Cinnamon for weight loss. Cinnamon honey, yogurt and ginger.


Корица для похудения.

The smell of cinnamon is familiar to everyone, from the earliest years. Sweet rolls, sprinkled with cinnamon pancakes with cinnamon, spicy запеканочка – than us only mothers and grandmothers are not fed! In our view, cinnamon – an indispensable attribute of the holiday sweet table. But today, more and more talk about the ability of cinnamon promote weight loss. How is this possible?

Useful qualities of cinnamon.

Eastern healers know about useful properties of spices for a long time. Cinnamon powder was part of many medicinal potions. Their curative properties have not only crushed bark, due to the high concentration of microelements and other components. Benefit to our body and bring essential oils, providing spices specific aroma.

So, to the properties of cinnamon, having a therapeutic effect are:

  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • Antibacterial;
  • Diuretics;
  • Fever;
  • Cleaning;
  • Antiparasitic;
  • Immunomodulating.

Add the cinnamon in food, and inhaling its fragrance, will positively affect the human brain. Essential oils stimulate the active brain activity and improve the mnemonic and cognitive functions of the brain. In other words, cinnamon improves flexibility of thinking and memory. Thin cinnamon aroma has a calming effect on our взбудораженную nervous system.

Cinnamon: aid in losing weight.

What are the properties of exotic spices contribute longing desire of women to get rid of excessive pomp shape?

Cinnamon (pieces of bark of the cinnamon tree):

1) Has significant warming effect, activating metabolic processes.

2) Stimulates the work of excretory systems, helping to get rid of toxins, slag.

3) Decreases viscosity of the blood and promotes the removal from it of cholesterol clots.

4) Normalizes the functioning of the intestines, stomach and the liver, including.

How to use cinnamon for weight loss?

As you may guess, toasted buns with cinnamon crumble not help lose weight. High content of fats, sugar and starch completely suppress positive action spices.

To cinnamon was able to launch the active metabolic processes in the body, it should be added to drinks – tea, coffee or juice. The Cup or glass beverage add a small spoonful of ground cinnamon. Purchasing of ground cinnamon in a store, read the inscription on the label. If it is written that in the bag is cinnamon powder with sugar, this product is not for you. Or find powder without additives or buy cinnamon sticks and размалываем them yourself. Specialists of the last option is considered the most effective, because when storing milled spices of the essential oils evaporates. Self-cooking, we maintain a useful substances almost in full.

Cinnamon, sprinkle with rice porridge (not milk), oatmeal, filled with milk or kefir unsweetened cereals, fruit salads, cottage cheese.

However, there are products in combination with whom properties of cinnamon most actively help to get rid of unnecessary fat. These products are:

  • Honey;
  • Kefir;
  • Ginger.
  • Cinnamon and honey.

Unique properties which give shape to order, has regular tea with honey and cinnamon. Simply enter the use of this tea in everyday practice, as in about a month you will notice the expected effect. According to experts, weight loss arises due to anti-parasitic and anti-microbial qualities of products.

Procedure tea is extremely simple. In the evening a small spoon of cinnamon powder steeped glass of hot water. How much of this powder should be in a teaspoon? With a slide or flush with the edges? Here you have to set the amount of experimentally. After half an hour infusion to cinnamon add two spoons of honey, and put a drink in the fridge. The next day, share a drink prepared for two portions. The first drink before Breakfast, or Breakfast, the second – half an hour before bedtime.

Cinnamon with the yogurt.

On the basis of yogurt developed several useful recipes of cocktails, normalizing the activity of the stomach, just the gastrointestinal tract, and arousal metabolic processes. Substances contained in spices, launch the intensive process of splitting of fat cells, together with the yogurt clean the fabric of toxins and direct them towards elimination from the body. Cocktails can be used in everyday meals instead of one of the meals, during the days of discharge, as one of the components of the diet.

Cocktail «Жиросжигающий». Cook it for you, it is very fresh yogurt. In a tall glass of kefir with low fat (less than 1%) is added 0,5 small spoon of cinnamon, and the same dry ground ginger, and a little powder of red hot pepper. Mixture beat spoon or blender. Cocktail is recommended to drink before departure to sleep. Its composition can be slightly adjusted by increasing or decreasing the volume of dry components.

Cocktail «Kefir with cinnamon. Measured glass of kefir and a half small spoon cinnamon powder. Yogurt mixed with cinnamon and left for an hour to a mixture of настоялась. Drink drunk twenty minutes before meals.

Cocktail «Cinnamon and ginger in kefir». To cook it, you will need a blender. Mix in a glass bottle of 0,5 litres of fresh yogurt, and add a teaspoon of cinnamon, ginger and honey. Give fifteen minutes mixture rest, and beat the blender. The use of this remarkable drink during the week, will help to free the body from two to four pounds of fat reserves.

Cinnamon and ginger.

According to dietitians Association in the recipe cinnamon and ginger is one of the most successful combinations of spicy substances. They can be together add meals. Or prepare a warming Cup of tea should be taken to 0,5 small spoon of powder dry ground ginger and cinnamon about 250 ml of hot water. Put experiment: instead of dry powder take grated ginger root. You will be surprised with a completely new taste of the drink!

When applying tools on the basis of cinnamon for weight loss need to calculate the rate of at least 10 days. For the sustainable effect they should be applied in about thirty days. But if you are experiencing the discomfort, heartburn, drinks reception should be discontinued.

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