Grass Ivan-tea

Трава Иван-чай (Кипрей)

Ivan-tea is a wonderful plant, about the wonderful opportunities of which our ancestors knew and we undeservedly forgotten. Its useful properties is so vast that it can confidently be called a cure for thousands of diseases. Scientifically it is called “fireweed”. You may have heard about it. What “Ivan-tea”, which is now sold by some stores at a fabulous price – not some exotic plant, but the most common grass, which grows abundantly in almost all the meadows of the country, and fires in the forests, few know. So today we will tell you about the real Russian Ivan-tea – medicinal properties, application, collection, cooking method and more.

Description and chemical composition

There are about 50 different species of willow, but for medicinal purposes and for tea use only chamaenerion angustifolium. It is a tall plant with a bright and beautiful brush gently lilac or dark pink colors depending on the place and region of growth. The plant Ivan tea is appreciated not only by lovers of healthy tea, but also beekeepers. It’s beautiful honey, of pollen which makes them a truly unique and unrivaled for its taste the honey.

What is a grass Ivan-tea, you can see in the photo below. We present a few photos so you could get to know him at all stages of growth.

Цветки Иван-чая

Пух Кипрея

These pictures helped you to get acquainted with a remarkable natural healer, and a raw material for fine drink, and now we will tell you about its rich chemical composition.

  • The high concentration of tannic compounds. Their content can reach 20%. To be more precise, it is the tannins that are present in ordinary black tea. The longevity of people who drink tea in large quantities, explains the effect of tannins – they bind and excrete toxic metals.
  • The mucus that is specific polysaccharides, are easily subjected to hydrolysis. They give energy and vigor to man.
  • Grass Ivan-tea, as with any herbal remedy, contains a lot of fiber, which helps to cleanse the intestines and body in General.
  • Thanks to the hard carotenoids synthesized vitamin A.
  • Various organic acids.
  • Many protein substances.
  • Pectin is also useful for cleansing the body of toxic substances. In addition, it normalizes metabolism, improves digestion and blood circulation.
  • Fireweed contains flavonoids, which strengthen blood vessels, reduce their fragility. Another important function is the protection of cells from oxidative processes, thereby slowing down aging, and reduces the risk of cancer.
  • In a small amount contains alkaloids, coumarins, phytosterols and anthocyanins.
  • Willow is useful because it has lots of vitamins. They are all saved, if dry willow correctly. For example, vitamin C, the main source of which we consider oranges and other citrus fruits, it contains three times as much. In its composition includes an abundance of vitamin A, essential for vision, metabolic processes and maintaining of youth. Almost all the B vitamins are responsible for the health of your nervous system and help to cope with stress.
  • Willow contains a large amount of minerals and trace elements. It includes a lot of iron, copper and manganese. Also it has magnesium, potassium, molybdenum, titanium, calcium, lithium, and many others. From them, in large part, depends on our health and wellbeing.

Ivan-tea will help to lose weight

Похудение с Иван-чаем

Ivan-tea for weight loss is a wonderful tool that helps to gently lose weight, not bringing direct harm to your body. The effect of fireweed is quite natural. Simultaneously with the application of slimming tea will help you to increase the body’s defenses and relieve the pressure. How to make fireweed right? Yes, exactly the same as regular tea. To put sugar is not recommended, but add honey. With honey it will be even more useful. What will help you this drink?

  • Reduce appetite.
  • Activates digestion – food is digested much faster and better.
  • Volatile and tannins will not give you to eat too much.
  • Tea Ivan tea has mild laxative and diuretic effect. It will help you to banish puffiness and to clean the intestines from toxins.

For women and men who want to lose weight properly, Ivan-tea will be the perfect solution. Regardless of the age of this fragrant flower with the addition of honey will help to make your figure look more slim and toned.

About the beneficial properties

Заваренный Иван-чай

Ivan-tea, medicinal properties which is very extensive, in recent years began to use special popularity. It is harvested, dried and offer different manufacturers. For example, in online stores you can see the “Siberian Ivan-tea”, “Gorodetsky, Ivan-tea.” Not less popular brand such as “Ivan-tea Altai”. It is also produced in the Kirov and Vologda region. It is valued for its medicinal properties:

  • Helps with colds by a high content of vitamin C. it Has antipyretic properties, due to which accelerates recovery.
  • Useful for the whole organism, as it contains a huge amount of macro and micronutrients.
  • Ivan-tea with thyme has a good sedative effect, helps to cope with stress, insomnia.
  • Reduces and normalizes blood pressure, so it is recommended to all who suffer from hypertension and heart disease. Pressure as you lift.
  • Willow strengthens the immune system, helps to cope with seasonal diseases.
  • In folk medicine, have found application in the depletion of the body. Fireweed and honey in this case – the best assistants.
  • Its balanced composition and unique substances contained in it, reduce toxicity in cancer.
  • Fermented Ivan-tea is simply irreplaceable for men, as it increases the potency. Regardless of age, if man is to regularly consume this healthy drink, this will positively affect potency.
  • Another good quality of fireweed for men – improve physical strength and health. Its constituent proteins are easily digested and give a powerful energy, which herbalists often recommend it to men, whose work involves physical labor.
  • The use of this tea for gastritis is unquestionable, as it has a shielding and anti-inflammatory action. Gastritis, colitis, flatulence manifestations of these diseases significantly mitigated. Please note that Ivan-tea is always included in the fees part of the stomach from gastritis.
  • Ivan-tea is useful not only in pressure but also in violation of hematopoiesis. He accelerates and makes more quality.
  • It is recommended to brew this tea at frequent headaches and migraine headaches of different origin.
  • Another useful feature for men prevention of prostate adenoma. Willow reduces inflammation and prevents disease purchase cancer in nature. Therefore, it is particularly recommended for men of Mature age.
  • Has a hemostatic effect.
  • If brewing tea correctly and cover it with a lid, then the beneficial properties will continue for up to three days due to the abundance of essential oils.
  • It is also useful for food poisoning, as it is composed of a substance that relieves intoxication and removing poisons from the body.
  • The use of fireweed able to lower the risk of cancer.
  • For women it can be recommended as an excellent remedy for heavy menstruation and after to recuperate.

As you can see, the use of this natural tea brings enormous benefits to the body. It does not contain caffeine, so it is harmless even for a person with high blood pressure. For women in early pregnancy and when breastfeeding, it is also possible to brew instead of the usual black or green tea.


Беременная женщина

Studying a meadow plant like fireweed, nothing can be ignored. For example, can I drink fireweed during pregnancy, breastfeeding, pressure, gastritis, are there any restrictions? How often can be taken? Don’t worry – this tea has no caffeine, it will not increase the pressure, does not affect the quality of milk during breastfeeding, so it can be drunk all the time — every day. Its healing properties benefit almost everyone, but there are exceptions:

  • Ivan tea during pregnancy is allowed only in the early stages. During this period, he will not bring anything except good. Breastfeeding is also permissible to gradually enter into the diet of the mother, this drink is watching the reaction of the baby. If no allergies, no restrictions. But the honey added should not be – he is considered a strong allergen. But Ivan tea during pregnancy in the later stages is considered undesirable drink as it can reduce the uterine tone and blood pressure.
  • When a person is prone to allergies of different nature, it is better to steer clear of – may develop hypersensitivity.
  • Fireweed, contraindications which are very small, should not be taken with sedative and antipyretic drugs.
  • Those who are prone to diarrhea, it is recommended to brew the drink is not more often than once in two days, as it has a slight laxative effect.
  • Ivan-tea children can drink, but slowly and only after three years.
  • You should not drink at reduced pressure.

In these cases it is better to give the choice in favor of some other drink. Otherwise, this herbal drink is useful as for men and for women. If you have pressure, gastritis or other diseases, then you need to collect and dry or to ferment this wonderful flower. And how to do it at home, we will will tell you.

Cooking fireweed

Листья Иван-чая

In online stores, regardless of region, price per bag of such a drink is often more than reasonable price given the fact that it grows everywhere as a weed. Of course, harvesting the willow-herb it is time-consuming, troublesome, but the result is always delicious. This drink is prepared with love at home, is especially fragrant and exactly as you want. Now we will tell you in detail how to prepare Ivan Chai with their hands.


Сбор листьев Кипрея

Collect leaves of the plant should begin immediately, when will it start flowering. Gather it gently, just pressing his fingers to the stem, and quickly swiping down. If you did everything correctly, the leaves will remain in your hands. Especially good at collecting leaves women carefully, but at the same time quickly.

The collection can be continued throughout the summer. The first leaves are the most succulent and pliable, then gradually begin to grobet. Stop collecting somewhere at the end of August, depending on the weather, when the flowers turn into the fruit and begin to produce fluff. At this stage, to collect the leaves is useless, as they are completely dry, which is reflected in the taste, aroma and useful properties. The composition changed by this time so that it is difficult to call a medicinal plant.


After collection is completed, and you brought home a bag of fragrant leaves, they need to zavalit. Do not dry, namely, to zavalit. To do this, carefully go through brought the raw material, carefully inspecting each piece for defects, webs, debris and other impurities. During the collection you could something to overlook.

Enumerated sheets, lay on cloth or clean paper layer up to 5 centimeters. Since our goal is not to dry, and the jerk leaves. They have little to pouchot, become softer and more pliable. This process usually takes no more than a day. Through the day check – if the page is easily bent and does not break at the same time, it is possible to proceed to the next stage.


Fermentation is a very critical process, which will depend on not only the composition but also the taste of the tea. We need to extract the juice from the leaves, which leaves are harvested together and pass them through a meat grinder. If you want to get loose leaf tea, you’ll have to Tinker every leaf roll between palms until deliver the juice.

This is followed by itself the fermentation – derived raw material and press it into a glass container and the top tightly closed by a cover. Fermentation should last as long as the herbal smell is not going to change to floral with hints of honey. Depending on room temperature and number of leaves fermentation can last from one to three days. The sooner were collected, the faster will fermentation proceed from the abundance of juice.

Fermented tea is dark, damp and very fragrant. Depending on the degree of fermentation will change the taste. The next day – it will be similar to the green in two – acquire a kind of sour, three will become similar to black.


Сушеные листья Кипрея

Fermentation is completed, now we have another task we will have to dry it. Rotten spread sheet on a baking sheet and put it in the oven on minimal heat. Leave the door propped open so moisture can better escape. Do not forget from time to time to stir it. Well-fermented and carefully dried fireweed gets the taste of plain black tea, but with a peculiar hint in the aroma. So drying takes a long time on a small light and frequent stirring.

If you don’t like black tea but prefer green you can do without all the described processes. After collecting, you can simply grind the leaves and dried as to ordinary grass. After which it can be brewed alone or in collection with thyme, oregano and other herbs, seasoning with a spoon of fragrant honey.

When you try a true fireweed, not the one that is sold in bags and cooked your own hands, you decide next year to dry it even more. And in the photo you can see what it looks like brewed herbal with fireweed. What it tastes like? Slightly tart, with barely noticeable acidity and subtle notes of wild honey.

No need to buy in stores honey fireweed, although he usually looks very nice and has a tempting name. To harvest, ferment and dry fireweed is not so difficult. With a bit of effort, you will get a great drink with honey or other herbs.

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