Fighting cellulite with traditional medicine.

Нетрадиционная медицина против целлюлита.

Many generations of people, despite the active development of medicine and cosmetology, enjoy the variety of folk remedies, which for many years gathered their humanity. They are rescued from most of the troubles and problems. Folk wisdom is also effective in treating cellulite. The methods listed below to help at home to cope with the «orange peel».


This shower, improves blood circulation and because of contrasting effects on the skin starts the update process of the cells, activates metabolism and thus helps to get rid of cellulite.

Bath and sauna.

Sweating is very useful. And in the fight against cellulite. After all, in the bath, activates metabolism and the toxins are removed. To support troubled places in tone, select medium pairs, and not the hard birch broom. Thus you do not give your fat cells to stagnate.

Rubbing salt.

Cellulite is really afraid this folk method. It is effective, but the result will not be noticeable immediately. Be patient and reach the goal. In addition, the effect depends on the stage of cellulite. It is obvious that the «orange peel» at the initial stage is eliminated much faster than the last. RUB sea salt better entire body.

Anti-cellulite massage.

This is the most basic popular method of cellulite treatment. He removes toxins from the skin and improves blood circulation. As a result the body becomes elastic and velvety, and the seals are smoothed out. However, along with the advantages, one should not forget such shortcomings as bruising and soreness. But the beauty of your body. To make anti-cellulite massage at home, simply use the honey. Put him on the palms of the hands and firmly push them to the problem area. Then abruptly tear hands. Your movements should be similar to прихлопывания. Every applying the palms to the body tightly press down the hands and increase the force of «sticking».

After completing the procedure, rinse with honey from the skin surface and apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream. The course of treatment should lasts 10 days. Procedure spend 1 time in 2 days. You can be assured that after the trial massage result will be visible. The skin becomes soft and smooth.

Also, you can prepare anti-cellulite massage oil. To do this, take the following ingredients:

  • oil of geranium – 8 drops;
  • almond oil – 1 tablespoon;
  • grapefruit oil – 10 drops;
  • Muscat oil, 5 drops;
  • oil of bergamot – 10 drops;
  • cinnamon oil – 3 drops.

All components mix in a glass bottle. First, add oil in a bowl, which are necessary in a lower proportions, and so incrementally add the remaining ingredients.

Ready-made tool apply to specific places once a day, rubbing in a circular motion, to achieve full absorption. If you use the massage roller, then the effect will be more pronounced. The only minus is the mixture cannot be stored after cooking. So try to use the tool for the 1st time.

Clay mask.

Take a therapeutic clay (better blue), размесите it to the state of testoobraznoj mass, lie down and put the product to the skin. Such a procedure is best done in a dry bathtub. Wait until the clay dries, and in a warm bath to wash it off. Problem areas can also massage the coarse brush. Mask with clay is simple and effective.


It is known that in case of cellulite to drink plenty of water. But if you regularly drink more and infusion of birch leaves, it will flush out the toxins from the body more effectively.

Oil bath.

Mix orange and olive oil in equal proportions and pour the resulting mixture in a warm bath. In the process of ablution, you can feel the light pricking the skin. Do not be afraid. This is proof that the procedure is effective and treatment of cellulite is in the right direction.

Apple polishing.

This tool is especially suitable for those who suffer not only cellulite, but also with asterisks on the legs. For 2 weeks, every day after taking a shower натирайте in the foot by using Apple cider vinegar. Don’t worry, the procedure does not cause irritation.

Herbal anti-cellulite medicine.

You will need two table spoons of chopped parsley, flooded with boiling water. Let greens brewed for a couple of minutes. Then strain it and drink ready infusion over 2 weeks. So you get rid of and cellulite, and from cystitis.

Scrub of oatmeal.

In the structure of oatmeal present organic acids, valuable useful microelements and vitamins. It makes skin elastic and fresh. To prepare scrub, take a tablespoon of oat and corn flakes, 2 tablespoons of sugar and 3 tablespoons of olive oil or sunflower oil. Ready-mix RUB the area affected cellulite, for two minutes. Then rinse off.

This scrub can be done with one of oatmeal. For this blend it in a coffee grinder, add water or milk. Ready-mixed massage into the skin for 2 minutes.

Olive oil.

In the morning take a dessert spoon of olive oil. Only do it on an empty stomach. Breakfast may be taken 20 minutes after taking the oil. Thus you normalize your metabolism and fat gradually dissolve.

Anti-cellulite body wrap.

Cellulite is very good help for a coffee and honey wrap. There is the only contraindication – this tool be used in areas where there is varicose veins. If such a problem you have, feel free to proceed to the preparation of coffee-and-honey mixture. Brew 2 tablespoons of coffee and let it brew. Then press the coffee grounds, mix it with honey (two tablespoons). The mixture apply on problem areas in a circular motion. After a full treatment of the surface of the skin wrap film. Now you can rest in the supine position for half an hour. Then rinse with boiled water. After the procedure it is desirable to wash under running water for 3 hours.

If you notice that after the anti-cellulite body wraps your skin slightly darkened, don’t worry. This is simply the result of direct skin contact with the coffee, which may give a slight hint. But after washing the nuance can be solved.

We hope that our article you found effective people’s way to fight cellulite. And remember: what recipe you choose, follow his way of life eat, move more, and then you will have a victory over the «orange peel».

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