Soda slim slimming


On the market of cosmetics appeared next novelty – Soda slim for weight loss. In the light of the huge, but doubtful popularity of the use of sodium bicarbonate inward to instantly burn accumulated over a lifetime, body fat, the manufacturer decided to bring all of the benefits of this substance to the target audience in a somewhat different, but no less effective form. The new product is dedicated to all those who suffer from overweight, cellulite, oedema and a number of other health problems and to improve their condition at home.

The composition and function

Soda slim (Soda Slim)is not in itself represents something revolutionary new. In fact, it is a mixture of already known, proven and effective slimming products – baking soda, ginger extract and Epsom salts. The combination of all useful items contained within these substances (iodine, гингерола, magnesium, bromine, potassium, calcium and others) actively help burn fat, cleanse body of excess fluids and accumulated toxins, smooth the skin, reduce the appearance of cellulite, nourish the skin with vitamins and stimulate blood flow to its cells.

Manufacturer of universal miracle tools to achieve beauty and harmony its website offers a choice of several weight loss programs. The final choice will depend on what you see problems. For example, in order to lose weight and secure the results can be purchased one package. The course is designed for 12 procedures. To relieve swelling and full normalization of the blood and lymphatic system should acquire 10 packs of Soda slim.

If you hesitate to wear a mini and swimwear in connection with presence at the hips effect of «orange peel», you must consistently spend 5 courses. The expected result, the assurance of the manufacturer, help increase the smoothness and elasticity of the skin by 65 % and reducing the volume hips up to 4-6 cm of Course, it is important to remember that cellulite is a complex problem. Therefore, some baths with Soda slim here not to manage. Anyway you will have to exclude certain products from your diet (flour, sweet, carbonated drinks, coffee) and refuse from harmful habits such as куренье and drinking (even in homeopathic doses of alcohol.

Сода слим

Rules of procedure and contraindications

  1. Soda slim slimming added to the bath water and stirred until dissolved.
  2. The optimal water temperature 37-39 degrees.
  3. Duration of treatment should not exceed 20 minutes.
  4. Repeat baths should be every night or every other day.
  5. It is recommended to carry out the procedure in an hour after dinner.
  6. After taking a bath is not recommended споласкиваться under the shower and wipe dry with a towel, because the tool will act on the body for some time. Put on a Bathrobe, make yourself comfortable on the couch and relax for half an hour.

Concerning the contraindications, baths with Soda slim cannot be used in pregnant or lactating, as well as menstrual cycle, damage, open wounds, too sensitive or dry skin, the presence of cardiac and «female» disease. Before you use the tool, consult your physician.


Galina, 28 years. Ordered until one box, but so far I haven’t received, so leave feedback sooner. I hope that means really help me. My problem is that the liquid in the body is delayed. Hence the swelling and unpleasant puffiness. And always stay on diuretics is, sorry, not an option.

Anna, 32 years. Heard it was Soda slim for weight loss is safe. This is not some clandestine means. It is certified in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia. So, think, can be trusted. Especially about the benefits baths with regular soda and a drop of essential oil, is already known. Ordered a 5 packages at once, because I am worried about cellulite, and not some extra pounds. Despite the fact that the product is said to be miraculous, I will use it in combination with anti-cellulite creams. And, of course, sit on a diet. And callanetics exercises from just for this problem area and I was beginning to learn, so I am waiting for your parcel.

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