Salt-free diet will reduce weight and reveal the real taste of food!

Causes swelling in the body, triggers the development of hypertension, weakens the joints and even contributes to the emergence of stomach cancer…. For all impact table salt, which we used to add to food in unlimited quantities to enhance the taste of food.

On the rejection of this condiment based salt-free diet, which is able in less than a month to reduce the weight of the person 7 or more pounds! However, its advantage is not only that. Diet no salt are used for people with high blood pressure, suffer from obesity, diabetes, coronary heart disease, osteoporosis and many other life-threatening diseases.

What is a salt?

  • From the point of view of chemistry, a salt is sodium chloride. Biology says that the substance contained in every cell of the human body. So, it is impossible to live. She is directly involved in the normalization of water-salt balance and regulates blood pressure.
  • From the position of industrial production, salt is a preservative. The products produced in the factory stay fresh longer. Therefore, sodium chloride is often found in the composition of meat products.
  • In addition, salt is a flavor enhancer. This is another property for which it is used in industrial factories. Chips and crackers, ham and sausages, canned and salted fish – all these foods become tastier due to the large amount of salt in the composition. It conceals the fatty taste of the product, reducing the sensitivity of the taste buds, and as a result is overeating high calorie food and gain weight.

Rate of salt in the diet

For the normal functioning of the body and processes that utilize sodium chloride, it is sufficient to use one quarter teaspoon per day. This 2.5 oz.
This number is for healthy people who do not have excess weight, diseases of blood, cardiovascular system, diabetes of different types and of osteoarthritis.

People with the above diseases should limit daily salt intake to 1.5 grams. a day!

What is she dangerous?

In practice, people use sodium chloride in too large quantity. The figure can reach up to 40 gr. a day! What is her damage?

  • Swelling of the blood vessels, resulting in heart difficulty is reduced, pumping blood;
  • The development of hypertension;
  • The intake of calcium from the bones, the appearance of osteoporosis;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Overeating and obesity;
  • Pain in joints due to excess weight;
  • The scarring of liver tissues and stomach;
  • The appearance of cirrhosis;
  • The development of gastric cancer.

Many people link above diseases with overeating, drinking large amounts of alcohol, sedentary lifestyle. Of course, it is impossible to exclude these factors, especially when the disease has reached an acute form. However, such a simple fact as overeating salt, usually do not pay attention to. We used to call the sugar white death, but the chloride of sodium in its impact is no less dangerous substance.

How to restore health using salt-free and sugar-free diet?

Due to the unrestricted intake of salt and sugar develops a large number of diseases. However, they can be avoided, to prevent or to stop using salt-free diet, the essence of which is as follows:

  1. Completely eliminate common salt during cooking.
  2. Do not buy industrial products containing sodium chloride: this is a meat products, fast food, canned food, pickles, cheese, etc.
  3. Replace salt with alternative flavor enhancers.
  4. Excluded from the diet sugar and foods with him.
  5. Start smaller meals, eat a serving of 150-200 grams. 4-6 times a day.
  6. To include in the diet more fresh vegetables and lean protein products.
  7. Not to fry foods, choose more gentle methods of cooking steamed, roasting, cooking.

Diet without salt and sugar is perfect for weight loss: people who are obese, delayed in the body, water can reach up to 30% of body weight!

On a salt-free diet you can sit from 2 to 4 weeks. Dieticians, doctors and nutritionists advise against salt in the long term: to reduce its use to a minimum (1.5 oz. per day) for life. Then the problem of excess weight and many diseases will not arise.

Which gives food without salt: use new diet

The first time it is difficult to abandon the usual spices, because the food seems tasteless without it. But after a week of such a diet appear surprising results:

  • Goes overweight (at least 3 kg!);
  • Less swelling of the blood vessels, the blood circulates smoothly and without delays.
  • Reducing the load on the cardiovascular system;
  • Recovering the sodium chloride in the bone, making them stronger;
  • I lost the desire to eat fatty and high-calorie foods, because salt masked the real taste;
  • There is a true and unique taste of food that has long been hidden behind a large amount of sodium chloride;
  • Decreases blood pressure;
  • Reduces the risk of stroke, myocardial infarction;
  • Restores calcium in the cells of the body, which is one of the main helpers of losing weight people lose weight.

Menu 14 days to a diet without salt

Painted every day diet will help you to understand which meals are allowed to eat and which you should exclude from your daily menu. This is only a rough outline can be modified according to the preferences and financial possibilities.

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1st A serving of rice cereal with low-fat milk with water, sweetened with Splenda, a handful of berries. Salt-free soup of vegetables (without potatoes), boiled hake with spices. Cheesecake with Splenda, dried fruit.
2nd A bowl of millet porridge with milk and water with the sweetener, two peach. Buckwheat porridge with stewed onions and carrots, roasted Turkey breast in Provencal herbs. Jelly cottage cheese, cocoa and Splenda with the addition of one nectarine.
3rd Manna from low-fat dairy products without sugar, sweetened with honey (2 tsp). Oven baked zucchini with spices and a teaspoon of oil, cooked shrimp (150 gr.). Yogurt pudding with frozen berries.
4th Apple pie Apple no sugar. Vegetable stew with braised chicken breast. Muesli with low-fat cheese, yogurt, sour cream.
5th Lazy oatmeal (in the evening mix in a container rump, kislomolochny to taste and additives, dried fruits, fruits, nuts, store in the fridge). Stewed tomatoes, lean beef, boiled rice. Vegetable pumps eggplant in the oven.
6th Portion low-fat natural yoghurt, fruit and seasonal berry platter. Zucchini boats with chicken breast. Muesli without sugar with yogurt.
7th Dairy noodle porridge without sugar. Vegetable soup, beef goulash. Two sandwiches of whole wheat bread with vegetables and baked white meats.
8th A few whole grain crackers with cottage cheese, spices and avocado. Baked chicken breast with salad. Scrambled eggs with tomatoes and bread.
9th Buckwheat porridge with milk, serving of low fat cottage cheese with yogurt. Pumpkin pancakes without sugar and salt, fried in small amount of oil. The vinaigrette with the bread.
10th Oatmeal with fruit plate. The pot out of the oven without the potatoes, with lean meat. Cottage cheese with yogurt, berries in season.
11th Sponge cake without flour, bran, made from sour milk and sweetener. Casserole of vegetables and chicken white meat, filled with low-fat cream sauce. Boiled fish, salad oil (1 tsp).
12th Scrambled eggs, vegetables in season. Buckwheat porridge with beef goulash. Bread, two boiled eggs, a Cup of yogurt.
13th Muesli with nuts, no sugar, sandwich with avocado. Baked salmon dish with spices, vegetable stew. Vegetable salad, dressed with natural yogurt.
14th Oven baked cheese cakes with raisins. Homemade chicken sausage and cheese, buckwheat. Soup with meatballs without potatoes, a slice of whole grain bread.

Meals should be diluted with snacks (at least 2 times a day). While they can eat any fruit, vegetables, nuts, dried fruits, dairy products.

The Japanese diet: the principles of salt-free food

The harmony and health of the Eastern people is a delight. One of the essential components of their diet is complete or partial absence of sodium chloride. Cooking is also different from ours: the Japanese are mainly boil or cook for a couple.

For 2 weeks do not drink any form of sugar and salt. Foods that should be eating:

  • Marine fish;
  • White meat chicken or Turkey;
  • Lean meat beef, rabbit;
  • Cabbage, carrots, eggplant and zucchini, onions, tomatoes;
  • Green tea and natural coffee;
  • All berries and fruits except banana;
  • Fat-free yogurt;
  • Savory crackers;
  • Chicken eggs.

Japanese power system is similar to a strict high protein diet, but for weight loss it fit great. All the above products can be used in different combinations, boil, bake and cook for a couple. Salt and sugar sugar nothing!

Menu for 7 days Japanese diet included portions no more than 200 grams. for each meal.

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1st Savoury crackers, a portion of coffee without sugar. Salmon boiled fish, salad from cabbage, carrots and Apple, drizzled in a tsp of vegetable oil. Fruit salad dressing of yogurt.
2nd Carrot salad, organic coffee. Steamed vegetables with pike. Baked in a zucchini boat with braised carrots and onions.
3rd 2 hard-boiled eggs, green tea. Cod in tomato sauce, salad. Stewed beef, cabbage salad with carrots.
4th A slice of rye bread, orange, coffee. Salad of Apple, carrot and cabbage, chicken breast. Cabbage salad, boiled chicken fillets, tbsp vegetable oil.
5th Crackers, a handful of seasonal berries, green tea. Sea bass steamed, braised zucchini. Baked rabbit in the grass, a vegetable stew.
6th 2 boiled eggs, coffee. A portion of stewed capelin, rye crackers. Steamed vegetables with tomato juice.
7th A Cup of natural coffee, peach. Salmon steamed vegetables in a sauce of tomatoes. Carrot salad with a tsp oil.

Chinese salt-free diet

Is considered more diverse than Japanese. It allows is:

  • All the cereals;
  • Marine fish;
  • Lean meat;
  • All vegetables, fruits and natural juices;
  • Olive oil;
  • Green tea.

Popular in the daily menu should be given to vegetables and sea fish. Cereals and fruits are consumed every day. In products, you can’t add salt, sugar and spices.

Chinese diet you can stick with 7 and 13 days, depending on the purpose.

Diet without salt buckwheat

It is harmonious and easy to implement. It is based on the following principles:

  1. You should eat only homemade without added sugar and salt;
  2. Meals should be evenly divided throughout the day for 4-6 servings;
  3. You cannot skip Breakfast;
  4. You should calculate the calorie that is appropriate for your gender, height, weight and physical activity, and stick to it;
  5. To eliminate all store-bought sweets, preserves, pickles;
  6. Tune psychologically for a long process of losing weight.

Elena Malysheva does not strictly limit the set of products and their combination, the main thing – to fit in your daily calories, do not eat salt and sugar, eat fractional. Such salt-free diet can be followed for 1 month.

Natural salt substitutes

Bessolevoy diet, there is a desire to add in fresh dish of any ingredient to taste. Prohibited salt can be replaced:

  • Spices: black pepper, paprika, herbes de Provence, lemongrass and other spices enrich the taste of food;
  • Garlic and onions: in small amounts they gently set off the taste of product, strengthen it;
  • Homemade sauces: tomato, sour cream, mustard, butter and other sauces in reasonable amounts will improve the dish;
  • Sea Kale: it can be added to soup, stews, vegetable casseroles;
  • Lemon juice: is considered to be a versatile and useful spice, perfect for meat, fish, vegetables and even sweet casseroles;
  • Sea salt: in small amounts can be used for ready meals because, unlike a regular table, does not retain water;
  • Celery: the specific seasoning, you need to use it with care;
  • Ginger: supplements, tea, fish, meat, stews and other dishes.

As you can see, the choice of salt substitutes are really varied. Don’t be afraid to experiment, gradually adding new spices, enriching the flavor.

Indications and contraindications for a salt-free diet

It is forbidden to adhere to the diet without salt for people with the following diseases:

  • Kidney disease. But patients with such diseases should not eat more than 4-5 oz. of salt a day!
  • Pregnancy. Here the opinions of doctors were divided: some believe that the lack of salt in the diet of the expectant mother reduces swelling, others say that it can lead to low blood pressure, dizziness, and nausea. In this case, you should consult with your doctor;
  • Diseases of the thyroid gland. Hypothyroidism and other disorders of the endocrine system the complete absence of salt, especially iodized, can worsen the condition of the patient.

Testimony on a salt-free diet:

  • Heart disease. Hypertension, coronary heart disease, poor circulation and other diagnoses, are indications for following the diet without salt;
  • Elevated cholesterol levels. As a result of consuming excessive amounts of sodium chloride;
  • Predisposition to edema. The inability to remove the ring on the morning after the dinner with salty fish – sign, talking about the necessity of following a salt-free diet;
  • Diabetes. Excess sodium chloride affects the insulin resulting in the blood sugar level;
  • Overweight. Leads to fluid retention, heart problems and bones;
  • Osteochondrosis, osteoporosis. And other diseases associated with lack of calcium in the bones, with fragility of bone tissue. Salt leaches calcium from the bones, significantly worsening the condition of the joints;
  • Diseases of the stomach. Colitis, gastritis, ulcer and other diseases are an indication for the diet without salt.

Also it is not recommended to follow this system of nutrition in the hot season.

Salt-free diet has its fans and opponents. Really, all you should keep a middle ground: the immense consumption of salt, as its absolute absence, can lead to negative consequences. In addition, if you have any medical condition, before starting a diet should consult with your doctor.

Reviews and results losing weight people

Marina, 29 years: For me a salt-free diet is the most violent in the world. The first days I thought I will go crazy if you do not eat a little salt. Two weeks later, broke: lick the salt shaker…. What kind of stuff, I thought. Instantly gag, and my mouth was an unpleasant bitter aftertaste, until I drink kefir. After this incident, I never touched salt until the very end of the diet. Every day, ate right, drank plenty of water – about 2 litres Per month of this diet I have changed two things and took off 15 lbs! It’s hard to believe, Yes, I myself long believed. But I don’t like salt so far! Occasionally add sea. Loved the spice: it turns out, they are such a great choice! And most importantly – I began to feel better. So I recommend this power supply system to anyone who wants to lose weight and improve your health!

Natalia, 31 years: After giving birth a year has passed, and the weight never thought to decrease…. Then I decided to go on a diet. Once watched a program Elena Malysheva and learned about the dangers of salt. So I decided to try a salt-free diet. For a month lost weight well in the stomach and thighs, but was well aware that a large part of weight loss – just water. It should be understood by all who decided to stick to this diet. But if you need to lose weight urgently, the diet without salt is a great option.

Tatiana, 34 years: I Want to note that it’s not a diet – this is my daily diet. I confess that I used to it not at once: the initiator of the rejection of salt was my husband, and if he doesn’t eat, and I cook all fresh food. At first, I thought that I’ve left out something. The food felt a strong lack of some important component that was even the thought that I became malnourished. A week passed, every day we talked about salt less. Unsalted soup with rye bread – very tasty dish! Around us still do not understand, but I believe that if you want to improve your health, then go to such measures. I have improved complexion and overall skin condition, decreased weight, cheer up. And all this by giving up salt!

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