How to behave on a first date with a guy. What to say during and after the first date.


Как вести себя на первом свидании с парнем

Cope with excitement on the first date

First of all, to not feel awkward it would be good to ask your companion wherever you want to go. Surprises – it’s very nice, but as you may find yourself in an unpleasant situation, when you go to a rock concert in the evening dress and Opera in jeans and a t-shirt. Better if you do submit an idea about where to go, but only in an unobtrusive manner.

For a first date would be the best cozy restaurant. And more about clothing: it must be comfortable and not cause discomfort. Risky be wear shoes that were not, and slipping the straps, arrows, pantyhose, skirt, which is lifted up, only add nervousness. Since constant feelings about the state of his dress and hairstyles distract you from the boyfriend.

Still can not cope with anxiety? Then help small(!) dose of alcohol or Valerian before the date. The most important thing is your assurance that you look well, for a man like you, otherwise you are not invited, and all the rest will become clear in the course of the meeting. And yet, the woman must be late, but not more than 5 minutes. Waiting too long will add nervousness him.

Nothing to talk about with a guy on a first date?

Topics for discussion there are many, however, have to start somewhere. For a start it would be nice to defuse the story merry accident, which took place with you today. What it will be – no matter. No matter what is actually the case moss Poros, happened with your sister or you invented the road. Importantly, set a cheerful tone. Do not talk about the vicissitudes of life, for example: «I called my friend Alya, her husband left, she плакалась me, got me, but still a friend, then watched some sort melodrama on TV. We were crying» or «Embarked on work, washed herself, dressed, there’s still the computer is not included, the Yes and my colleague so I ran to never about that, then came home, washed linen, had prepared lunch for tomorrow.»

Should not to overburden the details of your showdown with family, boss. Not recommended speak very specific and slippery ground, for example, religion, philosophy, politics, history (exception can be made only in case, when you already know that your satellite feeds to these topics weakness, and you know about them). I can talk about the weather, news, sports, travel and kitchens of the world. But remember that it is not necessary to discuss the movies you watch, the books, which have not read, because I will be noticeable your cruise in these topics. It is best if your partner says something incomprehensible honestly: «I don’t understand, but would like to understand. Explain to me, please».

Understand that because men on the first date worry, you have no idea what to say, and they want to tell what any knowledge. Should not run ahead and ask him about love, views on relations: this theme is good, but for a first date is not good. About itself it is better to say the least, because the person speaking a lot about myself at once, it seems selfish, and it looks from the side of ugly.

Give him a chance to tell about myself more, this is very useful, because you analyze all the information about it, and you’ll get to know your companion. And finally: should not be unduly worry, as experience has shown, soul mates will always find something to talk about, and even talk of 95-th gasoline will be an exciting game, and if you do not match each other, then no matter how much pick the key, and the work is wasted.

Behave as a woman on a first date?

Of course, Dating can go very wrong, as you would expect. Man can you not like it, or he’ll pull you in bed on the first date. Reasons for this may be several:


1) Initially he sees you as a sexual partner, and therefore does not want to postpone sex then.

2) You have been so uninteresting that frustration he decided to justify the cost of dinner and just sleep with you.

3) To him it’s just the norm.

4) You act so carelessly and vulgar that he wanted from you only have sex.

What to do if you get into this situation? The need to refuse, so as not to offend, humiliate. That he refused to have sex and felt his uncleanness thoughts towards you. Here the main postpone sex, that this does not happen today, but even then, depending on the circumstances.

You either:

1) Вычеркиваете man forever from your life.

2) Завораживаете it with its inaccessibility.

And in any case, God forbid you Lord, «drink» man, because it may harm your health and appearance in General. Although «динамят» usually, from any self-interest: the free dinner, a movie ticket, dress, etc, However on a date you have not come to that, why waste time on such nonsense, when you likely can earn it all yourself.

As NOT you need to do:

1) Behave on a date freely and familiarly, giving it unambiguously clear that prepared him for sex, and then go into the dressing room to powder your nose.

2) Agree on a date in the sauna, the strip club, and then build yourself innocence.

3) The promise of sex in exchange for money or position, but get it, say, joking.

4) Order a full evening of the most expensive drinks, food, and after all, to inform the man that he is not for you.

How you can do:

1) You get a phone call with the message about the illness of a close.

2) After listening to his unscrupulous intentions, give him money for dinner and proudly go out (money be sure to bring the case if the man would be a fraud).

3) Cast a scene that cut leg. Thus, you will be in traumatology and not in bed with a scoundrel.

4) Утанцовываете it to preinfarction angina, and he has yourself do not want to.

All of the above tricks, suitable for instances, so to say, the most hopeless, if the situation is not so bad, beautiful refuse possible words.

Examples of excuses:

1) I don’t feel that now ready for you to surrender (not «fuck», not to «sleep», namely «to surrender»). You know that the proximity without love is not what I want it to truly make you feel with every cell of your body. It will take time, so we knew each other better.

2) How would you say, now this is not the best day. Those days are every woman, let’s wait until it’s over.

3) Excuse me, but I so drunk and I’m not well (it should be authentic, go to the toilet, apply to face powder to simulate pallor, returning disturb tables and chairs). I should not have been so drunk. I promise that next time I will not spoil your evening.

Restaurant should follow the Golden mean, book a little bit, choose the dishes are not very cheap, but not very expensive, very important in the menu pay attention to the weight of food in grams, or get into an awkward situation when you bring a 1.5-meter stuffed sturgeon. See also what are the prices: in national currency or in us $and the ignorance, your dinner will cost too much to your boyfriend.

Goodbye don’t forget to thank him for a pleasant evening (even if it actually don’t). And then, to act depending on circumstances. If you decide that this person in your life there is none, you should break up with him forever and by telephone, as is the easiest.

We can say after first date:

1) I wanted to call, but not plucked up the courage. When you and I went on a date, I broke up with your ex, but yesterday he called, and we again together. Sorry that it happened.

2) The matter is that yesterday I met a man fell in love with him at first sight, it seems like forever. I’m sorry that it happened, you’re such a wonderful, let’s stay friends.

3) You called me after three days. Have you thought I’d wait three days. Nature abhors a vacuum!

If you like it, but not make calls, do not be upset, and even more so to call first. You had a good time, whether to be upset? Indeed, it may be that he is looking for their ideal, you are good, but the ideal is not similar. The main thing is not to regret the loss, after all, will purchase!

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