Easiest diet to lower cholesterol without medication

диета для снижения холестерина

Any disturbance in the circulatory and cardiovascular systems are the first signal that the amount of cholesterol in the blood more than normal value (for an adult – 4.5 mmol/l). To combat the problem can and should be, to not provoke the development of atherosclerosis, a blockage of the veins, thrombosis, heart attacks and strokes and death. And this can help a special diet to reduce cholesterol. With special attention to such power should listen to those who are at risk: overweight people, smokers and those whose age was over 40 years old.

The rules of the diet to reduce cholesterol

  1. Should completely abandon products of low quality and contain preservatives, toxins and GMOs. Proper nutrition during this diet involves the use of only fresh and natural products, as well as gentle ways of their heat – cooking, stewing in water, steaming.
  2. In the daily diet must include foods that reduce cholesterol. Simultaneously it is necessary to minimize the consumption of food, which can increase the level of this substance in the blood, and is its direct source.
  3. The calories of the food you want to calculate, because another goal of medical nutrition is to normalize metabolism and weight.
  4. On the day the amount of salt should be not more than 3-4 grams.
  5. You need to eliminate from your life habits and exercise. Smoking and alcohol are the first factors of high cholesterol. The problem can be solved only when the approach is comprehensive, and in the long term. This diet is not the method that is sufficient to observe the week or month. This is the power supply system in the years ahead.
  6. Strangely enough, but real coffee in this case your enemy. It is best to go on sublimated decatenation drink without sugar or chicory.
  7. Diet to reduce cholesterol involves meals to 5-6 times a day in small portions.

What foods increase and decrease cholesterol?

The most harmful and dangerous for the body is mayonnaise and other ready-made sauces, pickles and marinades, margarine and butter, prepared food (dumplings, purchase burgers and canned), cream and fatty sour cream, seafood (shrimp and squid), sausage, bacon and pork. It is best to exclude them from the diet completely or severely limit their use.

There are products which, although they contain cholesterol, but have other useful substances for the body, so they need to eat regularly, but in moderation. These products include: mussels and octopus, lean ham, bacon and beef, alcoholic beverages (red wine), organ meats (liver, tongue etc).

Some foods of animal origin contains only a small percentage of cholesterol, but their use is simply reduced slightly in portions as the lion’s share of their composition is useful organic components necessary for proper metabolism. This milk and dairy products, and eggs. For those who have hung cholesterol, you should limit yourself and reduce the consumption of eggs up to 2 pieces a week, and also to reduce the doses used fat cottage cheese, milk, cheese, and sour cream or give preference to low fat products.

питание при повышенном холестерине

Do not think that in the diet to reduce cholesterol no place with tasty food. Using the following list of useful products and connecting fantasy, you can easily make treatment menu for each day, which will be full and varied nutrition:

Citrus fruits. These fruits contain large amounts of pectin, which displays the “bad” cholesterol before it is absorbed into the bloodstream.

Oat bran and wholemeal flour. Serves of these foods contain no cholesterol, are well absorbed and easily replace the need for flour and sweet for the body.

The bean. Peas, lentils or beans is a source of substances that have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. The content of vegetable fats and proteins in legumes perfectly enrich and nourish the body with essential substances, so that the dishes can be a full replacement for fatty meat dishes.

The carrot. This vegetable is rich in pectin, which prevents cholesterol to spread through the body. All a few raw carrots a day will help to reduce the cholesterol to the physiological norm.

The nuts. All of these natural products have nutrients and minerals that quickly block cholesterol and do not allow it to penetrate into the blood. A huge amount of useful amino acids, vitamins and vegetable protein favourably affect the blood vessels, heart and overall health.

Tea. Quality leaf tea – the main enemy of cholesterol. He quickly and efficiently causes its level to normal because of the special component of tannin. More useful and enriched with tannin is green tea. The same, incidentally, is better to use to cleanse the body and in the presence of hypertension.

Bell pepper. This vegetable is rich in vitamins and minerals that affect the heart and kidneys. Pepper is able to normalize blood pressure and quickly remove cholesterol from the body. Choosing the fruit is red, you also enrich your diet with antioxidants.


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