Weight Loss

Fasting day on banana

That is useful to arrange fasting days, many have heard. But худеющие people know that bananas, and grapes with persimmon – not dietary products. They were not «face control» of many diets and nutrition systems. It’s them we are called to give up some nutritionists. So at first glance it seems that the fasting day To read further »

Walking for weight loss

Not everyone knows, but in order to have a beautiful and toned figure does not necessarily wear down a diet and sweating in the gym from morning to evening. Only a couple of thousand steps a day – and you’re in great shape! But for those who have serious problems with excess weight, the burden should be increased to 10 000 To read further »

Fasting day on apples

Fasting day on apples is, of course, not something that will allow you to become a real woman. However, for each unloading you effectively cleanse your body of accumulated harmful substances, thereby helping to normalize disturbed digestion and metabolism. In addition, these tasty and reasonably priced fruits can help reduce calorie intake – they containing To read further »

Awesome diet

Who was conceived because the diet is not known. Most likely, the authorship belongs to some model or unhappy girl who dreamt of the podium. Heavy but effective technique allows for two weeks reset to 8 kg, Not all of its stand to the end, and those who still had enough willpower and self-control, note that all the lost very quickly returns. And To read further »

Callanetics slimming

In our country callanetics for weight loss has become a hit of work over his body not so long ago. However, the fitness method was introduced in the early 80-ies of the last century. Author gymnastics, created on the basis of yogic asanas is Kalan Pinkney. From childhood, an American had a number of physical disability, and a whole bunch of diseases. But rather than come to terms with their problems, cheerful To read further »

Home scrubs for stretch marks (striae).

Home scrubs for stretch marks (striae).

loading… Smooth the skin of the abdomen disfigure the white stripes stretch marks? Many young mothers after childbirth face this unpleasant problem. What to do if the skin is damaged and deformed when our body that increases in volume, and then abruptly lose weight? Unfortunately, even preventive methods do not guarantee the absence of stretch marks. However, if desired, each   Read more »

Diet pills Goldline

Every second person with excess weight, looking for the easiest way to lose weight. And, of course, the choice falls on the intensive physical exercise and nutrition, and the corresponding achievements in the pharmaceutical industry. Diet pills Goldline is the effective medicines, reception which allows you to control the main causal a confused figures – the desire to eat. Instruction for use To read further »

Ozone therapy for weight loss

In the medical purposes ozone has been used for over a hundred years. No wonder this a practice-proven method wanted to adopt and cosmetology. In recent years, ozone therapy for weight loss has become increasingly popular in our country, while in other countries this procedure are treated with great caution. Whether to resort to the rate of such ambiguous To read further »

Oolong tea for weight loss

About how helpful Chinese Oolong tea for weight loss, known not only women dreaming about harmony. A high opinion of him and nutritionists. This overseas drink affects the weight loss process? All whether it applies or may be, there is a list of contraindications, which is not always specified by the manufacturer? Useful properties of Oolong green Story To read further »

Puer tea for weight loss

Ised has long gained popularity. And it is popular thanks to its many useful properties, open the Chinese one century ago. In folk medicine the country of the rising sun drink and today is used in the treatment and prevention of many diseases, as well as to effectively cleanse the body and increase vitality. It is noteworthy that many of our compatriots are convinced that tea To read further »