Which means a higher level LDL (low density lipoprotein) in the blood?

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The word “cholesterol” most of us associate with heart disease, stroke, atherosclerosis. This view is only partially true. In a certain number of lipoproteins necessary for our body. There is a certain norm of their content in the blood. If the blood test shows that total cholesterol is lowered, then this too little good.

Lipoproteins – the natural building material. Without it they can not form new cells, to produce some hormones and enzymes. They help the body produce its own vitamin D and serotonin – the hormone of happiness. But if the LDL cholesterol in the blood is significantly above normal, then it is bad. Let’s see, what is LDL and VLDL, which means their increase in blood and how dangerous it is.

The “bad” cholesterol

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Not all cholesterol is bad. We have it there are three types – HDL, LDL and VLDL. They all perform a role in the body, but only if their concentration is maintained within permissible limits. Let’s just take a closer look at each of the types of cholesterol.

LDL (low density Lipoproteins)

The LDL cholesterol. It is called “bad.” In fact, it even performs certain functions – transportorul blood total cholesterol in the cells of the tissues. But due to the low density lipoproteins can condense on the walls of blood vessels. There is a more aggressive variety — cholesterol very low density or VLDL. Plaque is formed mainly by his “efforts”. Therefore, people who have diseases of the heart and blood vessels have to pass the blood test to detect abnormal concentration of the substance. If it turns out that LDL is elevated, then prescribe the appropriate treatment.

HDL (high density Lipoprotein)

HDL cholesterol has a high density and is therefore not involved in the blockage of blood vessels. His job is to carry fats from cell to cell and collect the excess cholesterol throughout the body and deliver them to the liver where they are metabolized into bile. If the HDL cholesterol is significantly below the norm, it increases the probability of heart and vascular diseases and clogging of the arteries by LDL.

The norm is when a blood test shows that all of these substances are balanced. If one of the lipoprotein is lowered or raised, it means that the body has already begun some changes or provoked comorbidities and other factors.

Why LDL increases?

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The causes can be varied. If the blood tests show you have high cholesterol, low-density, then the reasons must be sought in the internal diseases and external factors.

  1. Stagnation of bile in the liver caused by different diseases – stones, cirrhosis, hepatitis.
  2. Insufficient activity of the thyroid gland.
  3. Diabetes.
  4. Kidney problems, including kidney failure and inflammation of the kidneys.
  5. Oncological lesions of the pancreas or prostate.
  6. LDL cholesterol often deviates from the norm in the presence of persistent bad habits — alcohol and Smoking. This causes disorders of the liver, the first signs of atherosclerosis and thickening of blood. All people with similar preferences analysis usually shows deviation from the norm.
  7. If the LDL cholesterol is elevated, then tell your doctor about all the medications that you’ve taken recently. This can include antibiotics with a high dosage hormonal contraceptives and particularly steroids, which, in fact, are the precursors or analogues of the cholesterol low density.
  8. Following are the causes that you can correct yourself – an unhealthy diet with an abundance of animal products high fat, sedentary lifestyle, lack of weight control. The person leading this way of life, a blood test will show a deviation from the norm.

A high concentration of cholesterol can be very dangerous. Changes occur gradually, imperceptibly to you, but in the end, the t cells becomes increasingly difficult to move freely around the system of blood vessels. This means that the cells and organs cease to receive in abundance the nutrients. Hence arise early strokes, heart attacks, angina, ischemia. So if you haven’t had a cholesterol test, be sure to leave – this is especially true for people who turned 50 years old.

How to deal with it?

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Treatment will be determined by the doctor depending on the level of cholesterol. It is common practice for the appointment of statins. This is a special group of drugs that suppress the production of cholesterol by the body. As a Supplement to achieve faster and more lasting effect prescribed drugs based on fibroeva acids, lipoic acid, fish oil or omega-3. The effectiveness of treatment will increase significantly if you also attach to this effort and will not fully trust their health to the medication.

Sit on a diet

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Some foods bring our body with unwanted cholesterol, and so you have enough. Why exclude from the menu all fatty animal food – butter, bacon, fatty pork, lamb. Be careful with eggs – the yolks also large cholesterol, and proteins you can eat without restrictions. Is contraindicated fat cheese and dairy products high fat. Instead, lean on cereals, legumes, nuts, fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. Definitely at least twice a week cook a fatty marine fish.

Move more

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Movement will help you strengthen blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, to lose weight and not gain it back. When sedentary lifestyle is the stagnation of blood, therefore, cholesterol is deposited faster.

Folk remedies

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Try to use the advice of traditional healers. Well proven mixture of garlic, lemon and fresh honey, clover, flax seed. Be sure to take fish oil. Herbs and stuff can have a good help in reducing cholesterol, but if his level is very high, it is better to entrust their health to physicians.

With the increase cholesterol now have to face a lot. So do not be lazy to take the test to make sure that you have everything in order. This will help to avoid further serious diseases.

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