Diet Budwig against cancer: stop the disease quickly!

The treatment of cancer people are spending big money, sell the house, borrow from relatives, go to a charity service… no matter How reduced the costs of these operations, if cancer patients learned about the possibility to cure cancer through diet.

Worldwide diet Budwig cancer is the most popular and the most effective system, capable of destroying malignant cells completely. Of course, industrial and pharmaceutical businesses are not profitable for one of the deadliest of modern diseases – cancer – treated as simple meal. It’s too cheap, painless and effective. Therefore, the anti-cancer diet Joanna Budwig, though recognized by many doctors, received a well-deserved Nobel prize. But Joanna Budwig, a German researcher-biochemist, was repeatedly nominated for this award, as an outstanding physician.

According to some, the power supply system Budwig against cancer was cured over a thousand patients with different degrees of disease, including those, which have already been rejected doctor. The overall rate of healed over 90%!

Based on what diet Budwig?

The entire industry seeks to minimize costs but to get more profit. Therefore, in the production of the course are products such as sugar, margarine, hydrogenated fats, preservatives and enhancers. They not only improve the taste of ready food, but also destroys the inside the body cells, increase the level of toxicity, completely eliminate the possibility of healthy cells to regenerate and multiply.

During the research Dr. Joanna Budwig analyzed the blood of cancer patients and came to the conclusion that their performance is inadequate level of oxygen. It is known that any healthy cell of a living organism for normal functioning needs to obtain a set of necessary trace elements and oxygen, which nourishes the cells with energy. Cancer patients have indicators of the level of oxygen in the blood greatly reduced. Sometimes the situation comes to the fact that the patient cannot breathe, being in the mountains, where clean air literally forces him to choke.

There are three reasons for the emergence and development of cancer: acidosis, toxic and radiation exposure. If the two latter, we meet less often, the first cause is quite popular. It means reduced levels of oxygen in the blood. Acidosis provoked by poor diet (fasting in particular) and taking medication. It is not a disease, but a condition of the body when changing the acid balance. The lack of the necessary for cell activity of oxygen causes the development of malignant tumors harmful cells that multiply with new strength and develop cancer.

In his writings, Joanna Budwig, an expert on fats, found that for the normal functioning of cells need fatty foods. But not absolutely all, but only those that normalize lipoproteidnyi exchange.

How to diet Budwig saves from cancer?

Include in the diet needs fats and eliminating unhealthy foods, anticancer diet Joanna Budwig stops the reproduction of cancer cells, which, being in an unnatural environment for them in the future die.

The primary keys to combating the disease:

  • home-fat cottage cheese;
  • the flax seed oil.

It is desirable that the products have been as close to environmentally friendly. The extra carcinogens the body affected by cancer, is not needed.

Like the keys to use?

  1. Take a portion of cottage cheese (about 100 gr.), add two tablespoons of butter, stir, drink at least once per day.
  2. To taste, you can dilute the mixture with milk, cinnamon.
  3. There’s even one dish called “flax granola”. Used at least 1 times a day. Flour of flax seeds (2 tbsp) mixed with 1 tsp of honey. You can add any fruit except banana.
  4. Drink several cups of green tea with mint, rosehip without additives.

Cottage cheese and oil mixture can be supplemented with a pinch of black, Cayenne and turmeric, which also provide anti-cancer effects.

For certain reasons diet cancer Budwig may not be suitable for all. In this case, it is recommended to replace cottage cheese in rich coconut milk or natural fat yoghurt in a volume of 100 ml. However, it is highly desirable to stick to the original version of the doctor.

Forbidden foods on the diet Joanna Budwig

Accurate diets this system there’s no power because people’s tastes are individual. However, there are a number of foods which doctor Budwig strongly cautions:

  • Fatty meat (high-calorie portion of beef, lamb, pork, bacon);
  • Sugar and all products that incorporate it;
  • Any food cooked in industrial operations (drying, Rollton, bagels, candy, muffins, etc.);
  • All fish products (including the addition of “fish oil”);
  • Any cakes (especially white bread) and white rice;
  • Artificial sweeteners (aspartame etc.) and drinks from their use;
  • Common salt (replacement marine).

The basis of the diet should be green vegetables, fresh greens, fruits, milk fat products, vegetable juices, juices from acid fruits (pineapple, lemon, orange, etc.), it is possible to use cereals. Also allowed the use of meat, but organic, homemade (chicken, Turkey).

Attention! To enhance the effect of the diet against cancer is recommended to drink a tablespoon of linseed oil before each meal – eat every 3 hours. Don’t assume that use the products of flax in too large quantities: for cancer patients is a magic tool capable of stopping a terrible disease.

Sample menu for a day on the Protocol Budwig

  1. Cup of green mint tea with crushed rose hips without sugar. Vegetable and fruit platter, a little boiled buckwheat with greens. Linseed oil the norm.
  2. Home fat cottage cheese mixed with flax seed oil, flavored with honey and cinnamon to taste. Green tea.
  3. Porridge, fruits and vegetables, Flaxseed oil, vegetable juice of beet, celery, sweet carrots.
  4. Cheese with butter with a hint of Cayenne, black pepper and turmeric.
  5. Milled flax seeds with honey, yogurt, Flaxseed oil.

This diet is not mandatory – it only shows an example of how you should eat on a diet Budwig against cancer. People can vary the products according to the recommendations of Dr. Joan Budwig. The main thing – not to include in your diet the forbidden foods.

Remember: the only way to win time for life is to follow the doctor’s instructions. Diet Budwig against cancer is one of the many power systems, however, are widespread in all corners of the world. Thousands of people cured are grateful to Joanna Budwig, a German biochemist, and her legacy is still helping the “hopeless” cancer patients.


Marina, 29 years: of Course we all know diet Budwig. All who are faced with this disease and trying to find alternative methods of treatment. Like all cells, cancer also need energy to grow and develop. And it depends on us what kind of food we will give them: fast food, noodles, instant noodles, pies from nearby cafes or natural cheese and wholesome Flaxseed oil. Cancer is difficult to escape: a bad environment is to blame, and the emissions of industrial factories, and unhealthy lifestyle. But the disease can be prevented: start to monitor themselves, their diet and daily activities. Be active, explore the world, do not let the bad emotions nourishment, eat the right food!
Alla, 55 years: I have coped with the disease, although it struggled for many years. And managed through diet Budwig! I have studied the question thoroughly, read the biochemistry and found out that this phenomenon – the spread of cancer cells due to the increased level of glucose in the blood, opened the Warburg. Oncology is no coincidence appears in diabetics and Vice versa. The connection is obvious, and then diet Joanna Budwig cancer is becoming an effective and understandable system. To be treated with good food – this is not new and is not surprising. But somehow, modern medicine still has not recognized this method. However, this does not mean that it is ineffective. Thousands of people cured confirm it, and I among them!

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