Diet “6 petals”

Диета 6 лепестков

Diet “6 petals”, coined by the Swedish nutritionist Anna Johansson is the effective power system, which implies compliance with the principles of a separate power supply for six days. Consistently eating-component products we manage to fool the body. He will spend already accumulated energy “reserves” and do not accumulate new. In other words, deposited fat will be spent, and fats from food – just split.

Author diet “6 petals” has taken into account the importance for successful weight loss is to provide slimming people purely psychological support. The famous symbol of the methodology is a flower with six petals, which is recommended to draw on paper, cut and pasted in a prominent place (for example, fridge). Each evening, take 1 petal, thereby giving yourself to understand that the day was not in vain and for the benefit of your figure. And after all 6 days you with wonder and joy will notice that your weight is decreased by 5-6 kg

Menu every day

The diet of all days was not chosen by chance. Their sequence is nothing but protein-carbohydrate alternation. Compliance with this principle of separate power supply, as the author of diet (and it echoed respected nutritionists thin and happy people), and gives the opportunity to enjoy a successful result. Below you will see how might look menu of mono, but if you have any favorite recipes, you will certainly use them within diet “6 petals”. Remember, salt, food needs as little or no salt at all. If desired dishes Pets season mild spices and fresh herbs.

1 day “Fish”

  •  Breakfast (8:00): boiled fish
  • Lunch (11:00): baked fish
  • Lunch (14:00): rich ear, but without vegetables and other ingredients
  • Afternoon (17:00): steamed fish
  • Dinner (20:00): boiled fish

Between meals allowed to drink plain water, unsweetened green tea, fish broth. The recommended number of fish – 400-500 g (finished product). The preferred form of physical exercise: aerobic-force training (alternate sit-UPS, push-UPS, running, pull-UPS on the bar).

day 2 “Vegetable”

  • Breakfast (8:00): 2 carrots, grated grated
  • Lunch (11:00): mashed potatoes on the water
  • Lunch (14:00): mix of stewed vegetables
  • Afternoon (17:00): whole steamed vegetables
  • Dinner (20:00): raw vegetables

Between meals allowed to drink green tea, freshly squeezed vegetable juice, water. The recommended amount of vegetables – 1-1,5 kg Preferred form of physical exercise – relaxation (qigong, stretching, yoga).

3 day “Chicken”

  • Breakfast (8:00): boiled chicken breast
  • Lunch (11:00): baked chicken
  • Lunch (14:00): chicken broth
  • Afternoon (17:00): chicken (without skin) grilled
  • Dinner (20:00): boiled chicken breast

Between meals allowed to drink chicken broth, unsweetened tea, water. The recommended amount of chicken meat – 500, the Preferred type of physical activity – studies on the cardio machines.

4 day “Cereal”

  • Breakfast (8:00): sprouted wheat, welded on the water, whole grain bread
  • Lunch (11:00): buckwheat porridge on the water
  • Lunch (14:00): boiled rice
  • Afternoon (17:00): porridge on the water, nuts or seeds
  • Dinner (20:00): buckwheat on the water

Between meals allowed to drink herbal tea, water, natural kvass. The recommended number of Kashi – 200 g (dry product). Preferred type of physical activity aerobics, bodyflex, rhythmic dance (hip-hop, step aerobics)

day 5 “Curd”

  • Breakfast (8:00): cheese, 1-2 spoons of natural yoghurt
  • Lunch (11:00): the cottage cheese with the addition of 1-2 spoons of milk
  • Lunch (14:00): curd
  • Afternoon (17:00): the cottage cheese with the addition of 1-2 spoons of milk
  • Dinner (20:00): curd

Between meals allowed to drink water, tea, milk (not more than 1 Cup). The recommended number of cottage cheese (average fat) – 500, the Preferred type of physical activity – Pilates, callanetics.

6 day “Fruit”

  • Breakfast (8:00): red apples – 2 pieces, black coffee
  • Lunch (11:00): banana
  • Lunch (14:00): orange, grape
  • Afternoon (17:00): kiwi, pineapple
  • Dinner (20:00): green apples – 2 pieces

Between meals allowed to drink freshly squeezed diluted fruit juice, herbal tea, water. The recommended amount of fruit – 1-1,5 kg Preferred type of physical activity – walking, Hiking.

Exit diet “six petals” will depend on your future plans. If the results you have achieved, you are not satisfied, you can go to the “second circle” If your goal is to sustain the plumb, continue to eat the same products as under this method, but without limitation days. That is, every day in your menu should include fruits, vegetables, dairy products, dietary meat/fish. When caloric intake is necessary to gradually increase up to 1500-1800 calories.

A diet “6 petals” for some categories of persons may cause harm. It cannot be used: suffering from obesity, pregnant and lactating women, and those who need to comply with health food because of chronic and acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Reuse methodology Anna Johansson is possible not earlier than after 3-4 months.


Alexander, 39 years. I have 6 days the answer was not, as promised – took only 2.5 kg, although exactly complied with all the recommendations. But an even greater disappointment awaited me after 1.5 weeks – I gained 3 kg! So, I do not advise. Of course, it’s very personal, but still mono (even in this form, as they are presented in the diet “6 petals”) is something far from the concept of a balanced diet. So, in theory, such a result would expect. The body was deceived, for which he then me and paid in full.

Lyudmila, 26 years old. In General six-day diet Anna Johansson quite good. The only minus (for me) is curd day. Since childhood I cannot stand this product. For Breakfast somehow in itself jabbed him, and then realized that the evening did not last. Well-thought of to call friend and complain (it also once on “six petals” lose weight). And she said that you can replace the hated cheese yogurt, but always natural. Bought in the shop “ACTIVIA” (cottage cheese and yogurt is – take any of that without additives). For me it was salvation. My result – minus 4 kg 7 days (the last day arranged unloading, as in the diet “7 petals”). But in the future I bought a home yogurtnitsu (it is not only useful but also very tasty).

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