The light-sensitive gels

The light-sensitive gelsGel (Gel) (from Lat. Gelo – «stop the motion”) (syn.: jelly) – disperse system with a liquid dispersion medium in which the particles form a dispersion phase of the spatial structural grid.
Light-sensitive (or svetootverzhaemye or UV gels) hardens when exposed to ultraviolet radiation. In fact it gels, which need to cure the effects of a particular source of color, it can be not only ultraviolet light, and halogen. During the chemical reaction appears uretanakrilat ether.These gels are very ubodny to use – they are easily imposed, well handled nail file, do not have any odor and is very simple and easy to clean. UV gels firmly adhere to the natural nail as well as with tips.After pretreatment (degreasing, decontamination, sawdust). applied on the nail gel layer by layer. Each layer can withstand a short time in the UV lamp to harden. Nail (or TIPS) “spaivayutsya” with each other generators of solid material.

The process of hardening is this: is contained in a UV-initiator of the gel substance, when exposed to ultrafiotetovogo light triggers the gel molecules inside the compound. This reaction does not cause evaporation, and the process is completely odorless.

Interestingly, the initiators of a great many, and each one requires a power source and the wavelengths of UV light. Gels were produced by each manufacturer to be used in conjunction with the source of UV light from the same manufacturer.

Between them is the feedback – the lower the concentration of initiator in the gel, the greater the strength of UV light needed to cure.

If you use a smaller ultraviolet moschnoschti – this can cause the nails to be rubbery, sticky and not fully cured. Extra time in the tube is also not desirable – because of that nails can become brittle, darker (this is the first sign of “scorching”)

Also, if you need to nail enhancements for people with an allergy to sunlight, do a test on one finger to see how his skin will react to the light of this wavelength.

The most important thing when dealing with reflective gels – do not look at the lamp for a long time. Modern lamps have special shields that protect the eyes of the customer and masteraot exposure.

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