Homemade hair deep bikini.

Удаление волос в области глубокого бикини.

Beautiful, smooth skin without unnecessary spoiling the appearance of hair – isn’t it a dream of many women, especially relevant in the beach season? Removal of unwanted vegetation, or removal, will help to achieve this goal, significantly increasing their self-esteem and surprise others.

What is hair removal?

Hair removal is a procedure of removing unwanted hair on certain parts of the body, the skin becomes smooth, soft and silky. It can be accomplished in several types, where each type of hair removal has its own distinctive features, advantages and disadvantages.

What is the bikini area?

You should clarify the differences between the concepts of “just bikini” and “deep bikini”. Easy includes pubis and hip; deep implies also labia.

The process of hair removal in the area of deep bikini has its own characteristics:

  • The hair in this area is rough and dark, because their removal requires special care, because left a couple of hairs can easily spoil the whole appearance;
  • High sensitivity makes the procedure is painful, because it can be recommended the use of painkillers.

What type of hair removal to choose?

For hair removal in the bikini area is most often used hot wax hair removal, because it allows you to achieve the greatest effect of the procedure, long-lasting results, albeit combined with a certain level of pain treatments. A definite plus hair removal wax is that this procedure is easy to apply at home.

The technique epilation deep bikini at home.

To implement this procedure, you should have enough time and patience.

Moreover, the choice of wax is also an important factor in conducting epilation. Because soft wax will bring much more pain, and so will take a lot of unpleasant emotions from the procedure. Solid (or hot) wax is more suitable for hair removal area deep bikini.


This stage includes the preparation of hair, the length of which should be sufficient so that the molten wax was able to capture them, and not too long so as not to impede the process of hair removal. The optimal length in the bikini area before epilation should be between 5 cm and not more than 7 see

The processing.

Region deep bikini thoroughly washed. It is desirable to treat the skin with a scrub that gently removes dead skin particles and allow for the faster and more painless hair removal. The content in the scrub, glycolic or salicylic acid will more thoroughly cleanse skin and disinfect it.

After thorough drying, the surface areas of deep bikini slightly prisypaetsja talc that does not contain fragrances – this will give the possibility to carry out the procedure, because the talc will not allow the wax to “slide” with the hair.

Hair removal.

The wax should be heated to the required temperature (pre-carefully read the attached instructions), closely monitor the temperature to prevent burns the skin in this area is delicate and extremely sensitive, because the temperature here is very important.

When using wax strips sold in the store and providing the greatest ease of the procedure, must be cut into several thin. This need for hair removal in the most remote places.

The hot wax is applied on a very small bikini area, while placing should be made in the direction of hair growth.

Quickly, while the wax is still warm, this region overlaps with a cloth strip is pressed tightly to the surface of the skin. Necessarily uniform adhesion of the strips to hot wax.

Sharp and fast movement of the strip separates from the skin is now against the hair growth. You should try the first time to completely remove all excess hair, because repeated application of hot wax is strictly prohibited.

This action is repeated throughout the bikini area. When performing hair removal on large labia should hold the skin during removal fabric strips to reduce pain.

The end of the procedure.

After hair removal it is necessary to process the surface of the skin alcohol lotion in order to avoid redness and irritation. In addition, the alcohol will help to prevent the penetration into the pores of pathogens.

After that clean the skin moisturizing cream is applied, the alignment of the water balance and gives it a velvety texture.

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