Japanese gymnastics: philosophy of weight loss without extreme effort

Методы японской гимнастики для похудения

Japanese gymnastics for weight loss is more effective than methods that allow to give a slim body and beauty. Such studies contribute to rehabilitation of the spine and the whole body. Training is based on the techniques of karate, with its roots in the distant past. The gymnastics as a real way to reduce weight has been used relatively recently. It is not some one, but different, sometimes diametrically opposite methods, in which there are both static and dynamic component.

Features Japanese exercises for weight loss

Simple at first glance exercises require special techniques. Tonic muscle tension (feeling trembling and vibration), the ability to listen to your body and concentrate on the sensations – the basic rules and pledge of performance practice. Another important aspect is the breath. It should be uniform, deep, sometimes slightly delayed, that is, to promote the regulation of internal processes in the body. Highly desirable component of such training is the Japanese diet, because in the land of the rising Sun is very important, that harmony was and the spirit, and body, and it is inextricably linked with the organization of power.

Slimming Japanese often use active training on the TABATA Protocol and two original methods, which are great for those who are not ready for heavy loads, but not give up the desire to get rid of fat ballast. This method Fukuzumi, which prompts you to lose weight lying, and complex elementary exercises in the technique of Imabari performed with a regular towel.

Method Fukuzumi – statics with health benefits

Methodology Fukuzumi called by the name of the author, who developed the system and described it in his book. The edition consisted of 6 million copies and was sold out in record time. Japanese doctor came to the conclusion that the discrepancy between the rib and pelvic bone to cause an increase in the volume of the body at the waist. He came up with an original exercise for the back and spine, which helps to restore pelvic bones back into place and restore normal position and the functioning of internal organs. For exercise you will need:

  • a hard flat surface (floor or hard couch);
  • plain Terry towel;
  • ribbon, string or rope to make the platen;
  • 5 minutes of free time.

Towel need to take such size that turned out quite dense cushion corresponding to the width of the body. Before you can measure the height and waist size, to compare before and after. In untrained people for 5 minutes spent on the towel, waist can be reduced to 5, see Running the exercise:

  1. You need to sit down on the floor and put the roller across the body behind, about the place where will be the loins.
  2. Slow down on your back and adjust the position of the folded towels. It must appear clearly on the level of the navel.
  3. Relax and spread his legs shoulder-width apart. To give the feet so that the heels were lying on the floor, and thumbs touching. Avoid the temptation to change the position of the feet, can be put on top of a small pillow.
  4. Pulling hands, to get them up behind his head, deploy, palms down and join the little fingers. If you are unable to keep your arms straight, do not worry. Do what you can, with time everything will work out.
  5. Lie in this position for 5 minutes. You can relax, but it is important to ensure that the fingers of the hands and feet were now closed.
  6. Do not abruptly go from a lying position. First you need to turn on his side, a little rest and then get up.
Правильное положение для метода Фукуцудзи

The correct position for the method Fukuzumi

This is the initial option exercises. In the future, you change a little. For more eye-catching waist – cushion is placed under the lower ribs. Chest can be obtained by placing a “sausage” under the blades. Captivating the apparent simplicity of this workout, but in practice it is sometimes difficult to withstand, and half the specified time. Not necessary to exert every effort, the duration can be increased gradually. Please be patient, because a positive result will require regular execution.

It may seem that this Japanese gymnastics slimming against all common sense, and just lie and impossible to lose weight. This is partly because the development of Dr. Fukuzumi not aimed at the traditional burning of fat. Is the stretching of the spine, pelvic bones gradually return to the anatomical position. Due to this, and you may notice a reduction of the volume of the body, especially in the waist area, and increase its own growth.

This method is strictly prohibited for people with all forms of scoliosis. Also obstacle serve different spinal injuries, protrusion or herniation of intervertebral disks.

Method Imabari – simple exercises with a towel

In Japan not popular endurance sports with the use of weights is a fragile Japanese women prefer to maintain their slender more peaceful and harmonious exercise. Unlike the previous method, here is a towel used in the form of balls. If you don’t know how to organize morning exercises, feel free to use the following easy exercises:

  1. Grab the edge of the towel hands and stretch in the chest with full force. Strengthens the arms and chest muscles.
  2. Raise the arms up and stretch the edges of the “balls”to do it tilts left and right. Helps to fight body fat at the waist.
  3. Stretch towel behind your back. Aimed at improving posture.
  4. Prone to do stretching for legs, grasping the cloth of the foot. Strengthens the muscles of the thighs and abdominals.
  5. Other useful exercises that will give you a charge of vivacity and good mood in the morning, is shown in the video:

This Japanese exercises for weight loss can adopt natrenirovan people and those recovering from illness, injury, childbirth. Sports man it is unlikely to help you lose weight – it is more will benefit from a special package for drying the body. But for beginners towel as a basic trainer can be a great incentive for further development and improvement of the shape. Moreover, gymnastics, Imabari has no contraindications.

Active losing weight by the method TABATA

This method is fundamentally different from those that were discussed above. It is built on the principle of interval training, which are in short rotation intensive load and rest. When this tissue is actively saturated with oxygen, greatly speeds up the metabolism and is an active destruction of fat cells. The training is really hard, although the duration of her in just 4 minutes. This short period of time holds 8 cycles of 30 seconds, 20 seconds allocated to active work, and 10 at relaxation. To get the desired effect, you need to properly organize classes TABATA and be aware of the contraindications.


Olga, 35 years. Tried for fun to start doing in the morning after a shower gymnastics with a towel. What was my surprise when after a few days noticed that his stomach tightened, although any diet did not sit down. In his hands, too, felt a small pain, like in the gym weights thrust. I will continue, because the forearm is actually my problem area, and push-UPS I don’t have enough.

Elena, 31. Have been looking for a way to lose weight fast. Decided to try to do TABATA. Bribed what do you need just 4 minutes, and even then not every day. Well, just lessons for Lentek! However, the igniter was only for 2 weeks. And such a high growth rate can not stand, dizzy. Was looking for something more static now use the complex of exercises from gymnastics Hadu.

Inna, 40 years. Do Fukuzumi about a month. Immediately after exercise, the waist is reduced by 2 centimeters, but in the evening the effect almost disappears. Maybe still a little time has passed or something doing wrong? But I noticed that I no longer hunch, even sitting at the computer. Almost got rid of pains in the joints, especially the knees, and in General in the evening tired less.


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