How impressive will be losing weight with the help of the religious collection?

Монастырский сбор

Another novelty of the beauty industry – monastic gathering for weight loss, which is composed of only natural components. And this tea is really their appearance reminds us of the vegetable world, unlike many other tools that producers also referred to as completely natural. As far as the product from the Russian monks, they produce almost since the 19th century, successful, easy and effective solution to the problem of excess weight?

Secret recipe and useful properties of the monastery of tea

Russian monasteries, which prepares medicinal tea, not to consider, and each ward has its own recipe of the drink. Set of ingredients in different fees may vary (herbs can be 5, 7, and 10, and 16), but more often they are those plants that are actively contribute to weight loss. Together they are designed to potentiate the effect of each other and have on your body “total” beneficial effects. As the basis for making tea are commonly used:

состав монастырского чая

  • birch leaves – have a mild diuretic and choleretic effect and also increase the excretion of accumulated toxins in it;
  • calendula flowers – like corn silk, have the ability to reduce appetite and to promote rapid and long-term saturation;
  • wild strawberry leaves – boost metabolism, cleanse the body of toxins, support the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and the cardiovascular system;
  • the clover is often used in the composition fees for diabetics, as it helps to deal with cravings for sweets;
  • nettle leaves produce a light laxative effect, calming effect on the nervous system;
  • fruit trees are a valuable source of vitamin C, to help support the body in tone, stimulates the immune system, improve the digestive tract and help to cope with stress thinner;
  • leaves of currant – act as a laxative, and also help the body get rid of excess fluid, prevent edema, normalize hormonal levels;
  • the root of Valerian improve the processes of digestion, diuretic and choleretic properties, dulls hunger, helps to rid the body of intestinal parasites;
  • oregano – tonifies digestion, has diuretic and diaphoretic effect, helps to normalize the functioning of liver, is also shown in the problems with sleep and nervous excitability.

A similar drink called tea from all ailments. They are able to exert on the body a comprehensive health impact and help not only in solving the problems of excess weight, but the elimination of its causes, such as slow metabolism, disruption of the endocrine system, including decreased production of hormones that are important for weight loss. Therefore, there is reason to say that after taking the course in weight is observed stability, and the outcomes will persist for a long time.

And even tea helps to increase immunity, improves the condition of hypertension, diabetes, prostate, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis (but not cure themselves of the disease!), the lack of energy, stress and nervous disorders, coping with insomnia. Authoritative “teletrac” Elena Malysheva in his transfer to “Live healthy” also names several sound reasons why this tool is attributed to the correct assistants individuals who actively care about their health:

Instructions for use of the monastic gathering for weight loss

To prepare one serving healthful tea pour into the tank 2 tablespoons of herb gathering and pour 200 ml of boiling water. Cover and steep for 5 minutes more. Take the tool you need 2-3 cups a day for 1-2 months. Do not forget to regularly weighed to obtain a sense of optimism from the already achieved results (they will be visible already after the first week of admission).

Do not assume the monastic collection miraculously given above in its structure, as you can see, is not present any fat burn components. Even on the manufacturer’s website the results of studies that confirm the high efficiency of the drink (loss of excess weight up to 15 kg for 2 months) in conjunction with a sound diet. And combining the use of the Assembly with sufficient physical activity (even if it will be exhausting exercise in the gym and gymnastics at home), you will be able to achieve tangible results even earlier.

The monastery collection consists of herbs and plants, each of which has its own contraindications to the use, and often it is pregnancy, lactation, kidney problems, intolerance, etc. So before use, it is important to consult with your doctor.

Where to buy healthy drink?

Following the above list of ingredients monastic gathering for weight loss, You can buy everything you need botanicals in a pharmacy and to prepare the collection for yourself. It will be inexpensive. However, even those with little cooking home-made food, is well aware that a successful outcome it is important to know not only the composition of the components and their proportions. It is a composition consisting of a carefully chosen number of each plant. Therefore, when at stake is your own beauty and health, it is better not to mince herbs “by eye”, and buy the product for weight loss on the company’s website, where the manufacturer guarantees the quality of its product.

To order the Monastery collection


Karina, 31. Always had a negative attitude towards those who lose weight on the pill. However, to me the problem of excess weight never really touched. But after giving birth I had to realize that the pounds go away is not as readily as, say, 6-7 years ago. Whatever you do! Decided to try the monastic collection, but I decided for myself that it is not a panacea, but only help in the achievement of harmony, which I used along with a low calorie diet. And you know, the process went. ‘ve already lost 4.5 kg during the same period for which I have no collection has gone from strength 2 kg

Oksana, 28 years. Somehow a few years ago we put in order the documents deceased grandmother. There were recipes salads, sweet Goodies. And among all this found some herbal tea, which, as written, and helped with obesity, and hypertension, and even alcoholism. So I think that this is the monastery slimming tea, which is now widely advertised. Sorry, the recipe is lost, and these proportions, of course, I don’t remember. Now if I could figure this tool would not hurt. I think, to order that on the official site.

Irina, age 46. Already periodically selected with two friends to the Holy places of Russia to travel. Indeed, in the monasteries, you can join them and even sleep. So what about tea not only heard, but have tried. But not to say that it is a tool for weight loss. Initially, the collection of herbs was created and invented in order to replenish strength, improve health, and some patients, as we were told the nuns, and legs raised. All components that are described, are really in the monastery drink, so he can bring his favor, but only as a General tonic and cleanser (and it already means a lot for health), and not a fat burner.…

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