Home scrubs for stretch marks (striae).


Рецепты смесей для скрабов.

Smooth the skin of the abdomen disfigure the white stripes stretch marks? Many young mothers after childbirth face this unpleasant problem. What to do if the skin is damaged and deformed when our body that increases in volume, and then abruptly lose weight? Unfortunately, even preventive methods do not guarantee the absence of stretch marks. However, if desired, each woman is able to restore the beauty and smoothness of the skin, is only to show perseverance and patience. Use for this wonderful traditional recipes.

What will help us scrubs?

Stretch marks are pieces of colorless connective tissue, заместившие skin cells are damaged as a result of traumas. These bands of connective tissue are close to the surface of the skin. Strip stretch marks can be removed together with the dying cells of the skin. The process of active dying and the removal of defective cells can be stimulated. For such purposes are highly suited scrubs, that is formulations containing abrasive particles.

Scrubs require regular use. For our purposes, when you want to remove from the surface of the skin major defects, the composition of the cleansing of the mixture are special requirements.

1) Scrub must remove the surface layer of the all-dead and dead cells. For this, it should include substances that withdraws cells by mechanical or chemical means.

2) Scrub must carefully treat the skin surface, not to cause any damage to mitigate irritation. With this purpose, the composition is entered mitigating element, such as oil.

3) After processing, the deformed sections purifying structures on their surface is necessarily applied excellent nourishing cream or a special mask.

About home scrubs.

At home, you can create an extremely effective scrubs. To do this, in our kitchens, storerooms and in the medicine Cabinet there are wonderful components, superior in quality and activity actions beauty analogues. Scrubs can be created on the basis of oat flour, finely ground coffee powder clay, sea or salt.

Apply fresh scrubs recommended during the evening or morning hygienic procedures. Treatment of the skin, covered with stretch marks, takes no more than 12 to 15 minutes, and organically included in the complex of the daily care of female beauty. This procedure can you complete relaxation in the evening the bath or shower.

The composition is prepared each time anew, because long-term storage of household scrubs leads to a negative change in their properties. For your own shop, you can spend a few minutes cooking fresh composition.

Recipes effective scrubs against stretch marks.

The coffee.

To use it fine milled coffee. Grains, not subjected to heat treatment, pretty solid, and therefore suitable for all skin. For women with thin, tender skin, it is recommended to create a scrub take the second brew coffee, i.e. regular coffee grounds after enjoying a fragrant drink. Two tablespoons of coffee mix in a separate container with two spoons village fatty cream. A lot of apply on a heated skin after a shower, covered with stretch marks. After three or five minutes, begin to make circular movements of the massage. Acquires a grainy mass gently rubbed into the skin, avoiding traumatic pressure. After 15 minutes of massage on the skin send a strong jet of soul and wash them with a lot.


Half a glass of oceanic salt pursued the little grinding connect with the same amount of fatty cream. To give a pleasant flavor to add in the mass of two drops of orange, mint or lavender oil. Treat skin of such composition should be especially carefully, because the salt crystals can scratch.


We need a Cup of brown sugar with large crystals. This can be cane sugar. Mix it in a bowl and a half cups of coconut or palm oil. To apply it immediately, the sugar does not have time to dissolve. This scrub has a mild effect, and can be used through the day.

The honeymoon.

For cooking it is better to find honey dark color viscous consistency. Half a Cup of honey connect with half a Cup of oceanic salt. Give the composition of the stand for ten minutes, and then use it to exfoliate the skin that is affected by stretch marks.


Add a Cup of oatmeal, for example, Hercules. Put them in a metal bowl and lightly grind with a pestle. Add to flakes spoon of honey and half a Cup almond and peach oil. If in the house of the oil is not found, take olive or mustard, in the extreme case, unrefined sunflower. Stir and use as a scrub. Such soft composition can be used for cleansing, not only on the abdomen and chest.

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