Chia seeds for weight loss: do not exaggerated their benefits?

Семена Чиа

How useful Chia seeds for weight loss, it became known recently. Meanwhile, about all of the amazing properties of the fruits of that grassy mountain plants, always known in his home in Mexico, Ecuador, Australia, and South America. It is therefore not surprising that in the era’s fascination healthy diet, this product took note of vegans and raw-foodists. Vendors to reduce weight positioned his “invention” as a revolutionary recipe for guaranteeing the attainment of harmony without exhausting diets, starvation and furious workouts. Should I believe?

Composition and amazing properties overseas seeds

Indeed, if you look at the composition of the grains, much becomes clear. With regular use Chia human organism is cleared, there is a restoration of all processes occurring there. All this creates favorable conditions to accelerate the weight loss, which in our “clogged” slags and toxins in the body are often retarded. This is ensured by a rich vitamin and mineral composition of this product:

  • Cellulose is nevereverever vegetable fiber that is not digested by the intestine, but effectively cleanse it of toxins and other deposits on the fibers of dirt. In turn, this promotes better absorption of nutrients. When hit in the stomach tissue absorb moisture and swell, increasing in size more than 10 times, which is blocked hunger for a few hours.
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3. They are one of those substances that reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, accelerate metabolism, beneficial effect on the skin and hair. Another important slimming property of fatty acids is the activation of lipolysis (the process of burning fat).
  • Protein – it in Chia seeds contains almost the same as in the meat of the order of 20 %. The only thing that vegetable protein is better absorbed by the human body and almost never is deposited in the form of slag. Without protein the process of losing weight is impossible. The drawback of this component not only provokes hunger, but also destroys muscle structure.
  • Vitamins E and C – natural and powerful antioxidants, saturating the body with energy, supporting him in tone, strengthening the immune system and serve as the prevention of neoplastic diseases.
  • Chlorogenic acid – it is the content part of this component in due time led to the wildly popular green coffee. The substance can reduce appetite, and at the same time stimulates the process of converting ingested carbohydrates into energy.

How to assure manufacturers that produce Chia seeds for weight loss, their products help quickly get rid of extra pounds without any harm to health. Should I believe the people who are engaged in trade, and not medical research? But all the nuances of the effects of grains on weight loss in detail tells the doctor and popular TV presenter Elena Malysheva in his transfer to “Live healthy”.

Where to buy and how to use innovative means?

Buy Chia in network and Internet pharmacies, and shops that specialize in the sales of organic products. Some slimming prefer to save money, so buying grain directly from China – although it is not the birthplace of the plant, but in this country already, you can get anything you want. Other people who want to gain a slender, prefer to order product on the website of official vendor that sells certified product.

Enjoy Chia seeds

Taking seeds directly for the purpose of intensive weight reduction lasts a relatively short time is 6-7 days. Their regular use (for example, for purification, fortification of the body) should not exceed 12 weeks. This is due to the fact that it is still not fully studied the influence of the fruits on the human body in the long run. When using Chia is recommended to adhere to the following rules:

  1. The daily norm is no more than 2 tablespoons to Eat the seeds in a dry form, in the form of additives in various food and drinks. Chia can be added to cereals, salads, soups and yoghurts, juices and tea, meat and vegetable salads. Unusual taste of grains will give the traditional products notes of spice.
  2. For effective cleaning of the body it is best to use the solution on an empty stomach with a glass of water. This morning procedure will help to improve your metabolism and will allow to achieve high results in the fight against excess weight.
  3. To take the seeds should be minimal portions. This is necessary to avoid the occurrence of possible unpleasant side effects, such as diarrhea, or allergic reactions to foreign product. Then gradually increase the volume until the recommended daily dosage.

Chia seeds have a high calorie – 486 kcal per 100 grams of product. Therefore, they should be used wisely. It should be noted that the grain is not capable of miracles, they do not burn fat and not a panacea for a hundred diseases. If you lie on the couch and eat in unlimited quantity of any confectionery and pastry products, buying fruits will be wasted money.

Although manufacturers sometimes silent this time, seeking to recruit for its products to a large audience of lazy, for effective weight loss should lead an active lifestyle, sports or gymnastics and to monitor their diet. Chia seeds will simply help you not to overeat, to be satisfied with small portions and still feel quite comfortable.

Delicious recipes for weight loss with Chia seeds

The pudding. Pour 1 tbsp Chia natural drinking yogurt and refrigerate overnight. By the morning of the seeds will swell and you bodø hearty and nutritious Breakfast.

Energy cocktail. 2 tablespoons of grains pour the boiled water and leave overnight. In the morning the resulting mass shake blender. There you can add pre-soaked dried fruits (dried apricots or raisins), lemon juice or lime juice and a teaspoon of honey. The resulting drink will give you energy for the whole day.

Smoothies. Connect equally 1 % yogurt, your favorite fruits and berries. In this mixture, add 1 tbsp of fruit or ground off of them in a coffee grinder cereals. All shake blender. Drink the consistency should be thick enough to eat so it will be easier just with a spoon.

Смузи с семенами Чиа

Gel dressing for salads. A great alternative to harmful mayonnaise happens if you pour 2 tbsp Chia glass of boiled water and infuse for 8-10 hours. After that, the mixture should be beat with a blender until smooth. This gel can be added to vegetable and meat salads.

The omelet. 1 egg, 1.5 tbsp of milk, a pinch of whole wheat flour and 1 tbsp of crushed seeds mixed with a whisk until smooth. Insist the mixture for 15-20 minutes. In a skillet with non-stick coating or in the bowl of multivarka passaram finely chopped onion, add a little water. There also add a lot to the omelet and close tightly with a lid. Simmer on low heat until tender. Optionally, you can add salt, pepper, fresh herbs.


Alas, but the use of Chia seeds for weight loss can not afford everything. The product has a number of contraindications. However, not all manufacturers of tools for weight loss consider it necessary to inform the customers on the packaging. You cannot use the fruits of those who have serious disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, food allergies to sesame seeds, hypercoagulability or the content of triglycerides in excess, hypertension, increase in blood levels of triglycerides.

Also contraindicated to use Chia in food for children, pregnant and lactating women, because there is no data about how the seeds affect their body. Receiving funds under any of the above diseases and conditions can damage health. In General, if you wish to use any unfamiliar tool for weight loss, you must consult with your doctor.

Enjoy Chia seeds


Olga, 29 years. Use these seeds for about 3 weeks. Appetite was much smaller. However, I have lost so far only 3.5 kg, but hopefully this is only the beginning.

Xenia, 32 years. Ordered seeds on the packaging no contraindications have not found. Consult with your physician. I turned out to be contra – irritable bowel syndrome, therefore, their use will not. Recommend a friend, not to give up on the parcel.

Anna, 22 years. These seeds drink my mother for about two months. She had always been slender, but now has become even more attractive she became more energy. I guess it’s worth a try – so, purely for cleaning the body, not for weight loss.

Elena, 36 years. Saw Chia seven days. The slimming effect is no – that saw that neither saw. The only thing to eat is not as eager as before, and a couple of days suffered an upset stomach. But the weight of a single gram is not lost. True, and with sports I’m not friends.…

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