How to teach your child to read – Part 3

It is important to remember that your crumb full of energy, so it will be more receptive to learning through movement. For example, you can draw in the sand in big letters, and follow it as you prescribe it (in the same direction). During the movement say the word with that letter, or syllables with her, or sung (if a vowel). Later, you can play the “Guess-ka” – finger paint a letter on the back of the baby, and ask him to guess it.
After mastering the letters go to the syllables. Start with a pair of vowels, they are seen most easily, such as ua, a, ya. After that, a smooth transition to open syllables (called open syllables, where the first vowel, the second – a consonant), then – closed (consonant + vowel)
You are free to do the tutorial.
Make a cardboard house (Bring your baby to the process of creating, garnish with the resulting house). The main nuance should be two windows, size A5 or half A5. Separately, make card-sized windows, the cards in different colors (to separate the vowels from consonants) to draw the letters, one per card.
Education is as follows: in the first and second window, the letter, and read the resulting syllable. Baby will be doubly interesting, because he participated in the creation of this exciting learning game for learning to read.
You can not just make a house, a cottage, a number of letters to make a double. In this case, you will have no windows 2 and 5.3, and then you added the variation of possible games. For example, you put a card, missing one window, and ask your child to find and deliver the missing letter. Eg table – thick .. and so on. Remove extra letter – you just put the words in the middle of an unnecessary character, a baby should recognize it and remove it. To make the change – for example poppy varnish. Or you put the letters in any order, and ask out of them a word (first say what, the kid could not cope with this task, and lost interest.) For a start can register and swap syllables – so easily. Such as mouth-ka (map) and so on.

Another important exercise in the development of attention – print to a printer line, which will be of the same syllables, one bad example
da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da ru pa
and ask the child to find it.

If your child to master all of the above steps – you can move on to the study of the proposals. To begin, as always, it is necessary with simple sentences. There is a dog, a cat who, out cancer. More and more complex tasks, extending the word and increasing their number. Poetry is too early to start reading – the kid while reading this article, forget where I started, do not understand and can be very frustrating.

It is important to control the perception of the baby. Not in a hurry, give him time to learn and consolidate learned. It is not necessary to push the baby in the back, and even more to shout at him and blame something. Remember, the more his mind will shape the basics, the easier it will be to continue to take the learning process.

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