Laser hair removal: peculiarities and procedure.


Удаление волос с помощью лазера.

The fight against unwanted hair for women around the world is just as relevant as it was fighting cellulite and excess weight. What ways has not been invented to get rid of excess hair, kind of torture he would not tolerate women for the sake of smooth skin! Today let’s talk about one of the most productive and modern methods of laser hair removal.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is called by many the most effective and quickest way to get rid of unwanted hair anywhere on the body. Laser cosmetology has been used for nearly 20 years, methods of epilation with it well rehearsed. Thanks to the peculiarities of impact, it is laser hair removal can remove hair is really long, but modern machines of the last generation guarantee almost full painless procedure.

The principle of action.

The essence of the procedure is in the handling of the skin areas covered doomed to destruction of hairs by the laser. The basis of this technique is the ability of some biological structures (in this case melanin) absorb light emitted by the laser. Melanin pigment contained in the hair follicle, under the influence of the absorbed energy, heat and gradually destroys the follicle cells and the blood vessels nourishing. Accordingly, further hair growth stops. During the procedure, the destruction can only those hairs that are in the stage of active growth (about 15%).

Due to the fact that the impact of the follicle is very fast during the procedure, possible damage to surrounding tissues, and cells. Modern laser systems (for example, alexandrite, neodymium laser) allow for one impulse handled immediately plot with diameter up to 16 mm with the ability to regulate the size of the light spot, the duration of the procedure is significantly reduced, and work cosmetologist becomes easier. Modern vehicles can also be equipped with a cooling system that allows to avoid thermal burns during the procedure and makes the impacts are less painful.

This procedure.

For laser hair removal as effective as possible, it is desirable that the length of the hairs on the treated area was at least 3 – 5 mm Important to wait until after other methods of hair removal (wax, shugaring etc) will sprout all hairs, as they generally appear uneven. For two-three days before the scheduled procedure application hairs better shave off (in addition to the person)that they all were the same length.

The procedure lasts for a very long time – from several minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the treated area. Patients with low pain threshold cosmetologists recommend to do a local anesthetic before the laser depilation, especially if it is conducted on the face or in the bikini area. Remember that to achieve the full, long-term effect will have to make from 4 to 8 procedures (in rare cases take up to 10 – 12 sessions) at intervals of 20 to 45 days (depends on the individual hair growth).

In the first 2 to 4 hours after the treatment the skin is very sensitive and during these hours should not take any water procedures, rubbing or scratching the skin. Usually sensitivity, irritation and redness are on their own, without treatment. After the session it is undesirable to sunbathe during a week, and after before sun exposure should be applied on the skin with sunscreen. In the breaks between sessions of laser hair removal, you cannot delete the application hairs no mechanical means (tweezers, эпилятором, wax).

The advantages of laser hair removal.

This procedure has a number of advantages and obvious advantages, among which:

  • the lasting effect – hair unable to remove several years (up to 10);
  • the safety of the procedure – when during the time of laser hair removal there is no risk of infection does not damage the skin, does not leave visible scars;
  • not appear ingrown hairs;
  • almost complete absence of pain (in the extreme case is the opportunity to take the anesthesia);
  • the speed impact – procedure takes much time;
  • an additional plus is laser skin treatment gives the effect of rejuvenation, skin becomes smooth and soft.

Indications and contraindications of laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal can be done to women and men over the age of 15 – 16 years with natural hair from light brown up to the maximum darker shade. Unfortunately, bright and grey hair this way are not deleted. This technique advise those who are suffering from a large amount of dark, hard unwanted hair and wants to get rid of them once and for all. However, we should not forget that sometimes excessive hairiness can be symptoms of serious hormonal disruptions in the body and in such cases it is desirable before going to the beautician to consult with an endocrinologist.

Contraindications of laser hair removal can be divided into relative and absolute. To relative include skin color and hair – this procedure cannot be carried out nor too light hair, nor the dark or tanned skin.

The absolute contra-indications should include the presence of such diseases as diabetes and epilepsy, the presence of any tumors on the skin, a large number of moles or acute forms of herpes in effect, any acute infectious diseases.

Laser hair removal should not do during pregnancy and if your skin is already wounds or other injuries.

The main thing to remember, going to the beauty salon on the laser epilation is the fact that the quality of the procedure is almost completely dependent on experience and professional cosmetologist. The presence of even the newest and the most modern equipment does not guarantee a good result if cosmetologist does not have the proper qualifications. So, choose the not so much beauty, how much of the master!

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