Prevention of influenza in children.


Профилактика простуды у детей.

During the off-season, and especially in winter, children get cold frequently than the other age groups. Spending a lot of time with peers in a kindergarten or school, they easily pick up and transmit infection. What methods of prevention are able to prepare the child’s body to the period of colds to successfully confront the viruses? Parents of each child should take care of his health and take preventative measures.

Prevention of hardening.

The most reliable way to strengthen the resilience of the child’s body to the cold remains hardening. Better to start special events in summer. Doctors no wonder recommend to take out for the summer children from the city to the nature. The time spent in the country or a grandmother in a village, positive impact on the child’s General condition. Active outdoors games, swim in the river or lake, the ability to walk barefoot on the grass and sand, are the elements of tempering procedures, that don’t have long to persuade.

In the urban context, to walk outdoors necessarily supplemented by physical exercise. Classes in the sports, especially swimming, will strengthen the immune system. Another option is the organization of special physical therapy, including restorative exercises and training bronchi and throat.

For children who show special propensity to diseases, there is a special preventive procedures: douche, douche, walking barefoot on a special Mat, breathing exercises.

Wash the nose.

To strengthen the resilience of the nasal cavity to infection therapists recommend to organize it lavage. Ideal use for this solution sea salt. In the pharmacy are sold finished products on its basis, and purified sea (ocean) salt in packs. From it at home, you can prepare their own solution.

Washing of the nasal cavity in the morning kills viruses and bacteria. The sea water contains essential minerals and active substances normalize the functioning of the mucosa. In epidemiological periods the number of washings increase to twice a day.

Vitamins for the prevention of colds.

In the baby food should always be present in sufficient quantity of fresh fruits and vegetables. They are a source of active, easily assimilated by the body of vitamins. You should offer the child the fruit, which he likes to them he ate with pleasure. Vegetables are eaten in the form of delicious and beautiful salads, garnishes. But we should not increase the amount of fruits that can cause allergies. So, citrus fruits are not the only suppliers of vitamin C. They can replace other fruits and berries, including apples, kiwi, cranberries.

We should not forget that the source of vitamins is milk, rye bread, legumes, buckwheat and oatmeal, butter and other products. A necessary condition is that they must be of very good quality. No taste and other additives must not distort the natural properties of the products.

Vitamin complex preparations should give the baby only on doctor’s prescription. The focus on special, children’s complexes, calculated by a certain age.

Immunizations (Vaccinations).

Vaccination can protect the organism of a child from 2-3 strains of influenza virus. With all the other viruses she cope’t help. So recommend the vaccine only when you know the spreading flu strain. Vaccination effectively protect the body if it was carried out approximately two weeks before the beginning of the epidemic. Then time for the body to develop antibodies in the right quantity.

Preventive action vaccination is too limited. Need any vaccinations you should always consult with a therapist. He will help you make an informed decision, taking into account the General condition of the child.

Folk remedies prevention of colds.

Arsenal folk remedies to prevent colds is extremely wide. It is possible to find unique recipes to help protect children from exposure to infection.


First of all we should mention the ability of plant volatile production kill viruses. Property garlic actively destroying viruses used for a long time. In the room where the baby is, you can put a saucer with garlic (or onion), and change it several times per day. Another option is to put the peeled clove of garlic into the breast pocket of a shirt, or make him beads.


Preventive effect has and aromatherapy: help fight viruses aromas of pine, fir and orange oil. The use of aromatic oils should be agreed with the doctor, in order to avoid allergic reactions. Experienced pediatrician for advice on how to use essential oils and what to choose.

Herbal teas

Herbal aromatic teas with honey have a positive effect on a child’s immunity. Vitamin tea rosehip extremely tasty and useful. The crushed berries enough to pour boiling water on the night in a thermos, and during the day it can be used instead of the usual black tea.

Similarly brewed dried fruits viburnum, Rowan, better in the mix with the same wild rose.

Recommended brewed teas from Linden flowers, sage, thyme, mint, lemon balm. These herbs are known for their ability to withstand the cold.


Support the immune system in the active state will help honey and other bee products: propolis and pollen. Their unique composition suppresses the livelihoods of microbes, viruses, acts as биостимулятор. The efficiency of these drugs to stimulate the natural means of protection of the organism is difficult to overestimate. They are recommended to children are prone to allergies.

Which of the methods of prevention of adopting – parents decide themselves. Help in choosing a preventive techniques and pediatrician. In any case, you should look to reinforce the child’s body before the season epidemics. Complex appropriate and effective measures will preserve the health of our children.

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