Types of skin pigmentation and the reasons for their occurrence.

Женщина с пигментными пятнами на лице.

Be observed on the skin a yellowish or brown spots is extremely frustrating. Immediately seeps thoughts about approaching aging, about the deteriorating condition of the skin, that now need to keep away from the sun, buy expensive cosmetics and so on.

However, you should try to look on the positive: Yes, age spots – it’s unpleasant, Yes, get rid of them is not easy – but it’s possible! And, fortunately, modern medicine and cosmetology stepped very far away and for us modern women – practically any cosmetic problem is not a problem, as well – a little misunderstanding. Only need time to take appropriate measures and (why not?!) even 60, it is possible to look 40!

The reasons for the appearance of age spots.

To start with, of course, you need to find out why age spots appear? What is it? Because the problem affected about 40% of women, and not always it catches up with the ladies in the age. It turns out, as proved by modern research, hyperpigmentation can be caused by changes in the body with age and certain diseases (problems with their liver or kidneys, endocrine diseases), it can be a reaction to the negative influence of ultraviolet radiation. Sometimes the appearance of pigmentation can be caused by hereditary factors, and even the use of cosmetic products (creams and peels) and certain medications!

Dark spots appear in areas where for some reason the melanin – skin pigment is produced in excess. Actually, it clusters and are the pigment spots. In that case, if the spots appeared suddenly and in large numbers, if they are rapidly increasing in size – it is better to consult a doctor. With age-related pigmentation, especially at the initial stage, you can try to cope on their own.

What are age spots?

So, there are the following types of pigmented spots on the face and body:

  • Chloasma – dark brown (dark yellow) spots that usually irregular in shape, with smooth surface and well-defined borders. Most often they appear in pregnant girls, as a result of hormonal disruption. Can appear on the face, chest, inner thighs, belly. If the cause of chloasma is pregnancy, the spots often go away on their own of completion, it happens that pigmentation takes permanent nature and must be treated medically.
  • Lentigo is a dark, dense spots, slightly raised above the skin level, which has, as a rule, dark brown or brown-black color. They can have different size (from tiny dots to spots 0.5 – 2 cm in diameter), shape is usually round or elongated. Distinguish juvenile and senile lentigines. Such good pigmentation responds to treatment and can be removed by cosmetic.
  • Moles (nevus) is a pigmented spot that has color varying intensity, they can have different shapes and sizes, can be both flat and raised above the skin. Moles there absolutely everyone, are both innate and acquired with age birthmarks. As a rule, they do not cause any discomfort and do not require removal, but if a mole suddenly begins to increase in size, change shape or cause distress (pain, inflammation), it should immediately consult a physician.
  • Freckles are small spots (often just point) light Golden yellow or pale brown color, occurring usually on the face, neck, chest and hands. The color of freckles gets more intense with the onset of spring. Generally, no they do not cause fear, but for many girls is a serious cosmetic defect.

Prevention of the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

As you know, cosmetic problem much easier to prevent than to treat. So the most important point in preventing the occurrence of age spots is high-quality and ongoing protection from ultraviolet radiation. Not worth it to stay in the summer in the sun, you should always use creams with a high protection factor. Besides, we must not forget that the UV light penetrates through the glass, and through the thin fabric, that is, to preserve beautiful skin, you need to use creams and home!

Also of great importance and proper nutrition. To prolong youthful skin and prevent hyperpigmentation need to take folic acid and b vitamins In the diet of S. it is desirable to include sauerkraut, green, fresh vegetables, citrus fruits, kiwi, sea fish, olive oil. By the way, the importance and health of the nervous system – the more stress we experience, the more weakened our body, and the higher the chance of occurrence of undesirable manifestations of skin aging.

It is also important not to delay and to begin to deal with the first, small and insignificant spots. The darker spot becomes and the larger the size, the more melanin accumulated in it and the more difficult it will be to get rid of it!

Folk medicine against age spots.

It is immediately noticed that folk remedies (not to be claimed!) can only help to lighten pigment spots, to make them less noticeable, but do not remove completely. Moreover, to achieve good effect to take quite a long time. To lighten using home medications should only freckles and chloasma, that is not compacted, flat spots.

Most often to combat dark spots suggest that you use a lemon, cucumber, birch juice, and the juice of parsley and cabbage. Quite effective are different dairy products (kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese), mixtures containing hydrogen peroxide and white cosmetic clay. Estheticians call the most effective regular face wash cucumber-lemon cocktail, a mask from grated dairy products and fresh cucumber grate fresh juice of parsley.

Actually, there are many popular recipes that help lighten dark spots, but they should be used with caution. Highly recommended for beginning to test any product on a small area of skin.

Cosmetic preparations in the fight against pigmentation.

Today lightening cosmetics are the rulers of almost all the renowned manufacturers of cosmetics. Most of these compounds are based on natural fruit or milk acid, but the concentration in the finished cosmetic is several times higher than in fresh products and, accordingly, they will provide a stronger and more rapid effect on the skin. To use special whitening peels that remove the top layer of skin, various serums and creams that reduce the production of melanin, brightening lotions, drugs, accelerating the metabolism and promotes the renewal of skin cells.

Tip: after using whitening cosmetics or any to get rid of age spots, be sure to apply a special protective products with high SPF. In our climate during the spring and summer of solar activity be sure to apply cream with protection SPF 30-40, after the age of 35 years to 50 SPF.

Cosmetic treatments.

Salon beauty treatments demonstrated effectiveness in combating various pigment spots on the face and body. Typically, estheticians, assessing the intensity of pigmentation and determining the causes of its appearance, prescribe a course of treatments. They usually begin with the median or deep peeling, after which is often used mesotherapy vitamin cocktails or biorevitalization. Actively used to deal with this cosmetic issue phototherapy and laser skin resurfacing.

Any whitening treatments, removing age spots need to spend the autumn or in the winter while the sun is not so active.

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