Diet of Moerman: how to confront cancer with food?

Man hard to believe the words he needed facts. Well, here’s one: the Dutch doctor was able to treat 77% of their patients, Oncology patients, using… the correct approach to nutrition.

The medical community generally does not recognize non-traditional methods of cancer treatment. After all, cancer is a serious disease, often requiring surgical measures and surgical intervention. But Dr. Cornelius Moerman managed to convince his colleagues, showing them the results of hard work: 115 (out of 150) of cancer patients recovered after enforcement of its anti-cancer diet. Impressive figures, right? So I thought, and Dutch doctors that have recognized anti-cancer diet of Moerman official method of treatment and prevention of cancer.

As many of the methods to combat cancer, Cornelius Moerman proposed a number of recommendations on the compliance of its system supply.

The main principles of diet

  1. There are usually better, but a little less than, but big portions. This technique aims to start the metabolism (metabolism), normalize lipoprotein metabolism, and is actually self. The digestive tract time to digest and absorb a small amount of healthy food, and the person will not feel hunger.
  2. It is impossible to overeat. This rule echoes the previous one, but rather complements it. There is a need to light the feeling of satiety. Full belly is not aesthetic and also greatly hinder recovery. In addition, the food should be thoroughly chewed – then it is better digestible.
  3. Cooked food needs to keep vitamins. To establish the digestive tract and rejuvenate the body to fight cancer, Dr. Moerman recommends that you eat foods raw, boiled, baked or the meal prepared on pair.
  4. Heavy for the digestive tract products are excluded. These include fatty meats, fried dishes, soups, meat, skin and fat, all seafood, mushrooms, foods with artificial composition, sugar, alcohol, fatty dairy products, pastries, legumes, very sweet fruits (figs, sweet grapes, etc.).

These principles are not surprising, in many ways, they echo the laws of proper nutrition. The only difference is that almost all anti-cancer diets vegetarian. Diet Dr. Moerman allowed to eat animal protein, but in the form of a limited set of products.

Any diet is an additional event to the main complex of treatment. Do not stick to proper nutrition go to the doctor if you feel unwell. Diet of Moerman is a complex of events that often go together with major treatment, and therefore to self-medicate is impractical.

List of foods to defeat cancer

  • Vegetables. On them rests the whole system, as they are based on essential fiber, normalizing the gastrointestinal tract and removing unwanted toxins. Eat raw or slightly processed form.
  • Fruits and berries. It is preferable to focus on not the sweetest varieties: apples, oranges, kiwi, lemons.
  • Juices. Natural, without adding harmful sugar, preferably freshly squeezed. Dr. Cornelius Moerman recommends mixing vegetable and fruit juices.
  • Natural fiber. Any bran, unprocessed rice, pastries nesdobnoe of flour, durum pasta, bread, cereal non-white.
  • Dairy products. Natural plain yogurt, kefir, low-fat cottage cheese, sour cream, low-fat cheese, skim milk.
  • Fats. Natural olive oil with no impurities and additives (preferably extra virgin), egg yolks of chicken eggs.
  • Drinks. Clean drinking water, herbal tea.

Spice your meals with sea salt, plain prohibited.

Vitamins for cancer diet

Fresh vegetables and fruits provide fiber and a certain amount of needed vitamins. But this is not enough, especially during the struggle with such a severe disease like cancer. So Moerman suggested to use dietary Supplements to maintain the body in excellent condition.

Required to use believe in vitamins a, B-1, -2, -6, -9, E, C, PP, as well as dietary Supplements containing iodine, sulfur and iron. They are assigned individually according to age, sex, active human activities. Indications can be read in the instructions.

How the diet of Moerman struggling with cancer?

Cancer, as you know, there is no vaccine. However, scientists understand what can cause this illness, and come to common conclusions. In the book Dr. Moerman wrote that the main problem lies in the weakened body, which consequently was cancerous.

To support the immune system and protect it from cancer, it was necessary to give rest to the gastro-intestinal tract (exclude meat, fatty food, sugar, alcohol, etc.), add more fiber, which is not much in the diet of modern man (fruits, vegetables, grain bread). To run the metabolism was offered a special power supply system (there are more, but smaller), for maintaining health – vitamins. In fact, the human body has a special acidic environment, which cancer cells could not survive, therefore, and multiply.

Diet of Moerman is a complex procedure which gave good results. The desired effect can be achieved only when in compliance with all recommendations of the doctor. Not to your liking delete any item.

Sample menu for a day of Moerman

  • The first meal of the day. Boiled egg yolks (to remove protein), glass of milk, a bowl of salad vegetables, a piece of whole wheat bread.
  • Second. Fruit platter, herbal tea.
  • Third. Vegetable soup with sea salt, bread, a serving of brown rice, a piece of low fat cheese.
  • Fourth. Portion of freshly squeezed juice, crackers from wheat flour.
  • Fifth. Portion of cottage cheese, seasoned with the taste of yogurt, fermented baked milk or low-fat sour cream, fruit. Herbal tea.

Drink sufficient plain water, but not from the tap (minimum 1 liter). Don’t forget that you can not drink strong tea, coffee, especially instant.

Diet of Moerman quite popular, because it has proved its effectiveness. However, it is not a panacea: its effect will be at least six months, as with any other power system. Therefore should have patience and adhere to all the advice a Dutch doctor.

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