pedicureThose who believe that the legs – just a means of transportation – are profoundly mistaken. For the male half of humanity – perhaps, but women are very different! Women’s feet – a powerful weapon in the struggle for men and for a place under the sun. And the more attention you give this beautiful twins – the more likely to attract attention, and that really there, just to feel like a queen!

Few people pay attention – certainly a different name. In animals, it is legs, men – his feet, but the women – legs. Noozhki – how pale! In turn, such an affectionate name to the many obligations. After all, if you are not behind them uzhazhivat – the “slip” from the legs to the feet can be pretty fast!

I’ll list a few simple steps to help your legs will always be “legs.”
• Remove the remnants of polish with a cotton swab and nail polish remover.
• Another treat dry skin sanding sawing for the legs, remove corns (if any). If the “run” using exfoliating foot cream. Apply to be a shovel or a nail file, maybe, when exposed to skin contact can cause irritation (because it is designed for tough skin of the legs).
Leave for a few minutes, then treat leg sawing.
• Wash off the cream with warm water, pay attention to the skin between your fingers – wash the area thoroughly.
• Massaging, rub moisturizer into your feet and between toes. Pay special attention to hardened sites. When properly applied the cream improves blood circulation, refreshes and nourishes the skin.If necessary, you can repeat the peeling procedure each day until your heels do not acquire the desired look. With regular maintenance this procedure should be repeated at regular intervals once a week.

Moisturizing, emollient cream for the feet can be applied not only when you are doing pedicures. Legs require daily care, especially in the summer days in hot and dry weather when the skin dries and cracks exposed. Before bed, apply the cream, put on cotton socks.In the morning you will notice how your feet were glad of such a procedure. The skin will be moisturized and beautiful.

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