Step-by-step recipes for simple salads for the birthday

3 салата

Meat and fish, mixed and layered, with mayonnaise and without, portion and the overall dish – salads are certainly a decoration for any holiday and ask him to tone like other snacks that are served at the beginning of the feast.

Birthday – although “sad holiday”, as sung in the famous song, but most often celebrated a lot of fun. In addition to jokes, laughter, jokes, contests and wishes health and all the best, it is important to properly prepare the menu. The best thing to cook for birthday simple and delicious salads. Recipes, photos and description which you will see in this article that will refresh your holiday and make it more delicious. It is also interesting to prepare new salads, which until now you didn’t know.

Not every woman likes to spend in the kitchen a lot of time, especially on a holiday. So recipes it is better to choose light, which are prepared quickly. Salads can be a few popular types:

  • meat, more nourishing than a dish of vegetables;
  • flaky, more tender by grinding grated and delicious;
  • holiday, originally designed for celebration;
  • children, in which there is no mayonnaise and harmful ingredients;
  • light, especially suitable for summer events, no Mayo;
  • meals, ie salads, laid out in baskets, tarts and snack rolls.

Most of the dishes can be done in a hurry, but it is advisable not only to prepare them but also decorate their hands in order to become a true decoration of the festive table. Some methods of cooking and processing will be discussed in this article.

So what festive salads are inexpensive? The answer is simple: for a formal lunch or dinner and fit most conventional products, which can easily be found in any fridge: potatoes, apples, carrots, chicken, eggs and others. It is advisable to take into account the seasonality of vegetables and fruits, for example, in the summer, the cheaper will be the cucumbers, tomatoes, even unusual exotic foods. And in winter inexpensive to buy apples, potatoes or pickles. Recipes like familiar dishes as much as Housewives who cook them.

Crab salad with variations

Many snacks and dishes passed down in families from generation to generation, recipes my grandmother passed moms and moms – daughters. Familiar from childhood with the salad of crab. One of the most popular options for cooking with tomatoes, rice and pickles. But there is a more tasty option that you can create and quickly.


  • crab meat or crab sticks;
  • canned sweet corn;
  • Apple;
  • cucumber;
  • the juice of a lemon;
  • mayonnaise.

Ингредиенты для крабового салата

To start grind crab meat. Do not have to cut finely, stirring the pieces will disintegrate into smaller elements.

Крабовое мясо

Cucumber to clean not suggest: green his crust garnish the dish. You can cut a product of a kind sticks or cubes.

Огурец с кожурой

But the Apple is best to get rid of the rind. It’s pretty fast. Chop the fruit.

Очищенное яблоко

To products add the corn, you can sprinkle with fresh lemon juice.

Кукуруза в тарелке с майонезом

Add mayonnaise, and stir. Look at the photo of the finished dish: the salad itself is so beautiful and bright that in additional decoration just do not need.

Готовый крабовый салат

Every housewife can vary the ingredients to your taste. For example, would be delicious if, instead of apples to put canned pineapple, and to the product add the lettuce. The dish will remind baby of salads, if you fill not with mayonnaise, and sour cream.

But really, to decorate a crab salad will help shrimps: their sweet meat, is rich in calcium and phosphorus, will refresh any celebrations.

So, prepare the crab salad in several diverse ways, each hostess will choose their own, unique version.

Puff salads

A very popular leaf salads. They differ in that they are just very original to decorate. Signature dish many cooking lovers is “Herring under a fur coat”: a famous salad, which is prepared according to traditional recipes. It’s potatoes, onions, herring fillets, eggs, carrots and beets. All the ingredients are rubbed on a grater and promazyvaetsya mayonnaise. Here are some ways to decorate this special salad with their hands:

  • cut vegetables simple figures: circles, stars, stripes, squares – and put on a layer of grated beetroot;
  • sprinkle grated egg yolk through a stencil of any shape, for example, the heart;
  • put in the center of the rectangular plates, two cups, put products around them before serving to remove (turn the number 8, for example, March 8);
  • to decorate the salad will help and one glass, put in the middle: laid out around the products will resemble a wreath;
  • a classic option of decorating herring under a fur coat – in the form of a fish with head, fins and tail.

Leaf salads to make is quite simple, all you need to do is gently spread out the ingredients on a flat plate and fluff the layers of mayonnaise. “Mimosa” — traditional salad in many families, but not everyone knows his option: salad “Snow”. Describe how to cook it.

Salad “Snow”

Salad “Snow” is a surprisingly gentle, it will make a variety of festive appetizers, because its basis is not meat, but fish. Prepare the following ingredients:

  • canned fish, such as saury;
  • boiled eggs, 4-5 pieces;
  • boiled in their jackets potatoes;
  • a fresh Apple;
  • mayonnaise.

Ингредиенты для салата "Снег"

Картошка и яйца в кастрюле

The first layer place the fish, cut it with a fork. Optionally, the fish can be put onions rings.

The next layer is the egg yolk. For convenience, you can add grated yolks to the mayonnaise sauce and spread it on a layer of fish, carefully distributing over the entire surface.

On the yolks with the mayonnaise, put grated Apple. So it is not dark, try to lay on top of the product grated potatoes.

Слои салата

Grease the potatoes with mayonnaise. This is very tasty! But to complete the “image” of the salad is decorated with grated on a fine grater proteins eggs. This is currently a field of snow! Look at the photo: very similar to snow.

Салат в форме сердца

If all products are cooked in advance, then cook this dish can be whipped up.

Готовый салат "Снег"

Simple salads on the day of birth can be not only a puff. Surprise your guests with recipes with prunes and walnuts. These two delicious ingredients will refresh and make it more nourishing any snacks. Add them to the beet salads, to chicken, to decorate various dishes show creativity and fantasy.

If you want to prepare a new salad for the holiday and save, pay attention to the salad called “Tenderness”.

Salad “Tenderness”

Meat salads are very popular as more satisfying than consisting of some vegetables. In Russian tradition, before a hot dish at the feast on the table for quite a long time are some of the appetizers and meats.

If you need to not only cook something delicious for the celebration of the birthday, but also to feed the whole family, take note of this dish. For the broth, boil two or three chicken Breasts about 3 liters of water. The next day after the holiday will be able to cook a wonderful soup at all. And the chicken flesh will be useful for the original salad “Tenderness”.


  • boiled chicken breast;
  • prunes, seedless flesh;
  • boiled eggs, 2-3 pieces;
  • fresh cucumbers;
  • walnut for decoration;
  • mayonnaise.

Ингредиенты для салата "Нежность"

If you’re looking for a photo of this dish on the Internet, you will see that it is often arrange in tall glasses. It is called “salad-cocktail”. However, you can apply it in portioned bowls, bowls or on a large communal platter. If you replace “harmful” mayonnaise for sour cream, the salad will fall into the category of “kids” as children usually like the combination of poultry with prunes.

Огурцы перемешаны с куриным мясом

The recipe is simple. Cooked chicken, divide into fibers. Prunes pour the boiling water. Eggs grate the cucumber cut into cubes or long sticks. Lay products layers (it will look beautiful if the cookware is transparent) or in batches on a large platter.

Добавление майонеза в салат

Don’t forget the mayonnaise: it is better to mix with grated walnuts. The decoration of the salad will be walnuts or slices of dried prunes.

Готовый салат "Нежность"

Despite the simplicity, to prepare the salad for this recipe, you birthday, while saving.

So, very easy to prepare salads for the birthday party, simple and delicious recipes (photo see above) which we proposed in this article. But don’t forget about the main thing: imagination. If it is, then any event will be unique!

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