Cream with mumie against stretch marks.


Крем с мумие против растяжек.

Our skin is extremely responsive to any processes, ever occurring in the body. Especially sharply it might respond to large-scale changes in the volume of a body occurring in a short time, for example, pregnancy or rapid getting rid of extra pounds. The skin is stretched, distorted, and there are бледноватые scars – striae or stretch marks. By themselves, these defects do not disappear. To return your skin beauty, we use proven recipes from the Arsenal of folk medicine.


Mumijo is the retinoid substance, complex compound components of organic and inorganic character. Mumie has a dark color, which is approaching black, and a characteristic smell. For application in the medical purposes mumie pre-cleaned and sold in pharmacies.

In the part of the mining resin find up to 80 components that have on the human body healing effect. For our skin are especially important wound-healing, anti-inflammatory, regeneration properties of mumie. Traditionally black resinous substance used rehabilitative treatment of fractures, skin ulcers. Ability mumie activate metabolic processes contributes to the elimination of skin defects of different types, including stretch marks. Scar tissue is difficult to treat, but mumie allows you to get rid of it forever. The skin following the application of resinous drugs becomes clean, smooth, and gains elasticity, firmness and youthful radiance.

Stretching and mumie.

Most often unsightly scars appear on the thighs and abdomen. Application of preparations mumie the modified tissue for some time, leads to the following results:

  • Reduction of scars in size;
  • Leveling the skin relief, correction depth stretch marks;
  • The return of the scar tissue of normal color;
  • An increase in the elasticity of the skin on the affected area;
  • Enrichment of the epithelial layer of the important vitamins and N.Ya.

Dosage forms mumie.

In the pharmacy network is sold mumie in the form of tablets, powders, capsules, or already in the composition of ready-made drugs.

You can buy the cream or gel with the content of the mountain resin, and use it as a preventative or remedy. Producers add cream with mumie and other ingredients, beautifully nourish skin.

Gels or creams with mumie, coming into contact with air, quickly lose their healing properties. Therefore, the finished products must be used immediately after purchase. Very important when buying a gel with mumie determine the timing of its release, and not buy the drug, which lay on the counter for about a year.

Ready-made forms with mumie is very useful to prevent stretch marks. If the stretch marks have appeared, folk healers recommend effective creams with mumie made independently.

How to make cream with mumie.

We need cleansed of the mummy in the form of tablets or capsules. In a clean glass bottle prepare aqueous solution mumie: two tablets (capsules) pour a little spoon of filtered water and leave until dissolved. Then the container is placed 80 grams of cream, and mass carefully mixed to a total homogeneity. Convenient as a cream base, use the normal baby cream, because he cares for the skin without irritation. You can use a different body cream. Cream after adding mumie gets interesting grayish in color.

Grayish mass is placed in a glass bottle with a wide neck and tightly screw cap. Anti-stretch marks cream can be made not once. Treatment the use of creams from three to six months.

Resinous substance has a specific smell. To hide the smell in the cream, you can add two drops of fragrant essential oil, lavender, mint or orange.

How to properly use a cream with mumie against stretch marks.

Areas of the skin from stretch marks portion of the cream is recommended to apply a soft movement. Composition rubbed massage movements in one direction, preferably in the circle clockwise. Massage continues until the cream is absorbed completely.

Medicinal components mumie better penetrate the warm, moist skin. Therefore, the cream is applied immediately after a bath or shower. Once a week the skin should be treated with a scrub to отмирающий epithelium does not interfere with the therapeutic process.

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