Weight Loss

Gymnastics Hadu for weight loss: the imitation of strength training as a way to harmony and health

Unique gymnastics Hadu for weight loss, rejuvenation and strengthening of the musculoskeletal system was developed and patented by Zviad Arabuli. It was named in honor of the Georgian villages (the homeland of the author), the inhabitants of which was distinguished by extraordinary longevity. It is a healing system that includes elements of yoga, Pilates and breathing techniques. The method is based on a philosophical basis, but does not contain complex reasoning about the chakras Read more ”

Charging for weight loss: the most simple and effective exercises

The path to a slim and beautiful figure is not only proper diet and regular exercise. And if you don’t have the ability or desire to constantly go to the gym or purchase a subscription to a fitness club, you will help easy exercise to lose weight, which despite its simplicity allows you to experience a positive effect fairly quickly. Typically, such studies Read more ”

TABATA for weight loss: blitz-workout as a worthy alternative fitness

TABATA for weight loss can be a real salvation for those who have already despaired to find a slim figure under a thick layer of fat. This system of training was developed in collaboration with colleagues Professor the University of Tokyo doctor and trainer Izumi TABATA. The method consists in the alternation of phases of heavy load and phase relaxation. Exercise is very simple, their implementation does not require special physical Read more ”

Videos for weight loss: how to ride to lose weight?

Agility, confidence, speed – all these qualities are inherent in the roller. And another look at the toned figure and not just slim, and “sculptural” legs girls on skates! Videos for weight loss really useful, and it confirms the coach of any sport, and this lesson is much easier and more pleasant than power and even some aerobic classes. You will need at least a quality Read more ”

How to lose weight by jumping rope?

Who did not please himself as a child, a funny prank, like jumping rope? We invented new ones, practiced speed and agility, and organized competitions in duration. And now the rope is a wonderful trainer for adults that not only entertain, but also to become slimmer, dropping a couple of kilos Until everyone knows about the peculiarities of the practice,   Read more »

Diet for drying body: efficiency or health risk?

Diet for drying reduces body fat with preservation of muscle mass in full. However, the technique has a very “narrow” specialization and is suitable only for those who regularly deals with training (mainly power). Athletes, athletes, bodybuilders, bodybuilders use this method of weight loss ahead of the competitions and performances to the achieved parameters allowed them to get to the right weight Read more ”

Drying body for girls: why and how to lose weight athletes?

Some mistakenly believe that the drying of the body for girls is another effective way to lose weight. In fact, the technique is useful only for those women who are actively engaged in sports – bodybuilding, weightlifting, powerlifting, or work as fitness trainers. For all these women, it is important to emphasize inflated, relief muscles, for example, before revealing Read more ”

Cholesterol diet: when necessary and as it looks?

Cholesterol is an organic compound (fat), which is produced by the body itself and partially absorbed from food. Its the norm in the blood for different age ranges. For example, an adult is considered adequate amount of cholesterol in the range from 5.2 to 6.2 mmol/L. increasing increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. In this case, it may help cholesterol Read more ”

Easiest diet to lower cholesterol without medication

Any disturbance in the circulatory and cardiovascular systems are the first signal that the amount of cholesterol in the blood more than normal value (for an adult – 4.5 mmol/l). To combat the problem can and should be, to not provoke the development of atherosclerosis, a blockage of the veins, thrombosis, heart attacks and strokes and death. And can help with special diet for Read more ”

The swimming pool is a real way to lose weight and get healthier.

Among the sports that promises effective and fast weight loss is swimming. And if you have recently such exercise could indulge only in the summer, the huge number of pools now allows you to do exercises on the water each and all year round. In addition to the slim body you get good health due to the hardening and beneficial   Read more »