What is gluten and what is his intolerance?

Продукты с глютеном

Gluten is a grayish fibrin, odorless. In its composition there is a complex protein of natural origin that is present in various cereals. It can be found in pasta, cakes, beer and other products, in the manufacture involving barley, rye and oats.

If you brew with water the gluten, you get a substance of unknown color, which is similar in structure to the clay. Due to this quality Housewives and cooks could knead elastic dough, which are baked pies, bread and buns, molded dumplings. Due to the unique ability of gluten to bind in the products of minerals and vitamins, and also due to its plasticine characteristics, many manufacturers began to add gluten in various products.

For whom harmful gluten, and why?

Вред глютена

Gluten is a natural protein extracted from the most popular cereals. In this regard, he can not pose a threat to human health. This was proven by the results of numerous studies gluten. But if the person there is a gluten intolerance, then it is contraindicated to eat foods with it.

The body’s inability to digest gluten is a disease that is called Cecelia. It is a hereditary disease that in severe form can occur at a young age.

According to statistics maintained by many medical institutions from around the world, Cecilia begins to emerge in children starting from six months. In babies, the disease manifests itself in the following way:

  • anemia;
  • rapidly falling weight;
  • develop chronic diarrhea;
  • also can appear anemia and diabetes.

Currently, among the total world population, approximately 1% are people with Cecelia. Scientists, who for many years engaged in the study of gluten, I came to the conclusion that most of the population has not clearly defined gluten intolerance. From this category of people after the consumption of cakes, bakery products, pasta, etc., you receive the feeling of fullness, you experience moderate pain, flatulence.

Upon detection of such symptoms, they should contact the gastroenterology or to adjust the daily diet.

What is gluten intolerance?

Влияние глютена на здоровье


In some people, the body is unable to digest the grain protein, resulting in the development of food allergic reaction in which is production of specific antibodies. This form of Allergy is not a sentence. If it manifests itself at a young age, then as they grow up allergic to gluten may disappear. People can control their condition through compliance with specific diets and regular tests.


This is a severe autoimmune disease that is genetically transmitted. With him being born approximately 1% of people. Its peculiarity is that immediately after penetration into the gut of a sick person grain protein of the immune cells begin to attack the body, recognizing it as the enemy. Originally a detrimental impact on the small intestine, but rather on its fibers. After that, begin to disrupt the digestive processes. In the future, is the negative impact on the liver, Central nervous system, circulatory system, teeth and bones.

This disease can have very serious complications, which include infertility, schizophrenia and autism. To manifest, the disease may at any age, after the body is faced with a provoking factor, which triggers the mechanism. The only method of treatment of this pathology is a complete rejection of bread and other products that contain gluten.

Hypersensitivity to the protein of barley or wheat

With such a problem facing a large percentage of the population. Such patients immediately after penetration into the gut gluten the inflammation begins. But, once disappear from the diet of potentially dangerous products, inflammatory process disappears. With such disorders, people can lead a full life. To prevent unpleasant precedents enough for them periodically to stick to the diet and minimize the diet pastries with gluten.

To recognize the presence of celiac intolerance people should listen to the reactions of his body. The alarm bell is the following symptoms:

  1. Violated the processes of defecation. People constipation can alternate with diarrhea.
  2. Anemia. The person begins to experience weakness, it gets frequent dizziness, reduced working capacity. To identify this pathology, it is sufficient to take a blood test.
  3. Delayed development and growth. If mommy began to notice that their child much less his peers, and unable to learn the curriculum, they have to show their pediatricians.
  4. Decreases weight. To go to the doctor man should, if under normal diet, he began to notice the arrows on the scales rapidly fall down. The reason may be not only gluten intolerance, but helminth infection, and other pathologies. Only a specialist who will diagnose, will be able to identify a particular problem.
  5. Dermatitis. As a rule, the body reacts to cereal gluten allergic reactions, in which the integuments skin appear characteristic rash. Very often, people with celiac intolerance develop such skin diseases as dermatitis, can significantly change the structure of the epidermis and bring great discomfort to patients.
  6. Weakness. Many people who are not aware of the presence of individual intolerance to the gluten, start periodically or continuously to experience muscle weakness. Some of them attributed this condition to fatigue associated with workload at work.
  7. Pain. When consuming gluten people in the abdomen to appear severe pain. In this case, they need to review your diet and see a doctor for advice.

What foods contain gluten?

Глютеносодержащие продукты

A large amount of gluten contained in the known cereals: oats, barley and wheat. Accordingly, its high concentration is present in a variety of pastries, baked goods and other sweets. Also, due to the clay properties of gluten-free manufacturers it is added in the composition of sausages, which she helps to keep the desired shape.

A large amount of gluten present in chocolate and also in confectionery, where it serves as a main component. Gluten is added during the manufacturing process of mayonnaise, ketchup and other sauces, which are produced in industrial conditions.

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