Why do children lie

Why do children lieSooner or later, parents face the first trick of the child. And despite the seeming harmlessness of such deception, do not forget that it’s still a lie. In this article I want to try to uncover the reasons for lying children, and options to avoid this in the future.
Children begin to cheat at the age of three years, and it is associated with the period of the development of imagination and speech. Psychologists are advised not to panic when you hear the first lie – it is confirmation of the normal development of your crumbs. But you can not just not pay attention to this fact – you risk unwittingly inculcate the habit of telling lies baby. It is important to explain to him at once that this is not good.
To prevent further frauds is important to understand why children lie. And it’s surprisingly easy. The causes of injustice are classified into three types.
The first reason – a fantasy. The child becomes necessary in fantasy, he invents himself a fictional little world in which there are some incredible events that child and hastens to tell. And the most important thing in this deception that the child truly believes in the monster under the bed, and talked to him a favorite toy. Therefore, to recognize that he is cheating refuse completely.
The second reason – defense. This deception is more complex than the first. The difference is that the child comes to the exchange consciously trying to avoid punishment. For example, a kid accidentally broke a plate, and you said that the cat ran and caught. And so he says to you will not be punished and not narugali. If the child much forbid, in case of violation – severely punished, he will cheat. In such training, on the other can not be.
The third reason – bragging. Such deception is obtained or when the child realizes that he can not be what it wants to see their parents. For example, he says that in the garden of his praise for good behavior, but in fact it was not. Either he wants him to have any toys that are not – and he invents in the garden, he bought this and that. In the case of fraud fiddling with toys, but if the reason for the uncertainty – is alarming bell for parents. You need to pay more attention to the baby, often it is praised and encouraged.

How to explain your child that it’s bad to cheat?
Do not rush to punish the kid. The most effective way – it’s heart-to-heart talk. and do not be discouraged if at first the child does not understand. He should listen to you in the “interesting” mood (that is willing to listen and to hear.) On examples during a walk and watching cartoons drawn to its attention that deception leads to negative consequences.
Importantly – talk with your child more! He must believe and trust you, and do not be afraid to come to you with a problem. From childhood to lay the baby, if he honestly talk about their problems, his parents did not scold, but strictly to talk to, and help to get out of a difficult situation.

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