological diseases and problems with the gastrointestinal tract. The healing properties don’t end there. Yarrow has been successfully applied in the following cases:

  • Ulceration and catarrh of the stomach.
  • Pulmonary tuberculosis.
  • Kidney stones.
  • Malaria.
  • Various women’s diseases.
  • Hemorrhoids.
  • Colds and infectious diseases.
  • Violation of the liver.
  • Frequent diarrhoea.
  • Anemia.
  • Headaches of a different nature.
  • Various neurological diseases.
  • High blood pressure.

In the treatment of anemia take fresh juice squeezed from the grass. It helps to prevent the formation of large kidney stones due to this disease or when staying in ecologically unfavorable regions.

Its medicinal properties very well affect the nervous system. Yarrow can be recommended for nervous breakdowns, hysteria, headaches, neurological hypochondriac.

If you have problems with blood vessels, this plant can also be a great help – it broadens, strengthens the walls, so effective for varicose veins. Some medicinal properties are very beneficial for women – yarrow relieves painful menstruation, especially if they are accompanied by profuse bleeding. Breastfeeding herbal teas will help to resume lactation the shortage of milk.

Лекарство из тысячелистника

For the digestive tract is a real treasure. The grass and flowers of the plant are used even under the most severe diseases – dysentery, a severe colitis, ulcers, bleeding.

Additionally, yarrow can be used as a cosmetic. Its decoction has a beneficial effect on the hair follicles, strengthening them, preventing or stopping hair loss. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make it indispensable for the care of problem skin. Cleanser, mask and wiping ice cubes on the basis of infusions of the plants quickly deal with rashes of varying severity.


Беременная женщина

A pronounced therapeutic effect of any plant is always accompanied by a number of contraindications. To benefit from yarrow only in the case if you take it in reasonable quantities and to take into account the peculiarities of the organism. Overdose decoctions and infusions of this plant is easily identified by nausea, the appearance of heartburn and dizziness. So try to do weak broth. It is strictly forbidden to use this folk remedy in the following cases:

  • Pregnancy in any trimester.
  • Children under 6 years.
  • High speed blood clotting and risk of thrombosis.
  • Low blood pressure, as yarrow lowers it. This can lead to weakness.
  • Individual intolerance or allergic reaction. It can be noticed after the first dose to onset of a cold, rash, a small swelling.

Before first use be sure that you have no contraindications to the use of this plant.

Yarrow – a wonderful, safe drug which can be useful, as typical colds, and for serious diseases. If do you take it yourself, and not buy ready-made raw materials in the pharmacy, the collection actually spent away from the city and roads.

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