Wormwood in folk medicine

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Wormwood – the widespread plant with a specific flavor. It has a very rich structure and many useful properties and is used in folk medicine, cosmetology and everyday life. In this article you will learn what is the significance of wormwood, to which it is applied.

Description and varieties of plants

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Wormwood belongs to the Asteraceae. It grows up to two meters in height. The common sagebrush has a silvery-grayish leaves. You can find it on peculiar aroma and pronounced bitterness. Besides her there are other varieties of wormwood.

Wormwood – the divine tree often found in home gardens where it is grown for decorative and medicinal purposes. This variety of sage is considered a medicinal. It has a soft and pleasant smell with strong notes of lemon, so it is often used as a spice for meat dishes. It is made of mugwort essential oil, applying it in cosmetics, folk medicine, confectionery and perfumes.

Tauric or Crimean wormwood is another known variety. It is a shrub with annually dying the upper part, which in the spring grows again. Like other varieties, it can be taken for medicinal purposes.

However, wormwood is used most often, because it has the widest range of useful properties. Treatment wormwood was used since ancient times and is practiced still. For treatment, it is recommended to brew or infuse the wormwood leaves without stalks are collected before flowering plants.

Valuable properties and use for medicinal purposes

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Sagebrush – grass bitter, but very valuable. In folk medicine it is recommended to take in a variety of cases. Let’s look at its main useful properties and indications for use.

  • Receiving infusion of wormwood thanks to a pronounced bitterness enhances the digestive tract, increases appetite and improves digestive functions.
  • Choleretic properties of wormwood determine its purpose in various diseases of the gall bladder inflammation, stones, and violation of the outflow of bile. This files most often recommended a decoction of wormwood, rarely used tincture the herb wormwood.
  • Wormwood has one amazing feature – on the human body it acts selectively, that is, treats that need to be treated. The properties of wormwood is such that it can simultaneously soothe or tone depending on the situation. Therefore, in folk medicine it is recommended for use for the treatment of insomnia, nervous irritability, excessive fatigue or depression.
  • Wormwood is also considered an excellent antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant. It stops the pain, helps to heal wounds, has an antibacterial effect.
  • Properties of wormwood to lower the pressure are actively used in the treatment of hypertension. Drink herbal teas regularly it is recommended, but in small quantities.
  • Wormwood is used against cancer, but you need to remember that cancer treatment vegetable remedies helps only indirectly, in combination with traditional treatment.
  • Wormwood is very effective against parasites. There are methods of treatment based on wormwood, tansy, cloves.
  • It also helps against warts, herpes, Candida, Trichomonas, that is, has a pronounced effect against infections. Moreover, papillomas and warts disappear without a trace. During the cleaning of the human body from these diseases perform douching and enemas with decoction of herbs. Also you can take it inside.

As you can see, Artemisia vulgaris, has the broadest spectrum of actions, bringing the person a huge favor. The healing properties of this annual herb in folk medicine used in many diseases.

Drugs based on Artemisia

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Wormwood depending on the disease can be used in various dosage forms. They are all very effective, but we must not forget that there are contraindications to the use of this herbal remedy.

  1. Well helps the infusion of wormwood. Full teaspoon of herbs pour 250 ml of boiling water and stand for about one third of an hour. After this infusion is ready for use. He has to take it in small quantity. Received batch of medicines is recommended to drink for three doses at least one hour before lunch.
  2. In folk medicine, the course is not only greens, but the root of the plant. A decoction of it is recommended to drink the cancer, take away the warts, to do with him healing baths for nervous disorders and gout. The root should first be dried, after grind, two tablespoons of raw pour a Cup of boiling water on a small spark to hold about 10 minutes.
  3. Essential oil of wormwood can be purchased at the pharmacy, and at home to prepare it in another recipe. For this little jar to fill with fresh grass and fill it with any oil. To insist recommended about 10 days, tightly closing the container lid. Like this good to use wormwood for hair, for skin, getting rid of papillomas, the treatment of various pulmonary and respiratory diseases. Essential oil help to get rid of warts. Use it in its pure, concentrated form daily rubbing into the area of the warts. With regular use of papillomas disappear.
  4. Alcohol tincture of wormwood is also sold in pharmacies, but it can be done independently. Indications for its use are very diverse – tincture of wormwood can be used as external or internal means almost all the above diseases. Wormwood tincture is an indispensable tool in papillomas, loss of appetite, violation of the bowel and other common problems.

Wormwood, as an effective remedy for parasites


Wormwood is a known herb for cleansing the human body from all sorts of parasites. If you live in the house cats, then you are immune from infection by worms or other worms. Sagebrush – grass bitter, but very useful in terms of purification. There are several methods of purification.

  1. Wormwood and spicy carnation. Dried wormwood, cloves, and flax seeds in equal quantities, pounded to a state of fine powder, and mix. Take the mixture with cloves need half a teaspoon, immediately washed down with freshly squeezed carrot juice. A mixture of cloves is very good to take from worms and other common parasites.
  2. Wormwood may be the only component in the composition means for purification of parasitic microorganisms. By the way, they very often encourage the growth of the papillomas, so after the procedure papillomas may disappear by themselves. Most importantly, strictly follow the instructions for use. For a complete cleanse you will need dry wormwood. To make it you will need throughout the week. The first three days – 5 times in incomplete tea spoon next four days – 3 times. Cleansing will be more effective if you take mugwort at the same time with herbal diet, performing enemas and douches.
  3. The use of wormwood for worms common in the so-called triad, which consists of dried wormwood, walnut peel and cloves. In another recipe triad includes cloves, tansy, and wormwood. Flower baskets tansy in folk medicine, used mainly as a powerful anthelmintic. Tansy is toxic and has a lot of contraindications to use, so she needs to be treated carefully. The complex wormwood, tansy and cloves relieve man from worms, tapeworms, parasites, and various viruses. The use of clove helps to get rid of larvae and eggs.

Before you use a triad or tansy as a stand-alone tool, be sure to check the contraindications. Carnation more harmless, absolutely non-toxic means, so it has fewer contraindications.

The use of wormwood in the home

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If the house or apartment are cats, then to humans, this may result in a common problem – fleas. Cats that do not leave the apartment, usually do not become infected. But, if they walk on the street, you definitely need to think about security measures. Wormwood fleas – a common folk remedy. It will not help to bring them completely out of the apartment and will not save them from the cat. Wormwood fleas is used more as a prophylactic, able to scare them away.

Cleaning of apartment or house from uninvited guests is accomplished by the unfolding of fresh wormwood in those areas where they can penetrate fleas – thresholds of doors, window sills. Instead of fresh herbs can be used essential oil of wormwood, dealing it several drops into these areas. Through this technique, you protected and pleasant aroma in the house.

Approximately the same effect has wormwood bedbugs. Fortunately, with these insects in the apartment person has to face less and less. But those who live in a Dorm or in a rented apartment wormwood bedbugs can be useful. You can use its extract for the treatment of mattresses.


Мать с ребенком

Wormwood, medicinal qualities which are very numerous, is a wonderful herbal product that can replace many medications. But there are many contraindications, so it should take very carefully. If you acquire funds based on it at the pharmacy, then be sure to read the instructions, indications and contraindications, and then you can drink it in the recommended dosage. Let’s consider the main contraindications:

  1. Wormwood is prohibited to receive during pregnancy and lactation. The second contradiction relates more to the quality of milk than the harm to the child.
  2. In the instructions you can read that you can’t make it at the lowered acidity of a stomach and diarrhoeal diseases.
  3. The last contraindication is individual intolerance, allergic reaction.

As you can see, testimony is much more, but even if you accept this money, it is necessary to consider some toxicity. Prolonged and heavy use of tincture of wormwood, the powder or decoction may be nausea, vomiting, convulsions, nervous disorders, hallucinations, fainting, which must strictly adhere to the recommended dosage. If you notice one of these symptoms, regardless of indications, stop taking and call your doctor.

Such annual crop as wormwood, medicinal properties has a surprisingly varied and pronounced, which is often recommended by traditional healers. If you use it carefully, you can bring a great benefit to your body and home.

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