Methodology for threading hair removal.

Эпиляция волос с помощью нитки.

This method of getting rid of unwanted hair has been known for quite a long time, however, the most popular he has become today. Trading is the second name epilation thread, and it consists in the use of threads with a special weave.

What is the essence hair removal thread?

Cotton thread, with a specific weave of fibers used in such a way that excess hair fall into the loop of thread and wysipad together with the root. Of course, this method requires a certain skill, but its efficiency is high and the result is durable enough.

In what areas are using this method? Using trading removes unwanted hairs on the face above the upper lip, when shaping eyebrows. You can also use it for hair removal arms, abdomen, legs and chest.

The advantages of threading hair removal.

The main advantages of trading are:

  • The low cost of this type of hair removal allows you to apply it to everyone who will learn its simple tricks;
  • The accuracy of trading allows to obtain the desired shape of the eyebrows, not removing any excess hair.

The high efficiency of this method and duration of results is due to the fact that the thread captures not a single hair, and some hair. And the hairs are removed together with the root that causes the slowdown of growth in the future, and after a few treatments and a complete cessation of their appearance.

An important advantage over other methods of hair removal of trading is that in this case the impact is only on the hair and not the skin, as in many other types of hair removal.

Disadvantages of hair removal thread.

It should be noted some disadvantages, which include:

  • Pain – this type of hair removal brings discomfort, but the pain is lower than waxing or plucking hair with tweezers;
  • The complexity of this method consists in the development of the method of application threads, but with some skill and training trading quite easy to learn and perform at home.

The method of hair removal using thread in the home.

Trading, like any other method of removal of unwanted hair has a certain methodology. Let us consider it in more detail.

  • First of all it is necessary to degrease the surface of the skin. For this you can use any alcohol-based toner that will disinfect the skin.
  • Next, you should steam the skin to reduce pain treatments. This can be applied to the area where you will do hair removal, hot compress. Then the skin is dried and prisypaetsja talc.
  • Now pick up the thread and link together its ends. For the beginning and development of procedures it is better to use the thread of the small size – it is easier to manage. After gaining experience, you can use the thread longer.
  • Ring thread worn on all fingers except for the large. The loop is twisted in the middle (about five times) to get eight.
  • Thumbs and index fingers of both hands pass through the rings of the resulting eight, as if pushing these rings. Try to have one of the rings was somewhat larger.
  • The resulting filament eight is applied to the skin surface so that the point of the twisting yarns are under hairs and in the direction of their growth. Ring of larger size should be over the hairs.
  • At this point, the fingers of the hands, which are threaded into the ring smaller, sharply apart in side – the connection of both rings will go up. This movement will be against the hair growth, and the size of the ring is larger radius will be smaller.
  • Loop the thread will catch hairs and pull them together with the root.
  • After the procedure it is recommended to apply a cold compress to relieve redness of the skin and reduce swelling.

In the early development of this procedure at home, you should implement it on the leg – so hands will be less tense and tired, and there is no need for great precision. After you fill your hand, you can remove the hair above the lip and to shape the eyebrows.

Cautions for conducting trading.

You should be careful when carrying out this procedure at home in the following situations:

  • In the case of herpes in the active phase;
  • During exacerbation of the chronic diseases, immunosuppression may increase the risk of unpleasant consequences after the procedure;
  • Pregnancy is a painful sensation when holding this procedure can harm you and your baby, so be especially attentive to their health and well-being during this period;
  • Any benign lesions (moles, warts) should be excluded from the area of impact, as any mechanical impact on them is prohibited.

Recommendations after conducting thread of epilate.

So as long as possible to keep the effect of hair removal and to prevent the occurrence of unpleasant consequences of this procedure, you should use the following guidelines:

  • After conducting trading should not one day be applied to this area cosmetics;
  • To soothe the skin recommended washing with cool, clean water;
  • Do not expose any skin to UV rays.

Regular hair removal with thread, you will be able to achieve a slow and gradual cessation of growth of unwanted hairs, thereby preserving and accentuating your natural beauty.

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