Use therapeutic baths in the fight against cellulite.

Лечебные ванны.

Cellulite, or «orange peel», appears at women of all ages and sizes. What to do if you have cellulite? Use creams and lotions? They are so many, but not all of them are effective. Urgently recorded in the gym? Alas, the pace of modern life does not always allow to leave the head in sports. One of the most effective tools that do not require the special expenditures of time, are anti-cellulite baths.

What are anti-cellulite baths?

You can purchase a special anti-cellulite salt. These features enable you to speed up the metabolism and thus establish and elimination of toxins, and the removal of fat cells.

Baths with sea salt.

Anti-cellulite tools often include exactly with sea salt, because it’s a natural substance has a beneficial effect on the human body. Especially useful is the Dead sea salt, as this salt is enriched with minerals, calcium, iron, magnesium, iodine. Taking baths with sea salt, you will ensure the excretion of toxins from the body without any side effects.

To feel the beneficial effects of the bath is on cellulite, you need to repeat the procedure through the day, spending in water for at least 25 minutes.

First of all it is necessary to clean the skin scrub or exfoliating to remove the top layer of hardened cells and open the pores for a better impact dissolved in warm water and sea salt. Such anti-cellulite bath also a positive effect on the nervous system and respiratory organs.

To sea salt had exactly anticellulite effect, to dissolve in the standard tank 0,5 kg of sea salt. The water temperature should be not more 37º. If the procedure has cosmetology purpose, then immediately after a shower to wash off the skin particles of salt, and if the procedure was therapeutic salt after taking a bath should not be washed for about another 30 minutes.

Bath with essential oils.

The essential oils are not only effective means of aromatherapy, because they are also in the fight against cellulite. Allowing you to excrete the excess, «stagnant», fluid from the body and burning calories, oils of tangerine, orange or lemon simply indispensable for anticellulitis courses. You can also use essential oils of juniper, pine, lemon, rosemary or more exotic – bergamot, or neroli, the main thing – this or that oil does not cause you to have allergies.

The quantity of useful substances necessary for taking baths, literally 10 drops of essential oil.

For achievement and strengthening of anti-cellulite effect, it is necessary to take baths with essential oils through a day for three weeks.

Herbal baths.

Baths with herbs decoctions also a great way to remove cellulite. Here the most effective plants such as common chamomile or lime. Also useful broths calamus, oak bark, peppermint. Having an additional calming effect on the nervous system thyme and lemon-balm, sage and lavender will help enhance muscle tone.

Both at home to take anti-cellulite baths?

Whatever kind of useful substances you use, the General rules are always the same:

  • to enhance the effect, it is useful to purify and soften the skin;
  • the optimal water temperature is 37 C, and the time spent in water is approximately 20-30 minutes;
  • water should not close the heart, because it is not an ordinary tub, and therapeutic, so it will be quite «hide» under water only problem areas.

Take a bath stands on an empty stomach (at least half an hour before), it should also refrain from taking food and 60-90 minutes after a bath. It is important to take a bath regularly, start with a rate of 10-15 procedures, taking them through the day. First positive changes you will notice after the first procedure, but to dwell on it is not necessary, continue the course. And to consolidate the effect of repeat them at least 2-3 times a month.

If you selected anti-cellulite cream that is suitable for you, use it after each decision of the bath, because the substances in the cream will have increased impact, extending into the extended after water procedures pores of the skin.

Contraindications to the use of anti-cellulite baths.

As with any procedure, comprehensively exerted on the body, anti-cellulite baths has its contra-indications. So, during pregnancy and after childbirth cellulite baths cannot do. Also, they are contraindicated in diseases of the kidneys, cardiovascular system (including varicose veins) and skin diseases.

If during bathing begins palpitations or weakness, you need to abort the procedure, rinse off with cool water (not cold) and rest for a while.

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