Dates are delicious and healthy dried fruit

Финиковая пальма

Dates sold, we only have dried, but this does not affect their amazing taste and healthy qualities. They grow on tall date palms. It is a known fact that the dates can for a few months to replace the person the rest of the food, and his body will be supplied with all the nutrients. Benefits of dates? Is there any harm? To these and other questions we now in detail to answer you.

The dates

Финики в руках

The composition of this dried fruit with high sugar content included a lot of useful and necessary for our body substances. Their use is so high that only 10 fruit per day can satisfy the need for a core set of trace elements, vitamins, fats and acids.

  • Enough the high protein content of about 6%.
  • Various fats.
  • Compared with other fruits and dried fruits has a high level of useful carbohydrates – of the order of 60%. These carbs do no harm compared to those that are contained in chocolate and bakery products.
  • Includes 15 minerals and salts, is very useful and necessary for the body. First and foremost is the phosphorus, potassium, iron, magnesium, sodium, manganese.
  • A variety of amino acids reaches 23 varieties. They are necessary for normal course of all processes occurring in our body. Special their benefit to the brain and blood vessels. Improve mental performance, regulate sleep cycles, prolong youth, in old age contribute to the preservation of sanity. Glutamine is an amino acid can help relieve heartburn by neutralizing the excess acidity of gastric juice.
  • Rich in vitamins – almost all of the b vitamins responsible for proper functioning of the nervous system, as well as C, A, A1.
  • The pectin.
  • The abundance of dietary fiber, creating a feeling of satiation and cleansing the intestines from toxins.
  • A fairly high content of beta-carotene.
  • The obvious benefit to the teeth at the expense of part of the fluorine.
  • A unique component is selenium. It is known for its properties to prevent the development of cancer, reduce the likelihood of heart attack. This is one of the best substances to restore a weakened immune system.

Some believe that eating dates, they cause themselves harm because they contain large amounts of sugars and carbohydrates. But it is a useful sugar that must take a well-deserved place in your diet instead of useless sweets. Dates are not only quickly relieve hunger, but returns of force exhaustion, force the brain to work harder, give vital energy.

About the main health benefits of dates

Финики в тарелке на столе

Dates, useful properties and contraindications which we are considering today, with the regular use of be great for body support and prevention of various diseases. Their use is as follows:

  • Have the ability to clean the body, removing from it the toxins that had accumulated heavy metals.
  • For mental overstrain increase efficiency, preventing nervous breakdowns.
  • Contribute to the removal of unnecessary fluids from the body.
  • Normalize biorhythms, thanks to what is used in combating insomnia.
  • Improve mood and cure depression.
  • Quickly restore physical power after diseases or long periods of hard work.
  • Reduce eyestrain and help maintain visual acuity.
  • Maintain the beauty of hair, nails and skin look much better and healthier.

To feel what a great favor bring dates to the body, enough for at least a month to eat a day a handful of the fruits. Those who talk about the harm, just mistaken.

Who necessarily need the dates?

Деревянная ложка с финиками

Dates are a good addition to daily diet. But in some cases they are essential:

  • With increased mental stress to improve the health of the brain.
  • With exhaustion and physical fatigue, for rapid recovery.
  • Heart diseases due to increased levels of potassium and magnesium, support heart muscles.
  • In diseases of the respiratory system.
  • The abundance of iron in the dried fruit makes it an invaluable benefit in anemia.
  • The tendency to diseases of the stomach. Dietary fiber affect peristalsis much better different dairy products with biologically active additives.
  • In diseases of the nervous system.
  • To solve the “male” problems.
  • After childbirth for recovery and hormonal balance.
  • During long-distance travel people who are prone to motion sickness.
  • Colds.
  • Chronic eye fatigue.
  • Simultaneously with antibiotics to reduce their negative impact.
  • In the prevention of cancer people who are at risk.
  • During feeding to improve milk quality.
  • To strengthen the gums.
  • Women with severe premenstrual syndrome.
  • To improve metabolism.

As you can see, the benefits of dates is huge. If you still have avoided this side dried, then be sure to correct this omission.

A few words about the dangers and contraindications

Измерение уровня сахара глюкометром

All the useful. Dates still able to harm the health, but only when their uncontrolled excessive consumption. They are heavy food, which is digested by the stomach. Therefore, there is a need them as treats instead of candy and other sweets. Otherwise, constipation you provided. The damage to the body possible in one case – if at the same time you eat citrus fruits and dates. They are incompatible with each other! This “cocktail” can cause indigestion. With regard to contraindications, then not so much:

  • People with diabetes should refrain from eating dates.
  • Sometimes idiosyncrasy.
  • In acute diseases of the stomach and intestines they do not need to completely eliminate from the diet, but the quantity eaten of the fruit better to reduce.

Preferring healthy, natural foods, you improve your health, reduce the damage of environmental factors and prolong life. Figs and many other dried fruits are able to support you awake and get rid of many diseases.

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