Therapeutic method of getting rid of cellulite.

Воздействие акустических ударных волн на кожный покров.

What methods are not used in modern cosmetology to combat cellulite and excessive fat deposits! Recently this furor has produced new, but already proved its high effectiveness of the shock-wave therapy.

What a shock-wave therapy?

The essence of the impact is in the use of therapeutic apparatus producing the extracorporeal shock waves that penetrate into the skin and acting directly on the fat cells. Such acoustic waves are the pressure wave that best applies in the middle of the tissue in a dense environment. She quickly loses energy as the penetration deep into the tissue and gives the cells in the treated area without violating the integrity of the skin. This type of wave is usually called «directed shock waves».

Application of acoustic waves in medicine is not new – they are successfully used in cardiology, sports medicine, orthopedics. Recent studies have shown that due to this effect on cellulite fat cells are not destroyed completely, just their membranes become thinner, starts more active splitting of fatty tissue. Fat loss facilitate and increase blood circulation and improvement of lymph flow. Products of decay, that is, the existing fat, is excreted from the body in a natural way for about 10 days.

The results of therapy.

Shock-wave therapy has a lot of positive effects and, importantly, they begin to manifest after the first procedure. Due to this method fails:

  • significantly reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat, remove cellulite (without additional diets and exercises volumes can be reduced by 5 – 12% over the course of procedures);
  • reduce the volume of problematic areas;
  • adjust the appearance of the shape and make it more elastic;
  • significantly improve the appearance of skin, raise its elasticity;
  • get rid of stretch marks, sagging skin, her sagging;
  • stimulate the formation of new, healthy connective tissue;
  • to get rid of edemas, ensure the normal flow of lymph.

Secondary useful result shock wave therapy is to improve the blood circulation in the treated area, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, in General Wellness effect.

Features of the shock wave therapy.

The doctor covers parts of the body, requiring treatment, the special gel, which allows to achieve maximum results. After that, the doctor asks therapeutic apparatus individual settings for each patient, tightly presses the sensor to the skin and the treatment begins. The effect can last from 5 to 30 minutes. Depending on the personal threshold for each patient, the procedure may be more or less painful. The doctor can adjust the force of the impact and install it to the affordable level.

All past the shock-wave therapy for cellulite note that after the first procedure painful feeling significantly reduced and eventually completely stymied. After the procedure in the places of influence may be a slight discomfort, which passes through 2 – 10 hours (depending on the sensitivity of the skin). It is also desirable for up to two days after the session refrain from increased physical activities.

As a rule, doctor prescribes course immediately procedures shock wave therapy, consisting of 6 – 12 sessions, which are held not more than 1 time a week. A positive effect is achieved after the first visit. Marked results can be seen after about five procedures, and specialists stress that fight, even with the most neglected cellulite and obesity.

As the doctors advantage of this method is that it requires no special preliminary preparation has no side effects and is easily tolerated by all patients. Noteworthy is the fact that during treatment is not required damage of the skin, that is, it is not traumatic, and there is no risk of infection. Accordingly, after the procedure not necessary rehabilitation and recovery period, the patient can return to their normal lives.

Shock-wave therapy can be combined with other cosmetic procedures in the fight against cellulite, hardware and usual. For example, beauticians are advised to obtain even more noticeable result to apply in addition various lymph drainage procedures – LPG massage, body wraps, a light massage.

Contraindications of shock wave therapy.

Although this procedure for getting rid of cellulite is not traumatic, and well tolerated, it has some contraindications.

Thus, the conduct of the shock-wave therapy can not be prescribed for patients suffering from any forms of cancer, having reduced blood clotting and prone to breakage vessels, patients with cardiac disease, or with cardiac pacemaker, those who suffers from diabetes, phlebitis and thrombosis or recently had surgery on his veins.

In those cases, when on the place of intended impact there are wounds, cuts, bruises, sores, or other violation of the integrity of the skin, the session be postponed until complete recovery.

Undesirable conduct procedures during pregnancy and lactation. Be wary appoint such treatment to patients in childhood and adolescence.

In order to avoid negative impacts, it is necessary to inform the doctor about all the diseases and problems, even those not in the specified list.

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