Masks for hair loss at home.


Маски от выпадения волос в домашних условиях.

Every woman is given attention own hair. We use the patented hair care products, strive to time to attend the salon, spend time on laying and everything to masculine look with approval over the springy curls, and the man’s hand she reached out to touch the beautiful flowing hair.

Therefore, the hair loss is sometimes perceived by women as a terrible catastrophe. Unfortunately, too many factors contribute to this unpleasant phenomenon. If it is not associated with any disease, improve a situation is possible with masks for hair loss that you can prepare at home.

Advantages of homemade masks for hair care.

Traditional recipes, which we habitually мастерим in our kitchens, sometimes surpass the most expensive proprietary tools. This is because they are the components of natural origin. In addition, each woman for their needs selects the best quality products. The advantages of homemade masks for hair loss include:

  • No side effects;
  • The environmental friendliness of the main components;
  • Sustainability of the health effect;
  • The preservation of family Finance;
  • Additional positive effects from the use of masks, for example, the hair with nutrition or hydration.

Basic rules for the application of masks for hair.

Experts recommending use a mask, capable to stimulate the growth of hair, always remind some of the rules of their application.

1) The mask is prepared for a few minutes before the start of the procedure. The following procedure is prepared fresh composition. The remainder of the mask, not applied on the hair, is discarded.

2) Time to find a mask on the hair is strictly in accordance with the recommendations. The only exception is when the term impacts mask reduce because of too sharp reaction of the scalp. Beyond this time hold mask on the hair is prohibited.

3) Mask containing an irritant or new and untested components are always tested on skin area inside of the elbow. If the location in fifteen minutes is not coming to an irritation, composition harmless for the application.

4) Mask for the preservation effect should be repeated 9 -12 times.

Recipes masks for hair loss at home.

Onion mask.

Pulp and onion juice is one of the most used components of folk medicine for hair strengthening. This product has the richest set of curative elements that are extremely useful precisely the scalp and hair. Here we find plenty of b vitamins, vitamins e and C, a huge amount of minerals, including zinc, calcium, fluorine and copper. Onion juice contains a lot of sugars, organic acids, and unique essential oils.

Masks from Luke have no contraindications and is suitable for all types of hair. The impact of onion juice stops massive hair loss, stimulates their active upgrade, nourishes and moisturizes each hair.

To specific onion smell was not forced to abandon useful procedures, after the removal of the onion masses with their hair recommended washed with water solution of table cider vinegar, diluted in the ratio of 1:1.

To prepare the mask, take a freshly made juice from grated onions, you can fine pulp. The basic volume of onion juice – table spoon. The increase in volume is permissible, but not very effectively.

Now, add a spoon juice bulbs in a glass bowl. In principle, you can RUB in the skin of the head and net product, but better mitigate other useful components. This can be: yogurt, honey, vegetable oil and almond, burdock, castor, sunflower, even cognac. Components can be added one or more, even all together, taking also on a spoon.

The mass mix thoroughly, and small portions rubbed into the skin under the hair roots. When all the weight is applied, the skin lightly massaging. Head укутываем layer of a film, with a towel. Procedure continue for one hour. Then drop the mixture flowing warm water, first pure, then with shampoo.

Mustard mask.

Mustard powder is known for its components, providing a burning taste and a warming effect on the skin. This property mustard applied in house masks against hair loss. Composition containing mustard powder, warms the skin of the head, causes blood flow to the hair roots. The blood brings oxygen, nutrients, the fact that the lack of hair. So mustard allows you to save the loose strands, and also encourage the growth of new hair.

Mustard powder in the mask never used in its pure form, always mix it with other products.

Recipe: mix in a glass bottle for two spoons: mustard as a dry powder, filtered water, vegetable oil and egg yolk. Put on the head and hair, wrap the hour. Rinse with warm water and shampoo.

If the skin feels intense burning, no need to withstand the whole period, it should be immediately wash composition. Perform the following procedure only after seven days. Conveniently such a mask to arrange his Sunday or Saturday nights.

Mask with burdock.

Burdock oil has long been traditional healers to improve the condition of the hair. It is extremely rich in vitamins and mineral components, which makes it indispensable for power supply of the scalp and hair in General.

Help fight hair loss exactly nutritious qualities of burdock oil. Oil supplies power directly to the roots of the weak hair. Getting proper set of vital substances, hair firmly held in the hole. In addition, the use of masks with the addition of burdock oil helps to bring out the skin and hair toxins, which in many deposited them in the conditions of modern cities.

Mask may only consist of oil, heated to a temperature close to the temperature of our body. Warm oil rubbed the tips of your fingers in a circular massaging movements under the roots of the hair. Hair with Soldermask cover with a towel and leave so from one hour to three. The oil is then rinse off the shampoo.

The lack of such masks the complexity to be washed off of pure oil. Therefore, it is recommended oil mix with egg yolks of eggs, high-quality honey, pepper, биокефиром (curdled milk). Any supplements to репейному oil added in a ratio of 1:1. And only red pepper powder used in the amount of half of the small spoon on the two large spoonfuls of oil.

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