Anticancer diet doctor Laskin: food will win Oncology

Pills, chemotherapy, IVS, surgery – these actions have become customary for people with cancer. But these methods are considered invasive and therefore only used in extreme cases. Self-treatment is not engaged, but to establish power, to help your body in fighting against a malignant tumor – the extent to which each is capable. As one of such measures is anticancer diet doctor Laskin.

Wolf Laskin – practitioners who study cancer their patients more than 35 years. The idea of developing anti-cancer diet appeared after acquaintance with the works of Japanese colleagues-oncologist Ozawa. The main difference in the two methods is the main product that should be consumed in large quantities to people with cancer. From Ozawa’s brown brown rice, Laskin – a normal buckwheat.

Results patients Ozawa and Laskin are impressive: most of the patients recovered in six months anthracology diet. However she’s really strict, and for best effect you need to completely follow it. Any deviation can fail throughout the system and to nullify all the efforts of the patient.

Diet Wolfe Laskin wider than just the treatment of cancer: this power system is struggling with an ulcer, hepatitis, cirrhosis, cholesterol, cleans the blood vessels and tones them. These actions are interlinked with the fight against cancer. Laskin, after a thorough analysis of the status of their patients, came to the conclusion that eating animal protein in large quantities, and cholesterol (such as fried fatty pork, lamb) leads to the development of cancer.

Forbidden foods on the diet Laskin

The basis of the diet – cooked buckwheat. However, strictly painted menu on hours and days Dr. Laskin does not. But said, what foods you must delete from your diet for the next six months (both phases):

  • Any baked goods, especially white bread;
  • Canned vegetables, meat, etc.;
  • All kinds of oil except olive extra virgin;
  • Any red meat;
  • All sweets containing sugar;
  • Alcoholic beverages in any form;
  • Salt and sugar and drinks that contain them.

These products are excluded for objective reasons. They are either fast carbohydrates, threatening to sharply raise the blood sugar levels and eventually cause diabetes, or high protein and fatty foods, clogging up the blood vessels, causing cholesterol and atherosclerosis.

As noted by Dr. Wolff Laskin in his book, no less than a third of cancer patients are detected and hidden diabetes that adds to them. Having comprehended this fact, Laskin ruled out the possibility of the use of sugar in any product for their patients. And lo and behold, over time patients have become easier.

The first stage anthracology diet: fight for life

Whole system power-Laskin can be divided into two distinct categories. The first, strict phase lasts on average 50 days (depending on the severity of the disease may be extended up to six months or more), the second, free – about 6 months (you can also extend the term according to the well-being of the patient).

The methodology Laskin is a second informal name – buckwheat diet. The reason is simple: in the first stage the basis of the diet is buckwheat used as a simple porridge on the water. Per meal the doctor advises to eat at least half a Cup of buckwheat in a dry form (boiled – have a glass). Per day is about 300 grams of cereal. Of course, it is not limited, but recommended: the patient may eat more if he feels the need.

The recipe for properly cooked buckwheat at laskino:

  1. Buckwheat pour cold water in the recommended proportions, put on the stove. A couple of minutes before end of cooking, add the wheat bran in the amount of one full tablespoon.
  2. Add to already boiled buckwheat olive oil – 1-2 tablespoons.

In addition to proximity, there is another integral product, fighting with cancer cells, – the wild rose. It is recommended to use in milled form and make a flour from the hips. It can be sprinkled on cereal, mixed with water and drink. The main thing – every day to make the flour at least one tablespoon.

Why buckwheat and wild rose? Cancer is the most effective products, as they contain large quantities of the substance that can resist the cancer, quercetin.

Here you need to understand the simple truth that cancer could not appear by itself. This is a consequence of poor nutrition, the negative impact of the environment, Smoking (and passive), stress, alcohol consumption. Not the last role is played by hereditary factors. Of course, the anti-cancer diet can stop and reverse time, but she is able to rouse the immune system of a person, to force him to heal himself. And it’s not one minute.

In economically developed countries, people neglect a healthy diet that contains adequate amounts of dietary fiber, that are addicted to sweet and cancer of the stomach or intestines. The proper food partly able to neutralize the carcinogenic effects of the environment and the food that is thermally processed crude method (fried breaded pork, fast food, etc.).

Buckwheat and wild rose, having all these abilities will help the body to recover.

The second stage of the diet against cancer: the result of consolidation

So, sick with cancer, and the man was able to sit through 50 days of strict diet. What are its next steps?

Now the diet includes raw vegetables, fresh berries and fruits as well as nuts and dried fruits. Pay special attention to these words: “raw” and “fresh”. This means that products cannot be treated thermally. Then the maximum amount of dietary fiber saved in fruits and vegetables, and the bowels will improve.

Within six months the basis of food is cooked in water without salt buckwheat, fruit (apricot, plum, apples), vegetables (mainly red peppers, carrots, radish, tomatoes), berries (cherry, raspberry, strawberry) all legumes, nuts and dried fruits.

In the second stage anti-cancer diet are allowed to diversify food boiled low-fat fish and poultry. But it is not necessary to include it in the diet too often or replace meat buckwheat is contraindicated.

Preventive measures

Diet Laskin may be considered in the prevention of cancer. Reviews suggest that the systematic right nutrition protects people from the danger of cancer.

If the person had any environmental disaster (release of large amounts of gases, smoke, explosion, etc.), wolf Laskin advises to make a “Flour of life” — a kind of preventive and nutritious cocktail. The recipe is simple: mix buckwheat, lentils, flour from the hips, add the pulp and aloe juice to dissolve the mixture of brewed green tea and take one serving per day. Specific recommendations on the number of ingredients there – everything is “by eye”.

Aloe is not just restorative power plant. It contains substance emodin which is struggling with a female oncogene – breast cancer. The chemical composition of aloe is close to the chemical drugs that treat cancer patients.

You can always prevent disease. But even if cancer is in the body, it is never too late to start using it effectively. This can be done by using anticancer diet doctor Laskin, which has gained well-deserved popularity around the world.


Irina, 42 years: the meaning of the diet is simple: less fat, more natural foods like vegetables, fruits and, of course, buckwheat. However you need to remember that not everyone can afford pineapple or mango. In this case it is better to choose another acidic fruit – grapefruit or orange – they are closer to us. Indeed, from cancer and rosehip essential, but there is one condition: you must strictly comply with the instruction of Dr. Laskin, otherwise there will be no improvement. From myself I will tell that herbal teas in any form are very useful. If it will become a habit, no cancer and would not talk.
Hope, 38 years: It’s not a diet, it is a style of food, special system. Dr. Laskin has developed is effective against cancer, but it has not received the necessary distribution for obvious reasons. This is beneficial to Oncology treated food? Here is the PR Manager making a ridiculous show: they say that cancer is serious, a simple buckwheat can’t handle… and how to cope! Of course, if this is the last stage of the disease, without a doctor anywhere. But a proper diet based on cellulose should be in the diet of the patient! This assistance can provide every man is his own!
Lyudmila, 49 years: I have a sick father. Found a malignant tumor in the brain. As you know, he had a speech impediment, he spoke incoherently and unclear. And soon stopped talking altogether. It may sound strange and crazy, but at some point he began to ask buckwheat. Showed on it and only ate it, he wanted to. I don’t know what it is – the Providence of God, intuition or requirement of an organism – but I can see how medical therapy and diet to help him. So, one should not underestimate the role of such a simple product, such as buckwheat.

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