Light diet

The drastic caloric restriction and adding exercise — a formula that is losing weight most people. Why is it only harms the body, and hateful pounds come back with twice the speed?
Choosing the Dukan diet, Atkins, the Kremlin diet, drinking, ABC, and other power system based on calorie restriction, people not only risks undermining health, but even more to gain weight. To break out of this vicious circle, was invented light diet for weight loss — power system, based on the writings of Soviet dietitian Pevzner. Manuel I. has created a “tables” — sets of dishes, which can be used for a particular disease (gastritis, ulcer, gall bladder disease, etc.). As they efficiently reduced the weight of the patient, sparing diet had become extremely popular in slimming circles.

The basics of the diet from Dr. Pevsner

Analyzing the 15 dietary tables, it is possible to notice that many tips and advice again. They are based on a relief from their menu:

  1. You can’t eat fried. This Board has two advantages: from the heavy and fatty foods resting the digestive tract, and the man, meanwhile, is losing weight. As practice shows, frying adds to the dish quite diet extra calories. Oil (butter or vegetable) easy to overdo it, and you have not already added a teaspoon of fat and two dining rooms. Therefore, Pevzner advised to choose other methods of cooking: steamed, braising, boiling, baking.
  2. The restriction of sweet. Sugar is the main causative agent of diabetes, also brings a person extra weight. Quick carbohydrates dramatically raise blood sugar levels, which gives short-term boost of energy and a sense of satisfaction. However, increased synthesis of insulin, a hormone that regulates the rate of deposition and the amount of fat in reserve in the body. Insulin not only increases the number of fat cells, but also inhibits the process of their splitting. It turns out that the consumption of sweets — a recipe for fat storage.
  3. Fractional power. To this the Council will pay special attention. People who want to lose weight, just stop eating or reduce the already infrequent meals to one or two (usually it’s lunch and dinner). Breakfast is skipped altogether. Nutritionists, doctors, fitness trainers all over the world literally screaming: eat smaller portions but more often! Talked about this and Dr. Pevzner in the distant 20-ies of the last century. Effective is the system of losing weight that offers a person eat 5-6 times a day with an interval of about 3 hours.
  1. More fiber. Almost every table Pevsner has a large number of vegetables and herbs, varies only in the method of their preparation. Natural fibers obtained from vegetables, normalizes digestion, reduces the load on the gastrointestinal tract, influences the stomach and gives a quick feeling of fullness. In addition, fiber also absorbs and removes toxins from the body, normalizes blood sugar levels. Therefore, a sparing diet for weight loss play a huge role vegetables and herbs.
  2. The preference to complex carbohydrates. Many diets of Manuel I. there are products composed of complex carbohydrates — including cereals and non-white bread. This also includes pasta from durum wheat. Pevzner proposed a fast version of porridge made with water, not broth or milk. This greatly reduces the caloric value of the food and facilitates digestion.
  3. Lean fish and meat. This advice echoes the first recommendation. Reducing total fat in the diet losing weight gives excellent results. Of course, it is necessary to consider physical activity, gender, and other data.
  4. Clean water. She must be present every day in the diet. General use — at least 1.5 liters for an adult. Water helps the digestion, influences the stomach, cleans the blood vessels, thins the blood, normalizes blood pressure and this is not a complete list of her abilities.

Important each item is, because it is impossible for their discretion to ignore any advice.

On this basis light diet for weight loss menu at home you can make, based on the above principles.

Sample menu for a week

Following the basics of fractional power, will make a menu for each day for the average person, most of the time conducting sedentary work:

  • 7:00. A Cup of tea or coffee without sugar (if you want to use natural sweeteners — like stevia). 40-50 gr. (dry) salty or sweetened with Splenda cereal (not rice and not semolina), cooked in water or water and milk mixed. Boiled egg (optional).
  • 10:00. Any fruit (avoid banana and grapes), a slice of low fat cheese (20-30 gr.) and whole wheat bread (30-40 grams). Fruits and berries — the main source of sweet on a sparing diet.
  • 13:00. Meat or vegetable broth with herbs, stewed or baked vegetables (150-200 grams. in finished form), a piece of lean meat (80-120 g), a slice of whole wheat bread (30-40 grams). Mug of tea or coffee without sugar.
  • 16:00. A jar of soft low-fat cottage cheese or plain yogurt, sour fruit (if no diseases of the gastrointestinal tract).
  • 19:00. 150-200 gr. cottage cheese (2% or 5%) with plain yogurt. For taste you can add sweetener, a teaspoon of cocoa or a half-teaspoons of cinnamon.
  • 21:00 — 22:00. If you feel hungry, drink a glass of low-fat kefir, fermented baked milk, sour milk or other dairy products to choose from.

This menu estimated, based on the listed tips Pevsner. You can write a ration for each day independently, taking into account all the recommendations. Portions should be small but frequent. For convenience, you can calculate the calories — it should be around 1700 for women and 2000 for men (sedentary work).

Light diet in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and postoperative conditions

Since the original power supply system invented by a dietician for people with disease, here are additional tips that will help them to keep healthy and lose weight.

  1. In gastritis, the attenuation of the ulcer. Avoid fried, sour, spicy. Emphasis on pureed soups and cooked cereals. To exclude fresh vegetables and fruits (allowed only in heat treatment). For the stomach it will be a real vacation.
  2. After operations on the intestine, in intestinal diseases. Excludes dairy products, fermented milk are allowed. The emphasis is on cereal, cooked in water, to reduce the amount of meat. Make the decoction of black currant, blueberry.
  3. After appendicitis. The first time a person adheres to a diet prescribed by a doctor. Then gradually added to the diet fiber. During the first month, it is sufficient to follow the dietary guidelines described above.
  4. After removal of the gallbladder, the liver. The complete absence of fried and fatty food, a severe restriction of fats oils (up to 20 gr. a day). Eat steamed and boiled vegetables, lean cereal. Contraindicated sugar.
  5. With pancreatitis. The increase in the total amount of protein to 150 grams. a day, the emphasis is on products of animal origin (80%) — meat, eggs, dairy products. Carbohydrates to reduce by half, the fat consumed moderately.
  6. Ulcer. All food is a strong heat treatment, eliminated fatty, spicy and sweet food.

When any disease light diet must be followed strictly, not to do yourself any favors. However, we must first obtain the recommendation of the attending physician, which will make the menu to promote health.

Light diet for weight loss takes into account the physical characteristics of a person, his health and allows you to lose weight without harm. But remember, with all the advantages of this system of power is one feature. To lose weight quickly fail, as the daily calorific value is big enough. But slow weight loss is the most healthy and safe. In addition, you will not starve, without difficulty, secure the result and not return the old weight.

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