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French manicure

Artificial nails and definitely beneficial to pay off procedure, which gives us many advantages. Any woman at least once in his life faced with the question: “What kind of nail design I choose today?”. And statistics show that 80% of women say, “Of course french manicure”. Why is it so popular is the kind of nail design? Let’s delve into   Read more »

How to identify a female character in color manicure?

Predict and anticipate the behavior of women is extremely difficult. Changing our attitudes can occur more than once and for a very short time. That’s the beauty and peculiarity of female nature. Our behavior is often due to our character. Surprisingly, the favorite color of nail polish will help tell about the nature of women, if not all, a lot!   Read more »

How to restore the skin of hands with hot manicure?

Now, when your skin is most in need of restoration after the winter, actual hot manicure. He is also known as: royal, oil, medical, and is one of the variants of the classical or European manicure. This is a fantastic, very pleasant procedure, during which the customer’s hands are placed in the heated spa with a special creamy solution, lotion   Read more »

French manicure and painting on the nails. photo

The French manicure , probably, always will be in fashion as there is nothing more elegant, classical and stylish, than accurately and in natural tones made up nails. French manicure as any another, will be simply ideal as for work, office and business meetings, and for serene parties, a sit-round gathering in cafe and unforgettable appointments. Venerators of beautiful nails   Read more »

French manicure – do yourself

French manicure – do yourself

The experts’ fashion to the French manicure is very different. Some believe it is still fashionable and relevant,while others – is hopelessly outdated. But despite that women around the world choose exactly it – for simplicity, beauty, elegance and neatness. makes french manicured hands and pretty, but at the same time does not lookvulgar or overly pretentious. Despite its “French” name invented this type of manicure American Jeff Pink – CEO ORLY. After meeting withstylists golivudskimi he noticed that all of the need to repaint zhaluyutsy nails actresses after each change ofattire. That’s when he came up with the idea to make a universal “natural” manicure that looks nice and fits intoany outfit.