Slimming capsule «Goutsu»

Капсулы Гоуцу

Slimming capsule «Goutsu» (GOUCU) is a relatively new drug for effective struggle with excess weight, went on sale in 2010. But as soon as we hear that made bioadditive the well-known Chinese company «Gave»immediately raises the idea that she is the younger sister «of Lida» and «Билайта». Yes, those most. Do manufacturer decided to take another attempt to encroach on the health of unsuspecting people dreaming about a fast and easy weight loss. What to expect from this medicine?

The composition and function

The manufacturer assures that the tablets Goutsu» are capable to solve many problems not addressed by other drugs. And the secret is in the unique mix of ingredients. They are selected in such a way that influence the process of weight loss targeted, i.e. destroy fat deposits where it is often necessary – in the waist, abdomen and thighs.

Capsules are shown, first of all, those who have been disappointed in diets are not capable of fasting days and suffers from uncontrolled appetite. Composition «Goutsu» extremely natural. Here there are:

  • liquid herbal vinegar. Component improves digestion, helps nutrients properly assimilated, normalizes all metabolic processes in the organism;
  • extracts of red pepper and ginger. Both are valuable in the environment of losing weight individuals for their excellent термогенные properties. Plants increase the body temperature, due to the rapid metabolism, and associated with physical activity more intensively and calories are burnt and excess fluid;
  • extract from сюелиана. In fact it’s the normal plantain, which does not possess any жиросжигающими properties, but is valued traditional medicine of China and Russia for their anti-inflammatory and кровеостанавливающее action;
  • herb extract shalu. Neither medical nor in biological directories this plant is not listed. Perhaps in science, it has another name, and «shalu is its local name. By the way, the new York Chinese somehow indicate that word cannabis, that is, regular cannabis. Maybe it’s a coincidence, or perhaps a reason to consider seriously whether they should be accepted «Goutsu» for weight loss.

Method of use and contraindications

Regardless of whether you suffer from overweight and obesity or just decided to cleanse the body of toxins and waste drug you simply must help. Company «Gave» this assures. It is important not to exceed the recommended dosage, that is, take one capsule a day during Breakfast. Course of diet lasts for 30 days, which can be reset from 5 to 15 kg. during this period you will not have to make any additional efforts (sits on a diet, Jogging in the morning, a sweat at the gym). The only – not to be confused Supplement made with alcohol that is completely neutralizes its positive effect.

Direct contraindications to the use of tablets «Goutsu» are: pregnancy, breastfeeding, cardiovascular diseases. Looking at such a short list, don’t forget to make allowances for the fact that the examination of drugs in our country did not. Moreover, there had been several scandalous situations related statements of consumers about the side effects of additives (increased sweating, dry mouth, full loss of appetite, spiritual growth, unprecedented vigor). So, the effect of its reception is very similar to drug intoxication. Here immediately reminded of the predecessors capsules containing unapplied in the annotation sibutramine.


Julia, 32 years. I don’t know how to help capsules «Goutsu» for weight loss, but I am a little on the light are not sent. Not to say that I am fat, but eight kilograms in me exactly is unnecessary. And in one bad day I bought over the Internet the drug. Already on the second day, my blood pressure just available, although hypertension never suffered. Another day had a drink pill, then she decided to quit. But a day later I was in the hospital. Diagnosis – a microstroke. ‘t poison yourself!

Arisha, 25 years. I want to rephrase a well-known proverb. That Chinese well, the Russian death. Do you think they are there for us for beautiful eyes are setting new medicines based on unclear raw materials and somehow provide almost psychotropic effect? They just decided to destroy our nation and lead the whole world! And we, глупенькие, all tread on the same rake – «Lida», «Билайт», «Goutsu». Maybe it’s time to specifically take himself in hand, go to the doctor and to define the reasons of excess weight and possible solutions to problems?

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