Baking soda baths for weight loss.


Содовые ванны для похудения.

Sometimes the usual products or products are opened for us a new side. New qualities are the result of ongoing research in various scientific fields. As a result of discoveries can change views on some of the products and methods of their application. It happened with the usual drinking soda. It turns out the bath with the addition of its allow to get rid of fat reserves.

The mechanism of action of soda baths for weight loss.

Remember the dissolution of soda in a simple tap water? As only a portion of soda enters the tank with water, we are witnessing a violent reaction, during which water boils» with plenty of bubbles. The capacity is formed alkaline solution containing composed of carbon dioxide. If I apply the received solution for subcutaneous fat, we get the following effects:

  • Capillaries, located under the skin, toned up;
  • Activates the reaction of the peripheral nerve endings.

Carbon dioxide causes small blood vessels narrow. Superficial layers of the skin warmed up under the influence of alkaline solution. As a result of the fat cells underneath the skin, destroyed, their content is excreted through the pores.

Bath has a warming effect on the body in General, launching a mechanism of exchange of substances in accelerated mode, stimulating the active removal of decay products. An additional impetus to the functioning receive a kidney system and sweating. Fat decomposes to water and other elements easily leaves the body. Fat on the sides and thighs after bathing begin to melt.

Fat and alkali.

The interaction of alkali and fat comes after a soda solution penetrates pores to fat layer. Under the action of alkali fatty acids start to disintegrate. The process is gradual. Its rate depends on the thickness of the fat deposits. Effect occurs not only due to the contact of substances. Has a value and a temperature increase at the site of contact. Active chemical processes occurring under the skin, influence it beneficial effect. Epidermal cells come into a state of tone, return the natural elasticity.

If it was about chemical processes in other environments, for quick fixes to improve the concentration of the solution. With the human body such experiments can not be set. Getting rid of excess fat will happen through a growing number of procedures. That is, baths with the addition of soda will have to take quite a long time.

Useful properties of soda baths.

So, we have found that baking soda baths allow to clear the space under the skin from the fat. In addition, the bath have a number of useful qualities:

1) Clean the lymphatic system, which plays a significant role for the health of the individual.

2) Promote the excretion of toxins, which is especially important in case of alcohol, food poisoning, and if necessary, get rid of the effects of radiation exposure.

3) Deep penetration under the skin of the saline solution allows you to forget about external manifestations of cellulite.

4) The skin is purified from the microscopic foci of inflammation, irritation, allergic reactions. These properties soda actively used in the treatment of skin problems. After regular baths, the skin gets rid of dryness, sagging, coarsening.

5) Baths with the alkaline environment perfectly remove tension, allowing you to relax after a stressful situation or just a hard working day.

6) Stimulate venous and capillary blood circulation in the legs.

The basic recipe baths.

200 g (approximately half the batch baking soda previously bred in heated water in separate ware. Crockery taken glass, enameled without damage enamel or stainless steel. The solution should be mixed for a homogeneous. The bath filled with warm water close to the temperature of the body, about 200 liters, or slightly less. Soda solution added to the bath. You are now ready to procedures.

How to take baking soda baths.

Be in the bath with a solution of soda allowed no more than 25 minutes. Lying in the tub should not be. It is accepted exclusively in a sitting position. However, the main body fat are concentrated on the thighs, buttocks and stomach, and they are under water.

In the bath you should maintain a stable temperature throughout the procedure. To do this, use a thermometer. Once the water temperature around the body decreases, add a portion of hot water.

Soda solution with the surface of the skin will not wash away. After the bath, put on clothes to sleep, laid in his bed under a warm blanket and rest. After such a relaxing procedures you should not take any activity.

Soda procedures shall constitute a ten-day course. The scheme of soda baths for weight loss is as follows: 1 day – evening soda bath, 2 day – break, 3 day – again bath, 4 day break, and so on. To the effect of soda baths was the highest, before its reception it is desirable to give the body a moderate aerobic load, such as a walk in the Park. Repetition of the ten-day course is permitted after two months break.

The contra-indications.

You should not make changes in the recipe soda baths. Especially as a complement external impact of the adoption of soda solution inside. The uncontrolled use of water with soda violate the composition of the gastric environment, intestinal microflora. This may provoke defeat mucosal blood, until the formation of ulcers.

If you have been diagnosed with chronic diseases, before the course soda baths receive the qualified consultation of the doctor. Maybe for you this procedure is contraindicated. Or it may be solved, but in a shortened form, with a minimum of sessions. Diabetics treatment содовыми baths throughout.

Even if no direct contraindications, the procedure should be taken with care, listening carefully to the reactions of the organism. If suddenly becomes excessively frequent pulse, blood pressure rises, or any other effects, the treatment should be interrupted.

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