Pills of Orsten: harmony without problems or hidden health hazard?

таблетки Орсотен

In everyday life people do not trust the medicines and even in serious conditions sometimes try to escape recipes of traditional medicine. In the fight against excess weight, everything is exactly the opposite. ‘s pills “Orsten” today is one of the most popular drugs despite their very different effect. If it is possible to achieve the desired harmony and how high the cost of their own health?

The composition and principle of action of the drug

The main active ingredient of this drug is orlistat. In the classic version of “Orotina”, sometimes called “Orsten plus, it contains mg. The medication comes in the form of capsules with gelatin shell. There is a lightweight form – “Orsten slim”, which contains orlistat half. By the way, is similar to the method of production (large and small dosage) and there are analogues of the drug – “Lestat” and “Lestat mini”.

капсулы Орсотен-слим

This and other substitutes “Orotina”, including “xenical”, “Kenalan”, “Olimex, which was also created on the basis of orlistat. The effect of this chemical is aimed at suppressing the activity of lipase is the enzyme responsible for the breakdown and digestion of fats. The drug is ingested, almost never enters the bloodstream and begins to work immediately in the gastrointestinal tract.

Orlistat can bring in an unchanged form about 30% of fat from food. The upshot is that the fat content, and with it the calorie intake is reduced, due to this and is slimming. But the appetite for these pills do not reduce, so uncontrolled appetite, which often is a hindrance to the achievement of harmony, will have to fight yourself.

How to take pills “Orsten”?

Use “Orsten” need one capsule during meals or within one hour after a meal, drinking water, not more than three times a day. If a meal has not been or menu did not contain fatty foods, then the medicine is quite possible at this time to cancel. Reduce the dosage can, but to no increase, as this will only lead to increased side effects, including:

  • frequent urge for defecation, fecal incontinence;
  • liquid, oily stools;
  • discharge from the rectum;
  • pain in the abdomen and the rectum;
  • anxiety, fatigue;
  • headache;
  • allergic reactions, rash, urticaria;
  • the menstrual cycle;
  • sleep disorders and other
частота проявления побочных эффектов от Орсотена

the frequency of side effects from Orotina

By the way, those who do not comply with the recommended low-fat diet can also expect a lot of unpleasant consequences. And if you lean on the carbs, the weight loss will not happen, because on carbohydrate metabolism this tool has no effect. Incompatible drug and alcohol, but with exercise very “friendly”, so that the sport will be an excellent catalyst for the achievement of your dreams. Should be considered contraindications to pill for weight loss “Orsten”, among which the instructions are:

  • individual intolerance of orlistat and other components;
  • the syndrome of malabsorption in the intestine;
  • stagnation in the gallbladder;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • the age of 18 years.

The incompatibility of the drug with a number of drugs can also be a barrier to admission. With him is reduced absorption of oral contraceptives and fat-soluble vitamins, and it is necessary to worry, because the duration of reception “Orotina” is from 3 months to 2 years.

Where to buy and at what price?

The drug will sell you any drug store, but only on prescription. While “Orsten slim” is freely available in the real and virtual pharmaceutical stores. The cost of the medication depends on the size of the package. In a cardboard box contains 21, 42 or 84 capsules. The price range will be on “Orsten” will be from 600 to 2300 rubles, and in its light version from 850 to 1600 rubles per 42 and, respectively, 84 capsules.

Reviews of slimming and doctors

Elizabeth, 30 years. Decided to bring in shape before the New year and bought Orsten”. At first all went well, and on the third day started. Flatulence with discharge, linen had to be replaced several times a day. Well, sitting at home with the baby. Survived 2 weeks, dropped just 1 kg Not my!

Alexander, dietitian. “Orsten” – this tool is not to easy and not to fast weight loss and for the treatment of obesity. Applies if the problem has gone too far, and man he can not cope. To lose 5-10 kg can in a natural way by using fractional nutrition and physical activity. And this drug is prescribed by a doctor, the patient should be kept under constant surveillance. In the first three months can be side effects, then all is normalized following instructions. The good thing is that the drug does not accumulate in the body, which allows for long-term treatment with diet, and it is this long term work for you.

Maria, 28 years. Lose weight on “Orsten the slim”. Watched food, took strictly according to the instructions, the result for the first month Oslo kg. was a little discomfort, but then it was over. Take the fourth month, losing weight 11kg. I’m happy with!

Margaret, 46 years old. I want to tell my sad story slimming on tablets “Orsten”. Attentively read the instruction didn’t pay attention to negative reviews, and this is the result. At first rejoiced to think in toilet often have to run, the stomach twists, so it must be working! But how easy it was and the weight was gone. 2 months got rid of 7 kg. Then was horrified to notice that something is wrong with his hair became dull and falling out shamelessly. The nails on the hands, then the feet began to exfoliate, to break down and take just ugly. A visit to the dentist at all shocked, had to treat almost all teeth and bleeding gums. Doctor diagnosis disappointing – deficiency. Eye-catching fat was laid inside the walls of the intestine and does not allow food to fully digest. And about the extra vitamins I had not thought of. Now trying to restore lost health. Girls, a hundred times think about whether you need such a mockery.


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