Diet Ladder: five steps to the body of the dreams

Great like to stay in the shadows. A known system of weight loss does not have authorship, and diet Ladder is no exception. Being anonymous, she has fans worldwide, and it is clear: weight loss in 5 days – a dream that can become reality.
Diet Ladder takes place in several stages, alternately replacing each other. It relates to rapid diets that much different from full-fledged systems of proper nutrition. So to follow it strictly, otherwise you can not achieve stated results. And to lose 5 or more pounds!
Each stage of the diet lasts for exactly one day and has its own task:

  • 1 day – clean and drainage;
  • Day 2 – restore the microflora;
  • 3 day – adding energy (glucose);
  • Day 4 – construction;
  • 5 day fat burning kick.

The menu for each day will be a little scarce, but for the sake of a slim body can bear.

Step one: – cleaning of drainage

On this day, the body slimming undergo strong purifying attack. The first day you must eat:

  • pounds of fresh apples (grade);
  • 12 tablets of activated carbon;
  • liter of clean drinking water (more).

Coal is essential for strong and effective cleansing of the stomach and intestines of accumulated toxins. Apples, consisting mainly of fiber, fructose and water, have an additional cleaning effect, saturate a person give him plenty of vitamins, exert a General tonic effect. Clean drinking water removes all the excess that is “collected” in the body charcoal and cellulose. This interactive trio efficiently purify and prepare you for the next step – the restoration of microflora.
The provided menu should be split in proportion for one day that the food has gradually entered the body, and used activated carbon uniformly cleanse the bowel.
At this stage the following possible reactions: bloating, repeated urination to go to the toilet, discomfort of the gastrointestinal tract, the feeling of hunger. Do not worry: it is absolutely normal reaction of a healthy body to the limit in food and drinking large quantities of apples and coal. The first pleasant plus diet stairs – the average loss of 1.5 pounds of weight.

Step two: restore

After cleaning and drainage necessary to sedate the gastrointestinal tract, to give him rest and to prepare for the next stage. With these tasks copes a diet Ladder on the second step – restore the microflora.
Yogurt soothes the digestive tract if discomfort in the intestine. This fact is based the following menu:

  • fat-free yogurt (up to 1%) is a liter;
  • cottage cheese (1%) – up to 600 grams;
  • a liter of still water.

The last day consisted of one fiber, a small amount of carbohydrates and water. This time, dieters will enjoy more than a hearty menu, because it consists of animal protein and low amount of fat. Protein is the most slowly digested nutrient. Divide the product into equal portions and use at the second day of the diet ladder.

Among the nutritionists is believed that dairy products water retention in the body. As a result on the scales you can see the weight gain in the form of 0.5 – 1kg. However, don’t panic and quit the diet, otherwise you ruin all the results at the root. The weight gain indicates fluid retention in the body, but not fat.

Explain in detail: to get fat by 1 kg due to the increase of fat cells, a person needs to eat about 9000 calories, the equivalent of 4.5 full-day rations the active adult.

Step three: boost your energy

This stage is especially satisfies your sweet tooth. It is composed entirely of simple sugars. Throughout the menu for 5 days the third day is the most enjoyable. Dieters should eat:

  • natural honey – 2 tablespoons;
  • dark raisins – 300 g;
  • compote (cooked fruit) – 2 liters.

On this rung of the diet Ladder, there are some comments. The compote can not be podslushat additionally sugar: in this case you have two tablespoons of honey. The dried fruit from the drink should be thrown away or left until later – the anonymous author of the diet does not allow you to use them. Raisins it is desirable to divide the whole day, since the total number of approved products is small, compared to the previous stage.

On this day, dieters can experience a strong feeling of hunger, as received simple sugar in the body instantly absorbed, raising insulin and giving a sense of joy and energy. But after the climb comes a sharp decline in mood, lose the false feeling of fullness. People with suspected diabetes, people with low pressure is not suitable diet Ladder, as on the third day, the insulin level in the blood rises and falls sharply and abruptly, which can lead to fainting.

Step four: building and strengthening muscles

This stage resembles the second paragraph, as it consists entirely of animal protein. After a nice long hunger strike on the sweet raisins and honey, was permitted to use the following nourishing products:

  • boiled meat (chicken or Turkey) – 500 grams;
  • a simple drinking water – at least 1.5 liters.
  • a small amount of greens (parsley, dill, fresh green onions).

Lean poultry meat is easily digested by the human body, nourishing muscles and strengthening them. During any diet losing weight is losing not only fat but also water and muscle. On a diet Ladder these losses are reduced to a minimum, unlike many mono – and Express diets.
For a taste of a little salt meat, preferably sea salt – it causes swelling in the body. The greens added to the menu not only for flavor but also to add dietary fiber to the diet. In this day, you can lose about 1.5 kg.

Step five: burning fat

This final stage sums up the previous results and generalizes them to obtain the maximum effect from the diet ladder. It contains carbohydrates and fiber – as well as the first day, but much better fed:

  • Hercules without additives – 200 grams in a dry form;
  • vegetables and fruits – 200 grams raw;
  • the water is clear – the norm (at least 1.5 liters).

The porridge should cook without butter and milk, add a little sea salt for taste. Fruits and vegetables are permitted, however there is a recommendation to avoid bananas, grapes, apples and starchy vegetables (potatoes).

Sudden consumption of large amounts of fiber can cause flatulence. But with the help of cereals, fruits, vegetables achieved the desired effect: dieters can lose up to 2 pounds.

Out of the diet Ladder: menu for 7 days

For people watching their diet, information about the need of correct diet is not new. This will prevent the return of extra pounds, it will consolidate result and will keep it for a long time.
Menu for 7 days includes two additional days after 5 steps, which finally returns the body in the conventional system.
In the past two days – the laws of proper nutrition. You need to give up all sweets (sugar), starchy foods, too oily. To introduce foods gradually.
On the first day for Breakfast you should eat cereal (50 oz. dry) with fruit. For lunch – any side dish (pasta, cereal, etc.) with a piece of baked lean meat (chicken, Turkey, lean beef). At dinner go around the dish low-fat (5%) cottage cheese with natural yoghurt. During breaks you can eat fermented baked milk, yogurt, fruit or protein bar without sugar.
On the second day you can allow yourself to eat all the same, but in slightly larger quantities. Diet Stairs is a launching pad for those who want to go on a proper diet. And therefore to refuse from sweet and fatty foods will have forever.

Reviews and results thinner

Natasha, 27 years. With the growth of 175 cm and weight 57 kg I never considered myself fat. But the extra fat was. I decided to dry quickly and not torture yourself like. All the diet products I love, so sit on the Ladder was easy. I must say: I have added a daily workout (warm-up, the usual crunches, squats, etc.).
For me, the diet was effective in 5 days I lost 2.5 pounds! And this despite the small initial weight. The main rule is to keep all recommendations and add physical activity.
Larissa, 32 years. Diet simply super! Besides that lose weight, and even decreases stomach! A real gift for food lovers.
A week lost 5 pounds. After this diet the “Stairs” was my favorite: sometimes sit on it to get into a jacket or jeans. And each time a stable plummet to 4 – 5 pounds. The sport was only climbing the stairs on the 9th floor. Of course, I had ice dams, failures, but I tried to stop in time. And even this did not prevent me to lose weight. Definitely recommend!
Ludmila, nutritionist: Ladder, like all the Express diet, has its pros and cons. From pluses: cheapness of the products, speed of results, ease of implementation. But basically the person loses water and the fecal mass, not fat – and this is the main drawback. Returning to the usual diet, it is easy to gain weight dropped.
Therefore, the main advice to people who decided on a diet Ladder is this: think about what power system you go, the end of the stairs. You can’t just start eating as before. Ignorance of the further action results in losing weight to failure set to kilograms.
I suggest proper diet along with sport: this combination had never disappointed. Follow the amount of the used pure water, vitamins, and physical activity. The only way to keep the new weight and health.

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