Videos for weight loss: how to ride to lose weight?

катание на роликах для похудения

Agility, confidence, speed – all these qualities are inherent in the roller. And another look at the toned figure and not just slim, and “sculptural” legs girls on skates! Videos for weight loss really useful, and it confirms the coach of any sport, and this lesson is much easier and more pleasant than power and even some aerobic classes. You will need a minimum – quality equipment, skiing skills, which are developed in the process of regular exercise, and adherence to basic rules of nutrition.

As the rollers, promote weight loss?

While driving people doing movements that are forced to work the muscles of the ankle, calves, buttocks, thighs and even the press. Much effort coincide, and sometimes slightly exceed those that have to make during the sprint, walking, Jogging. The roller is a combination of aerobic and static loads. The first type develops muscle due to rapid metabolism and enhance blood circulation, and the second accounts for the abdominal muscles and the back, because while skiing, you have to keep your posture and constantly monitor the correct inclination of the trunk.

Roller skating effectively dries the body. Long-term cyclic load and high-intensity forces you to burn fat stores. To work the muscles there are only three energy source is glycogen and creatine phosphate, which are used instantly (inventory of these substances in the body is enough for about 2 minutes of intensive work) and the process of fat oxidation, reaching a peak after 3 minutes of active skiing.

Using videos for weight loss, remember: when low, but continuous fat reserves are spent poorly. To extra pounds “burned” requires high-intensity loads. Peak aerobic power should last no more than 5-6 minutes, then the efficiency decreases as the accumulated oxidation products. This fat-burning process slows down, and the man begins to fizzle out.

The training program

  • 1 day. The first 5 minutes ride slowly. Preferably, in an almost vertical position, in order to warm up muscles. Then the rate of acceleration should increase. A true indicator of the correctness of the exercises will be heart palpitations. To lose weight, you should withstand a load of not less than 20 minutes. 5 minutes rest. Don’t stop at all. Just ride more relaxed, so that the muscles are slowly cooling down.
  • day 2. Repeat the exercise.
  • day 3. Should strengthen the load, extending the time to drive up to 30 minutes.
  • day 4. Repeat the exercise.
  • day 5. Increase the active Catania to 40 minutes.

This technique was developed by specialists of the International Association of rollers. It is likely that for the first 5 days of classes you will not be able to achieve impressive results, especially if you got on skates “from scratch”. But do not rush to quit – victory loves resistant. If you feel that the classical approach does not work, use a more gentle way to lose weight: 6 minutes of intense racing, then 6 minutes of rest, and so on for an hour.

How to choose the commercials for fitness?

Because your plan is not included conquering heights rollerdrome, and you’re going to ride the pleasure and benefit, when choosing skates should pay attention to the so-called fitness videos. This inventory, which is designed for simple, unprofessional drive.

Size. Skates should be exactly on your foot. Do not take the rollers “with reserve” and the more small. Therefore, it is necessary to abandon the idea to save on the purchase of equipment through the online store where it’s impossible to try. Stand on rollers. If your heel pressed against the heel, the toes barely touch the front edge or you feel the minimum gap, then this is your size.

Wheels. Optimal for a beginner, the size of the wheels – from 84 to 90 mm, and the rigidity index – A. In our country it is difficult to find the perfect asphalt. If you buy the skates with a very hard wheels, ride will be difficult because of the small stones, bumps and dimples dotting local roads.

The bearings. These elements are marked by the abbreviation ABEC. The higher the number after it, the bearing faster, but more fragile. For the beginner suitable ABEC-3 or 5. Later you can pick up equipment 7 class.

The accessories. Buying videos, don’t forget about protection. Knee pads, elbow pads and gloves will help avoid injury when the inevitable falls. Also it is recommended to buy special socks that are made of synthetic material – they are well away moisture from the skin, which significantly reduces the risk to RUB his feet when riding.

Read more about how to choose skates for training the body and how to use them most effectively for development of muscles of the legs and buttocks, you can learn from the video:

Sports diet

Roller skating, of course, is effective for weight loss, but do not underestimate the role of proper nutrition. Moreover, what you eat has a direct impact on the result of the training. Extra Patty is able to be reduced to “zero” an hour drive on skates. Not necessarily sits on a strict diet. It is enough to observe simple rules:

  1. Eat 4-6 times a day in small portions, and approximately at the same time. Fractional power does not give time to Wake up “brutal hunger, and at the same time to reduce the number of calories consumed.
  2. Carbohydrates you should eat before lunch and in the evening lean protein. Bedtime is valid only light protein snack. For example, 5-10% cottage cheese or 200 ml natural drinking yoghurt without additives.
  3. A half hour after a workout, not eating oily and rich carbohydrate foods. If very hungry, scusate Apple. Well blunt the appetite bars “Lazinica”.
  4. Often eat vegetables and fruits. Refrain from snacking sandwiches in favor of dairy products with low-calorie or a handful of dried fruit nuts or walnuts.
  5. Drink more mineral water without gas. Ideally you want to drink up to 6 cups a day.
  6. If you decide to embark on the rollers in the drying process of the body, use a special diet.


Svetlana, 27 years. For me, skating is the best summer sport, it gives the joy of movement, increase endurance, improve coordination, and train your whole body, especially the lifted leg. Anyone with weight loss in this zone problems, I recommend the rollers. The main thing with the first attempts to remember the correct stance: knees slightly bent legs and the body tilted forward. It helps not to fall back and not to fall on your butt. But forward is not so bad, if there is protection.

Lena, 18 years. As a way to lose weight rollers is a complete analogue of Jogging but without unnecessary stress on the joints. Pulse also Bouncing, sweat pouring stream. Muscles work like clockwork. While not fond of roller skates, the existence of some muscles (they hurt) never knew existed. Riding develops legs, abs, arms – they must balance in order to keep balance.

Victoria, 32 years. Prefer videos to other sports for 9 years. I didn’t lose weight with them, but I excess weight never was. In General, I think that your routine will not give the same effect as fitness or running. I have achieved some success in slalom figured clogging the chips and cones. While indeed there is a strong load on the calves, buttocks, thighs and press. Riding on rollers, can spend 3-4 hours, but for me it’s more fun than training.


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