Vegetable fasting day

Овощной разгрузочный день

Fasting day on vegetables are perfect for those who cannot or categorically does not wish to change the normal diet. At one time you can lose up to 0,5-1 kg, and even a little “deflate” in volume, because as horticultural crops perfectly removed from the body of excess fluid. Doctors respect vegetable unloading from a professional point of view – such periodical “discharge” “cleans” not only the intestines, but also vessels, therefore, an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis.

General recommendations

  1. Repeat vegetable fasting day on vegetables should be no more than once a week.
  2. Don’t forget to drink enough fluids. This can be potable and non-carbonated mineral water, unsweetened green tea, teas, and yogurt with a low percentage of fat.
  3. Try to choose not only the most effective ways of discharge, but also to take into account their individual tastes. To lose weight on your favorite products is always easier.
  4. Although fasting day, often mono-diet, that presence in the menu of any one type of vegetables, do not deny yourself the pleasure to eat varied. Products can be eaten not only raw but also to cook, bake, cook, dressed with herbal spices, garlic, fresh herbs.
  5. Salt only cooked meals when they are already on your plate.

What we choose vegetables?

The potatoes. Although many methods of weight loss it is highly recommended to remove from their table this root, this does not detract from his diet good. Suffice it to recall that the number of calories in boiled potatoes negligible – only 80 kcal per 100 g of product. In addition, on the basis of this product you can prepare a lot of delicious and hearty.

It is impossible not to note the main advantage as fasting day and potato diet in General – hunger tantalizing you will not. One day in 5-7 meals you need to use 1 kg of potatoes – boiled, baked, steamed. It is advisable to choose young vegetables small size – they contain the most benefit.

Pumpkin. The product is famous among slimming their rich aroma and a slight laxative effect. So purgation promises to be most effective. On a vegetable fasting day you will need 1 kg pumpkin. Especially tasty it is baked in the form.

Carrot. Very valuable from a diet perspective product, rich in fiber. The lack of fibre in the diet often provokes the hunger, the desire something quick to eat and, as a consequence, the appearance of extra pounds. On unloading, you can eat vegetable as fresh and thermally treated. And if you want to achieve more tangible results in the shortest possible time, can use a 3 day carrot diet.

Cabbage. Low in calories and rich in fiber and has this vegetable, so it is also ideal for handling days. You can use fresh cabbage and stew, and pickled. Depending on the individual preferences of some slimming take on other varieties of broccoli, cauliflower, Savoy, Brussels.

Cucumbers. Vegetable has a low caloric value and perfectly removes from the body excess fluid. During the day you have to “fit” in itself 1-1,5 kg of fresh cucumbers. Well go salad, seasoned with vegetable oil. In a dish, you can add fresh herbs and torn hands lettuce. If you wish, you can easily convert vegetable fasting day in the popular cucumber diet.

The tomatoes. In 100 g of tomatoes contains only 20 calories. Use a vegetable fresh for salads and refuel serves a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil. Some baked tomatoes or squeeze out the juice, which is used between meals to satisfy hunger. This product is also the basis of a number of tomato dietfor fast weight loss.

The combined discharge. You can arrange a day of fasting on several vegetables, including those described above. For this you can use the already known diet recipes of salads. Or invent new tasty and healthy dishes. Also a basis you can take the diet vegetable soup, which perfectly satisfies hunger, and by use of a set ingredient and a special technology of preparation is really gerasimiuk.


Anna, 32 years. Vegetable fasting day is a holiday not only for my stomach, but for me personally, because meals are prepared simply and quickly. So can not stand the whole day at the plate, vitorya sophisticated gastronomic delights. Meanwhile, recipes, there are many, so fasting days you do not get bored – every week, you can plan a new menu. Usually the cost salads, and that home is not particularly grieved because of my weight loss, cook something delicious baked in the form or stew.

Sonia, 27 years. I like to arrange fasting days on vegetables and fruit at the same time. Plus, if the season, then add the menu of fresh berries. Unloading turns out diverse and not boring. In summer, so all weekend use this diet menu, because at the cottage we have our own vegetable garden. And everyday when the work is, of course, need to draw energy from protein.

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