Newborn care

Newborn careEvery mother faces many unfamiliar duties on arrival home from the hospital. And it’s hard to remember all the recommendations of a pediatrician, in a state of trance certain postpartum. It is good if the aid of my mother, mother in law, or grandmother. But those who for some reason do not have assistants have difficulty. and council await nowhere – except, of course, the Internet.
In this article, I want to list some mandatory procedures for hygiene babies.
Let’s start with the navel.
The umbilical cord should fall to 5-10 days after birth. In its place is the wound, ha who needs special care to avoid getting infections. Recently I was extremely surprised when my friend’s mom pediatrician said nothing to do with the navel, supposedly healed himself. The processing is simple – after swimming and promakivaniya polotenechkom dripping umbilical fossa drop of hydrogen peroxide 3%. After it stops fizzing, take a cotton swab and gently remove the peroxide. Do not have anything to rub, squeeze or wipe. Just hold the stick to the liquid so that it has absorbed it. Then, take the second cotton swab dipped in Zielonka and carefully handle pupochek.
The process must be repeated daily, after each swim. When your pediatrician confirms that pupochek healed – do not need any special care procedures, regular hygiene. Wound should heal within 3 – 10 days. If it does not, or inflamed wound – call pediatrician.
Skin folds.
The child is a lot of folds – podmyshechki, neck, elbow and knee bend, behind ears, inguinal folds, rim with palms. And every crease, this should be lubricated with oil after every bath or cleaning the. If a baby has appeared pryschichki and / or diaper rash – consult with a pediatrician, how to best handle their means.
You list a day in the life of mom (mandatory procedures for the care of infants).
Morning should begin with the processing of the peephole. Tamponchikom cotton, separate for each glazik they wiped from the outer corner to the nose. Up to 3 months do it with boiled water, after three – running water. Please note – the first month of life can be separated from the peephole. If after a month of this phenomenon has not passed – contact your pediatrician and eye doctor.
After processing the eye – clean the nose and ears. Nose clean cotton gnotikami, ears – cotton buds. In both cases it is not worth much deeper. When cleaning the ears also walk a cotton swab dipped in maslitse by ear and behind ears. Carefully inspect the skin behind the ears – there may be a rash or pustules. Treat rash broth chamomile and pustules prizhgite Zelenko.
During the day, no special procedures other than cleaning the standard and process. Later in the afternoon – swimming. How to bathe a baby is difficult to describe. Let me just say that up to a month to bathe the baby in boiling water, adding the broth of herbs (chamomile, a series, a bit of oak bark for drying navel). After bathing the baby’s skin promakivayut polotenechkom (no “vytiratelnyh” movements!). Then carefully treat all of these folds.
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