How to treat bruises?

Ушиб головы.

Injury, of course, is one of the most common types of injuries. Ratnas by severity and location, it is always accompanied by such unpleasant symptoms as swelling and swelling.

But it is not necessary to wait, when they will pass on their own. You can take some simple measures that will help reduce swelling at the site of impact.

First aid for bruises.

The first symptoms after hitting causes rupture of small blood vessels, the blood of which seeps into the soft tissues and accumulates in them. Significantly relieve pain and reduce swelling at the site of injury helps a cold compress. It reduces the amount of blood flowing to the injured area, and prevents the development of severe swelling.

Прикладывание льда.Optimally applied to the injured body part ice wrapped in a cloth or bag, or cold water bottle. If such is not possible, you can dampen a small towel or handkerchief in the icy water, but in this case, the compress will often enough cooling.

With the injury of a joint of an arm or leg well helps to reduce swelling iodine mesh, applied directly to the place of impact. And in the case of serious injury with a strong hematoma doctors recommend to use as lotions mixture of iodine and Apple cider vinegar and salt dissolved in water. The obtained composition is impregnated compress, apply it on the affected area.

From medical methods of first aid can distinguish drugs, active component which are natural oils and herbs: fresh-water sponge, Traumeel, Caffeine, etc.

Folk healers recommend to use as impregnation for lotions herbal extracts of plantain, yarrow, St. John’s wort, wormwood or common Heather. You can choose any plant of the present in the home medicine Cabinet, or use several at once.

For the preparation of impregnating a couple tablespoons of chopped dried gathering steam it in a 200-220g of boiling water, stand for two hours and cooled. Important: these methods will be less effective if you use them after a while after the injury.

Treatment of injury in different areas.

Every day we get bruises and abrasions, but their treatment can largely vary depending on the location of the injury.

A knee.

More often affects the knees, especially for people leading an active lifestyle and regularly engaged in sports. In this case standard cooling as emergency aid should be accompanied by immobilization of the victim. If you are indoors – try going to bed and put on the thigh high pillow.

Arriving on the street, after hitting the knee, be sure to sit down on a bench or the parapet, and lift up your leg so that the Shin above the level of the thigh. From drugs after injury of the knee joint doctors recommend to use Collagen cream Ultra. He has chondroprotective properties, reduces swelling and speeds up the recovery of damaged parts of the joint.

The Shin.

Травма голени.A calf injury in areas where maximum muscle attached to the bone tissue, is considered one of the most dangerous. In the periosteum this area, as in the elbow joint, are special pain receptors, so a strong blow in addition to swelling can cause a painful shock.

In addition, the tumor this part of the leg is characterized by increase in symptoms: over time, minor swelling, which you have not paid enough attention, becoming a serious problem. To reduce swelling will help the application of a special cream after a cold compress.

You can choose pharmacy drug or to make an ointment for yourself. When injuries periosteum elbow and Shin optimal effect on the tumor has a freshly squeezed juice or puree leaf aloe mixed with honey, which allows the effective substances quickly and deeply into the tissue, removing puffiness.


The peculiarity of a bruised foot in frequent fractures of small bones that accompany it. To exclude the possibility, after the impact should be carefully palpated the affected zone. The presence of a sharp pain in one specific point is a significant reason to do x-rays, to forestall complications. To remove a tumor of the foot will help cooling bandages in the first and warming on the second or fifth day, and the use of anesthetic ointments and immobilization of small joints.

The thumb.

To reduce swelling on the finger if the blow fell on him, will allow long massage with an ice cube immediately after injury and a complete lack of load on the next few days. Bruised finger is much easier to treat, but if the injured leg is better to abandon walks and close closed shoes.

Special attention such injury must be given to people suffering from diabetes. They should not resort to cooling the affected areas, and to reduce swelling will help special medicated ointment.

The brush.

With the injury of the brush easy form to avoid tumor will help the simplest medications, nonprescription, and folk remedies: vinegar compresses, dressing with mashed beans (2-5 day), taped to the hand of a cabbage leaf, providing a cooling and anti-inflammatory effect.

If after 40-60 minutes of applying cold to the injured place the wrist pain has abated – the possible dislocation or fracture and necessarily should visit the doctor.

The face area.

Лечение ушибов лица.The most acute problem of elimination of edema at the injury of a person. Quickly get rid of the tumor and swelling in the nose or the eyes will help alternately applying ointment traumel and Caffeine with an interval of 2-3 hours. For ladies there are also a number of gels that contain a toning enzyme (for example, Senecoff). They are not only struggling with the unpleasant consequences of a hit, but allow time to make them less noticeable.

Choosing a method of treatment of edema, remember: injury of any part of the face may be accompanied by a visually imperceptible, but very severe consequences, such as concussions of varying severity or internal bleeding.

How to speed recovery.

Significantly reduce the time required for rehabilitation of the injured from the impact zone, you can use some special preparations.

  1. If the injury was severe, you may need a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication. Optimal representatives of this category of drugs considered to Diclofenac, Aspirin and Ketanov.
  2. You should use ointments and creams with a pronounced recovery function: Fastum gel, Traumeel, Lioton and several others.
  3. The affected area needs to rest. To do this, you should apply a bandage retainer, especially if you have hurt the joints of the foot, and temporarily to minimize physical activity.

Folk remedies for bruises and swelling.

Прикладывание пакета со льдом.Among the abundance of recipes of traditional medicine that promises quick healing from swelling after the impact, the most popular are:

  • Tea brew. After steaming it a little squeeze and chill, wrapped in gauze compress and apply to the injured area.
  • Onion juice. It not only helps to reduce swelling, decrease pain from injury.
  • Curd. It is formed compress, laying on a thick cloth, and put in the freezer for 5-7 minutes. Then applied to injury. The great cheese keeps cold for a long time, and lactic acid components lighten the skin, eliminating the bruise, and relieve swelling.
  • Headbands can be made from ground plants. Most frequently used plantain and roots of garlic, crushed and applied to the area of injury, leaving for a long time.

And finally: the maximum duration of swelling the site of injury is 3 weeks. If after this time, the tumor continues to bother you – be sure to visit a trauma surgeon!

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