Recipes for delicious marinades for pork

Шашлык на шампурах

Barbecue is a true art. There are different recipes and not to say that some of them are the best. It all depends on taste. Some people prefer trendy, unusual recipes, others believe that attention worthy only of the classic kebab. To find the most delicious at your discretion option by trial and error. In this article you will find a marinade for grilled pork with vinegar, lemon, and other recipes, and tricks necessary in order that the meat was juicy, soft and fragrant.

Barbecue on the classic recipe

Шашлык готовится на углях

It should start with him. Is the best combination of ease of preparation and a consistently rich taste. To prepare a shish kebab from any meat, but if you are not a special in this case, it is better to stay on the pork. This is the soft, unpretentious meat. Regardless of which recipe you cook will be delicious in any case. To make the classic barbecue is very simple. For its preparation you will need:

  • About half a kilo of pork with fat.
  • A pound of onions (the juicier, the better).
  • Half tbsp salt, 3 tbsp of spice, 3 tsp of vinegar.

You can do just ground black pepper will still be delicious. The main thing is to marinate and fry the meat.


First, buy a nice piece of meat. If you only learn the art of cooking barbecue, then choose the neck clipping. Such meat is bound to be soft. Continue to act strictly according to the recipe:

  1. Wash meat well and cut into pieces. Make them the same size to barbecue roasted evenly. The optimal size is approximately 5 5 cm the Smaller pieces will be dry, not cooked through.
  2. Onions cut into half rings and pour in the total capacity. A little secret – if the meat needs to marinate very quickly, the onion can be grated. With grated onion kebabs will turn out soft and juicy.
  3. Sprinkle in the spices, pour the vinegar, pre-diluted it in a small amount of mineral water. Add salt at this stage is not necessary. Add salt just before frying! Instead of vinegar, you can marinate the pork with lemon.
  4. Carefully remember the meat to the onion marinade evenly on each slice.
  5. Leave for 6-8 hours. The best option is to marinate meat in the evening and leave on all night so it had time how to soak onions and spices.

Now you can start frying. Here too there are subtleties. The coals should have a good burn and “gray” that is covered with a thin layer of ash. Only then can we spread the meat. Skewers better to put close to each other – so the heat will be better to stay inside. While cooking, do not need anything to fan the coals if you don’t want the meat burnt. Do not forget from time to time to turn the skewers. Time – 15-30 minutes depending on the length of marinating.


Skewers marinated in mineral water

Процесс маринования мяса для шашлыка
This is a quick recipe that helps when you need to cook barbecue without spending time on its long marinating. Despite the ease of cooking, it turns out very tasty. What do we need?

  • About kilogram of meat.
  • A pound of onions.
  • Spices at your discretion.
  • Liter of mineral water.


The recipe on the mineral water is very simple – deal with it, even a novice “chef”.

  1. Meat wash and cut into pieces.
  2. Onion macrosite large rings or half rings and knead it until the juice.
  3. Pork send to the same container, add spices according to your taste and stir lightly squeezing the slices.
  4. Pour the mineral water and leave alone for 1 hour.

It may seem that this time is short. But the recipe on the mineral water very fast and of an hour for the meat softened and absorbed the flavors of the onions and spices. The gas bubbles contained in the mineral water, as if to loosen it, do very gentle. So keep calm an hour and can start frying.


Skewers, marinated with kiwi

Маринование шашлыка с киви

The softest kebab obtained with the addition of kiwi. A huge plus to the marinating takes only 1-2 hours. Kiwi fruit – a tropical fruit containing in its composition a special enzyme that breaks down connective tissue. The effect is about the same as with the lemon. Recipe with kiwi perfect for a good hard meat. For marinating, we need:

  • 2 kg of meat
  • Some bulbs
  • 1-2 kiwi
  • Pepper, spices according to your taste.
  • A bit of fresh herbs.


Started as usual with washing the meat, cut it into equal pieces.

  1. Onions will turn into large half-rings and add it to the already sliced meat.
  2. Chopped greens send there.
  3. Salt, spices, pour carefully, trying not to overdo it. With salt, be especially careful.
  4. Now the main secret of the recipe, peel kiwi fruit, grate it on a grater or just mash in his hands. Add to the meat.
  5. Stir very well to flesh kiwi were distributed evenly.
  6. Keep the meat in the marinade 1-2 hours and proceed to frying.

Recipe with kiwi really quick and tasty. But it is not necessary to keep the skewers in the marinade too long, otherwise it will lose its taste, will be completely empty. Always add kiwi last. You can do this while kindling a fire. While wood is burned, the kiwi will have time to work its magic softening effect.


Skewers marinated in yogurt or mayonnaise

Кусочек шашлыка на вилке

Perhaps the two most popular prescription. If you have not used any of them, necessarily dare to cook barbecue for this recipe is not very difficult and the taste is very decent. 2 kilos of pork we need:

  • Kefir “Buttermilk”, “tan” — 1 liter or 200-300 gr. mayonnaise.
  • 6 large bulbs.
  • Black pepper.
  • Bunch of fresh green Basil.


So the meat turned out juicy and fragrant, do everything strictly by prescription. Can use yogurt or mayonnaise to your liking.

  1. Pork cut into medium size pieces.
  2. Clean the onions. One half turn in the ring, the second grate.
  3. In a large bowl place the pork, dump her onion paste, spices, very little salt and a well-perennite.
  4. Basil chopped finely, add it to the meat.
  5. “Tuck” the meat with mayonnaise or yogurt.
  6. Onion rings just spread evenly over the surface, capacity, close the lid and put it to rest in the fridge for about six hours.

Better to do entirely without salt, especially if you choose to marinate with mayonnaise. So the meat will be much juicier. To prisolit directly before frying or ready-made barbecue. To pieces of marinated faster, make them not too large and do without a refrigerator.


Skewers, marinated with lemon

Маринад с лимоном

The most spicy and at the same time simple variant – kebab with lemon. It acts about the same as kiwi or vinegar – soften the meat, but in addition gives it a spicy citrus note. This is a quick way of marinating is always pleasing consistently great taste. Two pounds pork neck take:

  • 4 large onions or 6 medium.
  • 1-2 lemons.
  • Large bunch of greens. Any spices to taste and a little salt.


Start with standard procedures – wash meat, remove all veins, cut into medium pieces and put it in a container.

  1. Turn onions into large rings.
  2. Greens crumble.
  3. All this along with spices put into the pot with the meat. If you want to keep the form of a bow, then put it last.
  4. Now add all this magnificence lemon and really mix well.
  5. Just a couple of hours you can fry, but it is better to leave for the night.

The option of marinating with lemon no less popular than the mineral water. But not all know one little trick. So the meat was really flavorful, not enough to water it with lemon. Before you squeeze the fruit, with a fine grater remove the zest and add to the marinade. Then, even well-cooked meat will be juicy smell of lemon.


These are the best recipes marinades for kebabs. Among them you will definitely find the one that will be of your liking. Definitely try to cook aromatic kebabs with lemon, kiwi or use a classic recipe.

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