Teach our pet to the cat toilet.

Учим котенка ходить в туалет.

Animals are our constant companions, because they bring into our lives so much love, tenderness and warmth. Cats, combining independence and ability devotion to his master, quite simple in home maintenance. However, for good health of a pet and lack of confusion in joint life it is necessary to acquire certain essential knowledge about the peculiarities of care.

What you need to get in the first place?

So, You’ve decided to have a pet. The kid should come to Your house with a complete set of necessary cat “dowry”:

  • high quality food (kitten needs to grow strong and healthy);
  • bowls for food and water (in proportion to his age and weight, because for example the bowl for cat breeds Singapore weighing up to two kilograms in adulthood differs from the bowls of the Maine Coon breed, weighing up to 15 kg);
  • special scratching post with an attractive smell;
  • litter tray, or tray.

Here’s the last in our list of the subject – the cat tray, is probably one of the first necessary attributes for a little kitten in the apartment. And especially this begins to occur when the cat refuses to go.

Why the tray is so important?

Often kittens instinctively begin to use the tray. This teaches them and the cat-mother, burying excrement. Because most likely, Your pet by the age of 3 months will already know how to use it.

This is the most successful outcome of this important case. But the opposite happens: the kitten refuses to “go to pot”, and the smell of cat urine is one of the most stubborn odors. In addition to this, the smell is very unpleasant, and when he gets on the carpet or the upholstery of the chair or sofa can be practically eternal.

How to train a kitten to walk in the tray?

Bringing the baby into his apartment, standing in the first place to show him where now is his toilet. When the arrangement of the tray should be remembered that cats observe strict confidentiality in the toilet, because the cat he must be in a calm and quiet place. Place the kitten in the tray, with its legs will make several movements, reminiscent of the landfill. Repeat this simple exercise several times a day, especially after eating, sleeping and after games.

If the kid managed to do everything right, be sure to praise him, Pat. The kitten should understand that his actions are evaluated, then he will want to get your affection more often and going to the toilet will be his usual procedure. And for You – no headache.

As one of the options to teach the kitten to the tray is hosted not one, but multiple cat litter. This will allow the baby first, quickly reaches him if necessary, and secondly, to make choices and feel more independent. The independence is one of the main traits of cats. Moreover, this variant is particularly suitable in the case, if You don’t always have time to clean soiled filler and replace it with a fresh one of the trays is in any case more clear.

In pet stores have on sale a tool such as a special spray that attracts cats to their toilet. This is also one way to teach a kitten to his tray. The effectiveness of this method is very relative, it helps to “excellent”, someone-no help. But try it.

What if the kitten does not walk in the tray?

If You see that the baby has not used his tray label, it should not be punished, and even more to beat. Little kitten caught in a new place, it may just be confused or scared, but because to make a mistake. The loud cry of the frightened animal, he doesn’t understand why You argue. Better strictly to explain his favorite, why You are unhappy with, and then wash using detergent in a place that has soiled Your pet. You can also spray this place special spray with a sharp unpleasant for cats smell. Kitten also should include in its tray and a soft calm voice to explain that to go to the toilet better here.

To bring a kitten into your tray, you can change filler – today there is a huge choice and manufacturers, and types of fillers of cat litter. So if Your furry (or not) the kid refuses to go into your toilet, try to change the filler. And to determine what kind of filler prefer Your pet, you can use two different tray to fill different types of fillers: where the kitten will be more likely to go to the toilet, the filler and let him leave.

There are also several different types of trays for cats. Try to experiment with them and find exactly the type that will suit Your kitten. For example, the trays having walls and a roof (so-called closed) ideal for very modest and shy kittens, as well as those who are very intense bury their faeces – this will save You from the dispersion of the filler throughout the apartment.

Also make sure that the existing tray do not have too high skirting – kitten uncomfortable to get in it because of its small size. With the growth of the baby tray will probably need to change to a more comfortable toilet, having a greater height skirting.

And also follow a constant purity in the cat toilet, because cats are very fastidious animals, and go to the soiled toilet they are unlikely to want.

If, despite all efforts, the kitten continues stubbornly to go to the toilet by his tray, he observed constipation or diarrhea, be sure to take him to the vet – timely monitor to deliver You together with the baby from the many possible problems.

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