Weight Loss

Effective herbs for weight loss.

  Get rid of excess weight can be a variety of methods. You can try a new diet, or go to the stadium. But you can apply to the Arsenal of folk medicine, and among herbal compositions look for the most suitable for weight loss. Most people believe that natural components are perfectly safe. However, do less harm than chemical   Read more »

Flax seed weight loss.

Among the natural products that promote a General reduction of weight, occupies a special place Flaxseed. It has long been related to food. Ancient healers often used in medical purposes. Recently flax seeds got into the sphere of interests of nutritionists. Seeds and their properties were serious study. With the end of the last century this product is used in   Read more »

Cleansing enemas for weight loss. How to do an enema. Contraindications.

Modern man eats too much. And between food still bites. We score the body food without thinking, where it hits. And then suffer from problems with the stomach, intestine, extra weight. Who stops to think how body to cope with the incoming food? The body can begin accumulating bad processed foods. And the substance of these products many times will   Read more »

How to overcome fear before birth?

loading… Women – being impressionable. And what about the pregnant woman! It is even more impressionable and are therefore exposed to various fears. What are afraid of pregnant women? Most often – delivery. Afraid to give birth in women with first pregnancy, because they are afraid of the uncertainty. Women who have given birth, often experience the same fear, this   Read more »

How to treat bridou on the lips. Signs and reasons for the appearance of eating at the corners of the lips.

loading… Заедой are small inflammation, which are formed in the corners of the lips. Subsequently appear in their place cracks. The process is accompanied by a burning sensation and ache. Doctors refer to this nasty disease хейлитом. Signs of bridou on the lips. The primary. Define what you formed Zayed can be, if licks lips occurs in the corners of   Read more »

How to restore and tighten the chest after childbirth?

loading… Almost every woman is faced with the problem when the chest, before such a beautiful and poised, after childbirth, and feeding a baby loses its elasticity, sags and deformed. The urgent and very important is the question of how to restore and tighten the chest after giving birth to return to the previous form. Panic fall not need to   Read more »

How to remove ears on the hips? Exercises for hips and buttocks.

Ears on the hips – this trouble is familiar to the vast majority of women of all ages! Yeah, how could we not resist this, but buttocks and hips are overgrown fat very quickly. But this does not mean that we should give up and obediently buy clothes size bigger! Each of you can easily get rid of this problem   Read more »

diet with prunes

Prune long enjoyed popularity due to the large amount of nutrients. The fruit is used in folk medicine, cooking, there is even a diet based on it. Medicinal properties Benefits of dried black plum is magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, fiber and vitamins. Magnesium-potassium normalize digestive and cardiovascular systems. Iron has a positive effect on the skin and fiber cleanses toxins.   Read more »

British diet

Every year the problem of excess weight is becoming more common. Indulge in delicious not everyone can, food from fast foods, high-calorie foods lead to weight gain, completeness, and even obesity. Now there are many diets in this article I want to tell you about one of the most popular – the English diet. In a relatively short period of   Read more »

Ways to lose weight fast

Ways to lose weight fast

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by women. And most often it occurs in front of a major event. It can be a trip to rest, responsible date, wedding, meeting with old friends. We address this question to the “all-knowing” the Internet, find the “super fast effective diet.” Satisfied and happy, purchase the necessary products and grow   Read more »