Signs of early pregnancy

Signs of early pregnancySo many women are interested in one very important question – how to determine pregnancy in the early period. The reasons are different, you may want a child, or vice versa – the symptoms are the same. But remember – they can change, every woman your body, which will react differently. If you find a match though, would be three symptoms – do not run to please her husband and relatives – go to the doctor. Only he and the U.S. will be able to confirm or deny the pregnancy.
I will describe the likely symptom that occur in the majority of women in early pregnancy. I just want to remind you that the children – a new life, and if the pregnancy reluctance – three times think that you do.

This is a fairly common phenomenon. A woman’s body first “fight” with the appearance of a new body. BUT, nausea can occur at a later date (I started at 6 weeks and ended at 16), and is such a happy woman, and that does not feel toxicosis. So I would have not taken this symptom to important.

Runny nose.
One of the most surprising and unexpected symptoms. And given all sorts of SARS, influenza and allergies – is not a very reliable indicator. You can begin to snore at night, although life slept like a mouse. Your partner it may surprise :). Also you can go to bleed from the nose – do not worry, it will pass quickly.

Visible sign – increasing veins.
On the first day of pregnancy in a woman’s body increases blood circulation. The veins in the chest and shoulders become more visible. Worry about it is not worth it – your body some time to adjust to the new flow of blood, and everything will go back “to normal.”

Metal taste in the mouth.
You may have a metallic taste in the mouth. This is simply due to the bio-chemical changes in your body. And this symptom will also host a few weeks.

Frequent bloating, and constipation.
Very uncomfortable and unpleasant symptom. Bloating can occur at any time, regardless of your diet. Consult your nutritionist so he appointed your proper diet, and medications for constipation.

Pregnant women often “guests” are calf cramps. This is a very painful symptom. Treatment is simple – see a doctor, that he has appointed you to products containing calcium.

Pigmentation of the body.
Brown spots may appear on the 7th day of pregnancy. The most frequent places – forehead, cheeks, stomach. But this symptom appears as not all women, but many in the later stages.

The darkening of the nipples.
Almost all the women in the first weeks of pregnancy, a halo around the nipples darkens. If you have noticed this change, and we are sure that no topless sunbathing – do a test, and it is better to consult a doctor. In dark-skinned dark-haired women may even have excessive facial hair.

Brittle nails.
I would like to clarify – fragility of artificial acrylic nails. This is the modern sign. If you have a graft of acrylic nails – they will move away from your nail. And this is due not to the poor performance of your manicurist, and with the same chemical changes in your body, which has already been written before.

Unpleasant “female” pain (lower abdomen).
Painful symptom that can mean not only pregnancy. In pregnancy, the uterus begins to expand, and thus cause pain. After 3-4 weeks, the pain will pass, but if not – refer to a gynecologist.

If you are matched at least three of the above-described symptoms – check for pregnancy.
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